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Can The "Black Intellectuals" Translate Their Theories That Are Successful In The Academy And The Polling Booth, And Translate Them Into EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES Within The Black Community And Not Just "Popularity"?


Never before in his history as "The Negro In North America" has there been so much "intellectual contentment" among Black people - per the perceived POLITICAL advancements against his right wing enemy - this being concomitant with the sound of great forlorn regarding his inability to protect himself from the PEOPLE and the POLICIES that he has harvested in his own community - as this popularity was "operationalized".

DO YOU ALL LISTEN to "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio"?

The WVON evening show was quite telling about the grand disconnect between what churns in the minds of the Black Progressive "Intellectual" and what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING on the streets of his community to the people who bought into what he sold them, that compelled the rank & file to hand over their valuables to him - as they all agreed to merge their "Black Struggle" into the American Political Domain.

They assumed that by offering the "Starting Jobs" by their White Progressive Allies - this was ADVANCEMENT.
Today their main challenge is to go to the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and compel the "White racist conservatives" to integrate their teams - BUT on progressive terms.   The Black progressive is not interested in making an EQUALLY STRONG competitive team - they are interested in receiving "progressive payoffs" from the "segregated team" in the Malcolm X Political Football game.

The Black Progressive Intellectual's View Constructive Feedback University
"Does The GOP Really Want To Woo Blacks And Latinos"? MSNBC's Toure'

The REAL QUESTION IS NOT "Will The GOP Become MORE PROGRESSIVE - Allowing Black People To Switch Political Loyalties".

The MOST APPROPRIATE REBUTTAL To Toure' is to make note of the fact that:

  1. HE was recruited, hired and paid to market his ideological bigotry TO the "Post Racial Progressive Joint Venture" - serving as a "Black faced enabler".
    1. His job is to voice the OFFENDENESS of the Black Progressive TO the latest "Right Wing Offense" - while ensuring that NO SUCH OFFENSE will be taken about the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that exist where the RIGHT WING is not an "ACTIVE THREAT" but is spun as a FORCE OF "BENIGN NEGLECT" because they departed because of "racism", refusing to "share".
  2. HE can point to FEW PLACES in America where HIS PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM is "the Last Man Standing" - having run the Right Wing out of power AND AS A RESULT - The ORGANIC COMPETENCIES among "The Least Of These" that remain have been built up through the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that favorable people now control.
AS A RESULT - the REAL QUESTION for Toure' to be forced to answer - (with the sign that he "GETS IT" being - the mass walk out of the "Paid Blacks At MSNBC" staging a walk out ) - is:   


Then listen out for the blank faced stammering that such a question will elicit. 
Prominent Economist Says Obama Can't Be Left Off Of The Hook On Race

Having Racked Up 95% + Of The "Black Ballots" In Two Elections...............

He Doesn't Need To Worry About What Some "Smiley-West" Acolyte Thinks About Obama's Record On "Economic Development For Black People".   

Latinos Destined Become The Largest Demographic Group In California

In His MSNBC "Lean Forward" Commercial - Minister Sharpton Advates For His Fight AGIANST "DISCRIMINATION OF ALL KINDS"

He Doesn't Have To PRODUCE ANYTHING But A FIGHT AGAINST Those Who Are "Discriminating" - With Himself Reserving The Right To Define "The Point Of Discrimination" That Is Offensive

When Minister Sharpton comes to Chicago to celebrate WVON's 50th Anniversary - some of the radio talkshow hosts who listened as the Black callers called in to talk about "THE HISPANICS TAKING JOBS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" during yesterday's "Grievance Session" may have to get some backbone and stand up to Minister Sharpton - telling him:  "YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF BLACK HISTORY" on this one.

YOUR sentiments don't match those of the BLACK WORKER - and when there are NO REPUBLICANS AROUND to keep the Congregation United - the REAL BLACK COMMUNITY ISSUES come up for debate. 

(Which is why MSNBC hired him over a skilled Black Journalist in the first place.)
To Be Smart Or Black The  "The Acting White Theory Does Not Add Up In Explaining The Black Academic Achievement Gap" (With The Perfect 1.0 White Folks)

What Black Kids Need To Be Successful

  1.  Smaller Class Sizes
  2. A Safer Schools
  3. More Individual Attention From Teachers
  4. Courses That Prepare You For The Real World
  5. More Help Getting Into College

In the CBS News poll, black and white students were similar in their ratings of receiving pressure from parents to study. However, black students were less likely than white students to state that their parents place pressure on them to go to college. In Breaking Barriers, findings produced strong evidence that modeling is an important component of academic development among black males and females. Father's education, but not mother's education, had a significant impact on the academic achievement of black males, but not as much for black females.
The contrary was true for black females, who demonstrated stronger academic achievement when their mothers had a college degree. Understanding these findings within the context of other ethnic groups provides further insights into possible reasons black males are underperforming in schools. African-American males were almost twice as likely as Asian Americans or European Americans to have a father who did not complete college.
Another aspect of parenting that had a significant impact on black students' academic progress was a parent's involvement with school. When analyzing similar parenting practices with a separate dataset, the strongest parenting indicators of academic success were two holistic factors: parents who often told children they were proud of them, and parents who let students know when they did a good job. Interestingly, although probably important for other aspects of development, restricting children's behavior, such as time spent with friends or watching TV, did not produce significant effects on grades.
We Should Note That They Never Venture To Discuss And Analyze The Part That The "Vote For Your Community Salvation Via Progressive Public Policy" Has Played In Closing The Academic Gap.

In Addition - Within The Black Community - Black People Are SOLD On The Power Of Their VOTE.  Rarely Is There Talk Of The CONSEQUENCES Of The PARENTS Who Fail To Become The PRIMARY MANAGER OF THEIR CHILD'S "ACADEMIC CAREER".

It Indeed Has Generated "Favorable People Into Power" Over School Administrations  Schools As A 'Jobs Program' And "Contracting Diversity".

The True Measure Of Success Being: Black People At Every Point On The Academic Attainment Curve Making 2 Standard Deviation Increase AFTER "Mission Accomplishment" Cannot Be Shown.

Despite The Grand "Red State" (Southern) Versus "Blue State" (Northern) Debate - THE TRUTH IS - There Is NO Statistically Significant Differences In Black Student Academic Attainment In Predominately Black Schools Around The Nation (Controlling For Income And Parental Education)

"Let My People GO........To Your White Schools So They Don't Have To Go To School With Too Many Other Black People.  You Must SHARE THE POVERTY With 'Black People"

This Should Be The Blue Print

Black People Who Follow These Points Close The "Racial Gap In Economics"
  • Delay Child Birth
  • Pursue The Highest Level of Education Possible
  • Marry Into Long Term/Committed/Stable Relationships
  • Leverage The Foundation Of The Above 3 Points To Obtain High Quality Employment
THIS Should Be The "Corrective Feedback"

The Schott Foundation Map On School Systems That Fail To Graduate Black Males

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