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Dear WAOK's Mo Irory - I "Felt Your Pain" In Listening To Some Of Your Callers "Living Vicariously Through Chris Dorner"

Chris Dorner - The Black Man Who Successfully Disrupted The "Grand Introspection" That Had Been Taking Place About Crime And Violence Within The Black Community As The "Black Racial Services Machine" Pleaded With Obama To "Come Back Home" To Motivate Young Black Males To Stop Killing Each Other. Officer Dorner Showed That They Really Just Want To Stop Black Males From "KILLING WITHOUT A PURPOSE"

It is not often that I agree with WAOK's Mo Ivory in that she is the epitome of the "Politicized Black Community Consciousness" that is abundantly present in the "Americanized Black".

It is my opinion that - on her Friday show - she came face to face with the damaged consciousness that was represented in the voices of the Black people calling in attesting to their agreement with the MESSAGE sent by former officer Christopher Dorner as he did a "Django" on several members of the LA Police Department.

By the end of the shoe Ms Ivory was mentally exhausted from having to endure the logic of many of "these people".

She ended her show and then went next door to the sister station WVEE - to talk about "Oliva Pope" of "Scandal".

It is clear that a discussion about a "political whore" who is a fictional character is easier than to deal with the rantings of "unconscious Negroes" as they relate their experiences at the hands of the LA PD with the vengeful actions of a crazed man.

Ms Ivory had the opportunity at the Democratic National Convention last year to go up to actress Kerri Washington and tell how much her character is damaging the image and integrity of future Black women who will be in close company with the President Of The United States.


Ms Ivory - I typically listen to financial news on my Sirius XM radio and then to NPR.
I find myself getting a "stress headache", just like you had on Friday, as I drive listening to WAOK when there is a subject matter at hand that affords the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS ATTENTION SPAN to get projected on a matter that ultimately won't fix the problems in our community.

I can relate.  The strained blood vessels in the head, the elevated blood pressure, the vocal chords that are sore.  This is what is triggered in ME as I listen to WAOK/WVON (on certain matters).

My Incomplete Saying:  "While The American Government Says It Is Illegal To Take Away Your Vote - YOUR ILLOGIC Must Be Met With Some Consequence Within The Black Community Consciousness Domain"

Don't quote me on the statement above.  I am not yet finished with it.

It is clear to me, however, that while it is 100% legal AND to your advantage to "Stuff The Ballot Box" with the maximum amount of votes in order to win power in "The American Political Domain".............................

When it comes to the "Black Community Conscious Development Domain" the entertainment of such FOOLISHNESS has material impact on the ability of our people to erect a "Community Governance Consciousness".

While indeed - our present time within America affords us a measure of abstraction from this "fraud and hokum" - those of us who are looking at our societal matriculation from a perspective that is greater than "day to day transactionalism" - are quite disturbed at what passes as "Black Revolutionary Thought".   It is anything but.

The Legacy Of The "Negro Vigilante Who Found His Voice Against The System" And How Many Other Negroes He Takes Along With Him As They Live Vicariously Through His Manifesto

I am convinced that Chistopher Dorner's best strategy is to give up peacefully and then reserve a spot on progressive radio as he gives his weekly dispatches "From Death Row".   
He is not likely to face the death penalty in Los Angles and at the age of 33 years old - he can enjoy a the next 30 years as a radio correspondent on "Democracy Now". 

(See For Yourself Here)

Amy Goodman: "So Mumia - if you were to come face to face with Officer Faulkner's widow today - What would you tell her?"

Mumia Abu Jamal: "Well Amy I would tell her to JOIN ME IN THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE."

Constructive Feedback:  "W.T.F.!!!!????  Imagine if George Zimmerman told Trayvon's parents:  "Work With Me To Stop The Young Black Males From Breaking Into Houses So The Next Time I Won't Have To Racially Profile Any Of Them And Kill A Man In Self Defense"?   

Even FILLED NEGRO believes that your ass is guilty! Dr Marc Lamont Hill is getting paid royalties from the books that he wrote with Mumia.

DA Seth Williams of Philly has split the difference.  He played to his base by not doggedly attempting to execute you BUT he knows that your ass is not getting out of jail - so it doesn't matter.
This is the type of transaction that takes place when both the interviewer and interviewee are drinking from the same pitcher of Koolaide"

 The Truth Comes Out About REGIONAL RACISM

I keep telling you - the tales of "The South being the exclusive hot bed of racism" is done more for POLITICAL purposes than as an accurate model of the "Black experience".

When you see the "Red State / Blue State" indictment and glory maps from Rachel Maddow - you have to accept - SHE IS NOT TALKING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

In my research - there is no statistically significant difference between the "vital statistics" registered by Black people in any part of the nation.  (Save for class/income distinctions within a given area).

I can report this as much as I want to.  It takes a national event, however, for the "people in the gallery" to express the truth.

On Friday's "Mo Ivory Show" and thanks to the Internet broadcasts that expand her show beyond the Atlanta transmission area - there were several West Coast based Black people - who reported that "OTHER BLACKS outside of the West Coast JUST WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND the relationship between 'the Blacks' and 'the Police' " when it comes to racist insults and assaults.

My immediate throw back upon hearing these claims was:  "WHY is it that - in the political manifestation of your 'Black Consciousness' - YOU ARE HEARD TO BE SO SILENT as political operatives focus upon "The Red States" as the hot bed of racism against Black people? "

When Police Commissioner Bernard Parks was in the seat of power in Los Angeles - his very presence had satisfied many critics of the department that the attributes that they saw in him - per his physical phenotype - were enough to correct the "ship of state" in the police department that had been their "occupying army".

The truth of the matter - just as we see in the calls of "Obama Come Home To Chicago To Mourn Our Dead Black Children" - there is a fatal lack of an INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK within the Black community, necessary to produce the desired outcome.

NOTE - APPEASED BLACKS is NOT a legitimate "desired outcome".   A FUNCTIONAL COMMUNITY that can organically produce the desired PERMANENT INTERESTS - is!!!

I Can Live With The "Blunt And Painful Truth" - I Just Can't Stand Conditional Corruption

American Sniper Chris Kyle Had Over 150 "Kills" On His Resume
I can deal with the truth.
The late Chris Kyle is a "killer" BUT he killed in support of American foreign policy so he is a hero.

The same system that defines criminal actions and can lock people up (domestic and foreign) is also the system that trains people to kill on its behalf.

I get it.

IF we were told that "Mumia Abu Jamal" KILLED an oppressive agent of Frank Rizzo - I would have more respect for these voices than for those who pretend that some "phantom Negro appeared in the moonlight", killed Officer Faulkner and is now in jail in Nevada - having admitted to the killing.

With Christopher Dorner, however, STOP PRETENDING that he is anything other than a "Buffalo Solider" - who wore the unifrom of the American military as he conducted his mission.  They did as instructed against the "Native Americans", Chris Dorner was instructed that certain factions of  Iraqis were "the enemy".  He brought this training back to America and applied some of them while working on behalf of the LAPD.

It is this intellectual dishonesty seen by those critics who sit on their perch - WAITING for the opportunity to embrace a former "operative" and "inside man" when he shifts from "agent of their oppression" (Their words) over to "A Revolutionary".

You merely don't recall seeing Officer Dorner during your traffic stop because he was the officer that stayed at the back of your car with his gun drawn.
His partner walked up to your car and told you to "Put Your Hands On The Dashboard Where I Can See Them".
You remember his voice and his badge number.

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