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Dear Rob Redding - I ALREADY HAVE BEEN BOYCOTTING Sirius XM "The Power" / "Urban View" . Instead I Tune To Their "Bloomberg/ CNBC / NPR" Channels Instead


WHO TOLD YOU that Sirius XM "The Power" and its changed name was a 'THREAT TO BLACK POWER'?

When I listen TO "The Power" I HEAR a threat to the Black Community Consciousness as it is usurped into the "American Political Domain".

I do not listen to "Urban View" unless there is some "POLITICAL SUBJECT" that I need to document the positions of the "Embedded Confidence Men Upon'


Oh I have been fooled.  To believe that a "HIGH PROFILE BLACK MURDER" (with a Street Pirate Killer) would draw the FOCUS upon WHAT OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS TO DO - with the same energy that the "Justice For Trayvon/Jena 6/ Sean Bell/ Troy Davis" was able to register.
SORRY.  Ain't gonna happen.  YOU ALL ARE NOT COMPETENT to keep the crowd's attention for a long period of time after so many decades of ENTERTAINMENT ACTIVISM - "riling up the Negroes" for the sake of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

With all due respect - and I don't hate you - but if  Mel Karazin decided next week for a second name change from "Urban View" over to "Afro-Centric Global Black Power Talk" channel - the happy show hosts that told of the POWER of PROTEST when corporations or Republicans "Disrespects Black People " is NOT going to change a damned thing of scale and substance WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

I DO NOT "HATE" ROB REDDING.   I am merely frustrated by his 100% POLITICAL journey for "Black Community Development".   We are made to be fused to the biorhythm of AMERICAN POLITICS.

It is NOT ENOUGH to talk about "Political Plantations" and become an INDEPENDENT.
THERE NEEDS TO BE PROTECTION of the RESERVOIR from CONTAMINATION lest the people lose their ability to see their way forward, away from the propaganda of the Embedded Confidence Men who are after their valuables.

I am focusing on what the NEGRO HAS IN MIND UPON ENTERING THE VOTING BOOTH and demanding that the force of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY prevent the forces who want to SELL HIM "Salvation" from having unmolested access to him.


The differences between me and Rob "The I Am Not A 'Non-Violent Negro" Redding.

When I listen into Rob Redding's show and hear his critics and his friends laud him - I note that neigher of them (for the most part) - understand him.

Rob Redding is NOT a "Republican sympathizer".  I am more astonished than he is when someone makes the claim against him per his occassional words against Obama.

Rob Redding is NOT a "Democratic Party Critic" - per the people who claim that he "gives it to both parties" and thus is an independent.

Rob Redding IS A "POLITICAL OPERATIVE" - who lives his "Blackness (and Black Grievances) through POLITICS.  
My task is not to debate with Mr Reading on this analysis and "prove" myself to him.  One has to KNOW HIMSELF in the first place to accept external assessment.

Issue Reading's View Constructive Feedback University
The Right-Wing "Disrespect Of Michelle Obama"  President Obama should show some "Blackness" and "back bone" by GOING AFTER the White racists who said "Michelle Obama has a fat booty". I WANT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE to focus on RUNNING THE PROBLEM PLAGUED NATION!!!
How do you call this right winger IGNORANT AND RACIST - but you feign ANGER AT HIM for not engaging the IGNORANT.

Does this mean that YOU are "Ignorant" because "Your BLACKNESS" is extended VICARIOUSLY into the "verbal assaults on Obama"?

If we consider the Commander In Chief's OFFICIAL CAPACITY and note how many "BOOTIES" have been blown apart - it seems that your inability to FOCUS on the IMPORTANT stuff of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT - that you are given to instead focus on "Michelle Obama's BLACK BOOTY".
Diversity Within The Obama Administration II Rob Redding is angered that Obama has failed to add sufficent number of BLACK PEOPLE his cabinent, commensurate to the BLACK VOTE that he has amassed I am going to disassemble the "Diversity Fraud" over the next year.

Redding can't bring himself to see the "DIVERSITY GALORE" in the School Systems and Municipal Governments where THE BLACK/PROGRESSIVE vote RUES THE DAY and make a transition from VICARIOUS PRIDE over to MEASURABLE ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT through the INSTITUTIONS that have been "won".

In listening to Rob Redding - even in the midst of a "roof fire" in key Black community institutions (Atlanta, Dekalb County GA, Philadelphia Public Schools Crisises) YOU DON'T see him focus on the LOCAL LEVEL NETWORK OF POLITICAL POWER - instead the CONQUEST FOR THE  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT appears to be OF SUPERIOR INTEREST to him.

If you were given the choice between every Black major population center having a REFORMED, DISCIPLINED AND EFFECTIVE Public School system with the consequence of EVERY seat in the Obama Administration being filled by a White female, Jewish Democrat
Retaining the status quo in our public schools BUT with MAXIMUM DIVERSITY (Read - Black Progressives in power)

The answer is easy - THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY when you ONLY need to keep Black people PACIFIED with the MIRAGE OF "MOTION".

Rob Redding is ONLY a "Political Creature".
While I tire of some of his "Fight The Power" line up friends on various "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio Stations" I am NEVER in doubt that they have their CONSCIOUS FOCUS planted squarely WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  My disagreement with them is one of TACTICS and ultimately their purposeful prevention of the "Black Community Governance Culture" that would force THEM, THEIR IDEOLOGY, ME AND MY IDEOLOGY to SUBMIT TO a larger framework of CHECKS AND BALANCES.

Today they ONLY focus on "POPULARIRISM"

Stop And Frisk In New York And Spreading Elsewhere With Forrest Whitaker suffering from "Stop And Frisk" by a Deli Employee - WE SHOULD BOYCOTT NEW YORK Two Points

1) I previously showed the Philadelphia Tribune as it pondered the appointment of Charles Ramsay to Police Chief.  While they were "BOTHERED" by his adoption of "Stop And Frisk" in Washington DC - it did not RISE TO an "Impeachable Offense" - as is the case with Rob Redding, the NAACP and the protesters for "Justice" in New York.

I appreciate that Rob is a defender of "Gun Rights" but he has not made the connection that STOP AND FRISK IS A DERIVATIVE OF THE "GUN REGULATION MOVEMENT"!!!

How is it that the "POLICE ARE RACIST" marches are LEAD BY the Civil Rights Pharisees who told the masses of Black people to VOTE FOR someone who would "DO SOMETHING!!!" - their open ended call when they are at the point of desperation?

2) In my book Forrest Whitaker's master work is about less than 10 miles away from his "Stop And Frisk" as he reported the HIJACKED CONSCIOUSNESS that is present and abundant in Newark.

The docudrama "Brick City" deserves as "Black Studies" course written by a "credible" Black humanities professor more than a course on "How Tupac, Biggie And Jay-Z Are Today's - Malcolm, Stokely and Martin" that is likely being written when this "Public Intellecutual" is not "preaching" the gospel of the "Social Justice Jesus" on MSNBC

COWARDICE AND CORRUPTION is the only explanation that the FRAUD AND HOKUM that was displayed on television did not get sent to "Finishing School" in the name of Black Community Integrity and Credibility - BUT INSTEAD just as "The Figthing Bloods and Crips Of Newark" were seen standing in line together when "Obama came to the Continental Arena" SO TOO is the truth about the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.   It "straightens up when a SUPERIOR interest" comes to town.  That interest is POLITICS and POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY - not A GOVERNANCE CULTURE within that would functionally negate the "WORDS THAT OFFEND YOU" from the Racists.

President Obama "How I Survived President Obama" (NOPE haven't read it yet)

  • You live vicariously THROUGH Obama 
  • Your "verbal slaps" does NOT denote a STRUCTURAL UNDERSTANDING of the relationship between THE GOVERNMENT and BLACK PEOPLE - with OBAMA as the greater agent that gave cover to the Negro to COMPROMISE HIMSELF and NOT be called a SELLOUT for it.  
  • You sold "Obama T-Shirts on your web site".  NO not "Obama CAMPAIGN t-shirts".  "OBAMA FUSED BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" T-shirt saying "WE CAN'T LOSE".   
    • YOU did not print the content
    • YOU did not REFUSE the content because you believed that it CROSSED THE LINE between the sewer of POLITICS and the need for FRESH SPRING WATER in the Black Conscious Reservoir 

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