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CSU - Redistricting Battles In Fulton County GA Differ From Chicago Only In That The Black Democrats Do Not Threaten To "Call The Feds" In On Their "White Racist Adversaries" Because They Are All Democrats And A Lawsuit Would Be Bad For The Party's Agenda

Constructive Feedback University was founded as a "no confidence vote" upon seeing the new crop of "Black Studies Graduate Students" - many of whom will later go on to become "Black Media Subject Matter Experts" - and how they have no interest at challenging "The Black Racial Services Machine" as they chose "Organic Black Community Development Through Institutional Governance" OVER towing the standard line - adding a PhD for cover.

In walking distance from "The University Of Chicago - Black Studies Program" is a laboratory for them to affirm their academic theories.

The foundation of scientific discipline - is the ability to REPLICATE an experiment and produce the same results.

What I am learning - however - is that with an experiment - the most important issue prior to conducting it is "WHAT DO YOU DESIRE TO 'OBSERVE' ?"

Redistricting In Chicago - The BLATANT "Racial District Trading Game" - But Among Party-Mates

Democrats In Illinois Redraw Map In Order To Maximize Democratic Districts State-Wide At The Expense Of Republicans

THE GOP Says - THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT Has Been Violated By The Democrats

Their concerns amplify complaints by Illinois Republicans that the redrawn boundaries were inappropriate, prompting a lawsuit filed by two of the General Assembly's most powerful Republican legislators questioning the map's adherence to the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The GOP claims that Democrats' new boundaries restrict black and Latino voters' ability to be fairly represented in government, and claim that the disadvantages created are so egregious that Democrats "should be ashamed of themselves," Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross said in late July.
"The Democrats passed a map this session that we believe is in direct violation of the Federal Voting Rights Act and some of our most basic rights under the constitution,Cross said. "We are optimistic that the court will agree with us and will help give our residents a Fair Map that accurately reflects our population, especially our growing Latino population."
The lawsuit also alleges that the map, which expanded some Democratic Chicago districts to grab the territory of five freshman Republicans, deliberately seeks to disempower the state's Republican party for the next decade, when districts will next be reconsidered.

(Note: ANY OF YOU All Who Stake Your Livelihood And Your 'Racial Development' On This Political B.S. - Without INSTEAD Centering On The Build Up OF ORGANIC COMPETENCIES Within Your Own Community - Deserve What You Are Going To Eventually Get)

"The Blacks" Who Are Democrats Also Disagree With The New Democratic Redistricting Maps - Because They Strip "The Blacks" Of Power In CHICAGOLAND  Reps. Jackson Jr., Rush and Davis demonstrated their objections to the new boundaries at a Democratic delegation meeting last week by refusing to contribute to the fund to cover court fees in the GOP lawsuit, sources familiar with the situation told Roll Call. The suit is expected to cost the Democratic delegation as much as $500,000, and Illinois Democrats were each asked to chip in $10,000 from their campaign funds. The three have not formally announced whether they will side with the GOP in the suit.
"The Blacks" Who Are Democrats Eventually Go To The "Hispanics Who Are Democrats" And Attempt To Get Them To Agree To Accept Fewer "Hispanic Districts" Because The "DEMOCRATS WHO ARE BLACK" Have More Seniority And This Would Be Better For THE PARTY As It Fights The Right Wing.

The Hispanics Said: "We Like Our 'Seniors" More Than We Like Your "Black Seniority" And Said NO - So "The Blacks" Were Eventually Given Fewer Districts


Notice the absence of the "RACIST-BOMB BOMB THROWERS" when we do a transparent analysis of Chicago's redistricting.

The mix of RACE  AND PARTY MEMBERSHIP in which there is an "In Kind" party that dominates produces one strange result:  THE REPUBLICANS are SUING FOR Black People - claiming that the Democratic lines disenfranchise "The Blacks".     (NOTE:  This was stunning until I got to what was said in North Fulton County GA - you will see later)

The idea of a party (or coalition) seeking to maximize the seats of power that it has in its caucus is at the foundation of the American Political system.   POWER is the primary agenda item.

  • The majority is able to leverage their legislative hand to achieve their desired end.
  • The minority party is allowed to MARKET an alternative narrative of their own choosing
  • DISPARATE RACIAL IMPACT / RACISM are two legitimate narratives to field into the "American Political Domain" in the battle between the "Two Dung Producing Party Animals"
  • THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOMAIN - however - MUST set rules on how it WILL NOT BE "USED" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" ESPECIALLY by those who have collected 'The Valuables From The Black Community" with the promise of future prosperity
    • The FAILURE for those who are focusing on the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of the community rather than tentative political advantage to REMAIN SILENT as the grand FRAUD AND HOKUM of politics and faux racial indictments is - WHEN THE BLACK COMMUNITY looks to lean upon the strong structures of the community for ORGANIC UPLIFT - not only will they not be there - the people - in a desperate state are more likely to agree to yield more of their valuables because it funds the WAR AGAINST THE EXTERNAL ENEMY - and they believe that this victory will bring prosperity.

Fulton County Georgia - Redistricting - The White Republicans Are Claiming Disenfranchisement In North Fulton

Note:  The Atlanta Journal Constitution is enforcing is new "pay wall" policy. 
They have a long write up on "The Politics Of Race & Redistricting In Fulton County" in today's paper.  Its not available yet on their free web site.

Basically - in the midst of the tired racial battle for control over the Fulton County Board of Governors where "Your Race Is Your Political Gang" (just like in Prison) the North Fulton Republicans want to grab a seat from the "South Fulton Democrats.   

Just like every campaign in Metro Atlanta - RACE shows its head.  
  • The North Fulton Republicans say that they are DISENFRANCHISED
  • The South Fulton Democrats are saying that the Republicans are RACISTS for making two Black board members run against each other in a "Black District" that has been consolidated.

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