Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Constructive Feedback University: Will The "Black Public Intellectual" Ever Call Out The Anti-Intellectual Antics Of "Systematic Racism Chasing" As They See That The "Governing Culture" Is More Important Than "Offended Black Voting In American Elections"?

QUESTION: DO YOU THINK That The People Who "Self-Advertise Themselves" As "Black Public Intellectuals" Would Rather Have "A High Level Of A DISTRIBUTED BLACK EDUCATED CLASS" OR Do They Like Their Leadership Position Among The "Least Of These" Who Are Looking For The Proper Framing For Their Present Aggrieved Condition?

By far the most IGNORANT scene in the "Silly Season Of 2012" - "The US Presidential Election" took place among "The Philadelphia Negro" in West Philly.

As Republican Mitt Romney dared to travel into "Obama's Neighborhood" (per the chants from the angry crowd) - a crowd of mostly Black people from West Philly gathered outside of the "Universal-Buford Charter School" to stage a protest against his presence.

"Come outside of that school and take a walk with me and I'LL SHOW YOU REAL POVERTY" - shouted one Black man in the congregation.   

As the reports of this scene matriculated through "The Black Press" - more of these "Paid Blacks" were happy that "Romney Got Served" and "Black people were not being fooled" THAN they saw the GROSS IRONY!!!    Philadelphia is a strong "Mission Accomplished Zone".   The fact that they said "This Is Obama's Neighborhood" YET they saw their future gain in "blocking the Republicans" rather than MANAGING the forces who are in power - asking "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You For My Development" proved enlightening to me - concerning the present state of "Black Community consciousness" and how THE LOVE OF AMERICAN POLITICS AND POWER is the #1 enemy for "Organic Black Development".

Mayor Nutter took the stage with a full understanding that the congregation that was amassed in front of him was more interested in hearing about "Romney's damage to the state schools after one term in office - than they cared to hear from their beloved mayor - a plan to return the "School District Of Philadelphia" to self-governance, retiring the "Emergency Control Board" brokered by the state.

The Black Public Intellectual is PLEASED at the "Congregational Unity" that they see among Black people.

It ultimately doesn't matter to the majority of them that all of the "Struggle" that has been executed has lead to "Favorable Progressive People Into Power" but with little evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT among the Black masses who are constituents of these systems.   
The sight of nominally pleased Black people, affirmatively responding to the latest "indictment against a right wing adversary" affirms their own progressive fundamentalism as evidenced by the RESPONSE.  A circular affirmation - indeed.

If the "Black public intellectual was more honest with himself he would see that his body of though is centered around "Assumed Black Inferiority".   It doesn't matter if "The Blacks" are in an inferior state - long after they took over the key institutional spots AS LONG AS someone making this assessment of Black people's condition tells "WHO DID THIS TO US!!".    Without fail it is the "Right Wing Whites" who are guilty.   The "Black Republican Omega Wolf - who can't get elected in this same space BUT who takes up company with the White Conservative Wolf - is "The Face Of Stephen"  (even though WVON was calling Black elected officials that they are angry at "Stephen" last night.  This despite them being Democrat and amassing many Black votes - unlike Clarence Thomas).

The "Black Public Intellectual" is a creature of ISOLATION and TRANSACTIONALISM.  It is a given that their intellectual viewpoint is correct.
  • When the RESULTS in the "Mission Accomplished Zone" prove to the contrary - they EXPAND THE POLICE TAPE - upon the nation
  • When a person who's consciousness was fully formed from within the ecosystem that they now control proves to be the modern day "Klan Force" to the Black community - they shift the debate to the "tools" that he uses to attack and the failure to provide the resources to the community for "Social Justice" to be achieved.  This from the very same people who talked about $1 Trillion in Black spending power a short time earlier
  • When it is clear that they are "The New Establishment Power" - they deny their power by pointing to the POWER of the external RIGHT WING to INSULT "The Favorable People In Power".

The real question for the "Black Progressive Public Intellectual" is - WHEN will you enforce INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY as the foundation for expanding the number of Blacks in "The Academy" after the institutions in their community have prepared them as such?

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