Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Dear Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman - THANK YOU! The Lady At 5:07PM Caused Me To Curse At The Radio And You Refused To Entertain Her Foolishness

Dear Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman of WAOK:


Today I had your show playing on my smartphone as I was in the supermarket.

I listened to your joint broadcast "Stop The Music" on Monday night discussing "Crime and Violence Within The Black Community".  I "felt you all" but I still can't say that I trust your ability to SEGREGATE "The Black Community Consciousness" from the "American Political Domain".

The first test came with the lady who called in at about 5:06pm on your Tuesday show.  The one won made the claim:

  • Though Wayne Williams took the fall for the "Atlanta Child Murders" - Klan Racists likely snuck into Atlanta, killed the Black kids and disappeared 
  • That these same White Racists are intent on making PRESIDENT OBAMA look bad so they are starting to arrange the system by which the Black murder rate is increasing
I was originally wondering why you didn't cut her off.
At the end of the call I was glad that you did not cut her off.

When she asked her summary question:  "Do you think that the White racists are killing Black people in order to take down President Obama, especially after they are angry that he won a second term?"

You said "NO" and then went to a commercial break.

The fact that you did not even entertain her question, in my view, was because of the "Stop The Music" episode that you participated in.


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