Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Caller Challenges "Minister Sharpton" On His Silence About "Obama Drones", Sharpton Says "He Addressed The Issue To His Own Linking", Asks The Caller "What Is Your Agenda For Asking This?"

I had to clean my ears out and listen in more attentively to the "Keeping It Real Progressive Show With Minister Al Sharpton".

A caller was challenging Sharpton on the fact that "Obama has a 'kill list'" yet he and a number of "Black leaders" are silent on the matter.

Shartpon retorts:  "Did I ADDRESS THIS ISSUE"?

Caller: "Yes but not in the 911 emergency way that you should be"

Sharpton: "Wait a minute.  You just said that I addressed it.............." (the rest is not important)

What we have here is the "CHECK LIST Item".

There are two types of check lists used by the Embedded Confidence man while his "Friends are in power"

  1. The Black Conscious Filibuster Check List - the long, long list of benefits that "Black people should be thankful for".  There is no minimum threshold as to the benefit received from a  submission to this list BECAUSE the size of the list is meant to be impressive.  A few weeks ago on WAOK I told you about a show host that told of Obama hosting the "World Championship Miami Heat" to the White House, saying "There is no end to what Obama does for the benefit of Black people".  He DIDN'T TELL YOU that EVERY PRESIDENT invites the NFL, NBA and MLB championship team to the White House for a photo op.  His goal was to MARKET Obama so it was up to the listener to identify the scheme that was at play
  2. The Been There Done That - I Registered My Opposition And I Am Not A Sellout list - When one person is a "Dr King character" and an "Elected Official that advances the policy and actions of (some entity of the local state or) Federal Government - there are times when the vicarious living through this "Favorable Person In Power" becomes mutually exclusive to what "Dr King" would have done.   Since the Embedded Confidence Man is seeking to maximize the utility that having this "favorable person in power" brings to his agenda AND since he is not trying to "hurt" this person in order to bring his policies back in line with the principles of  "intergalactic social justice" this second list  - in which the confidence man has REGISTERED his views on the issue that he does not agree with - allows him to GO ON RECORD about his opposition.   Now if you want to see a VIDEO RECORD of him chaining himself to the White House, demanding that his friend in power change this policy - you are just out of luck.   He doesn't want to be disinvited to the state dinners after carrying on with such "foolishness" outside of the White House, governors mansion or city hall

What The Caller SHOULD HAVE ASKED Minister Sharpton

Most people who are critical of the show hosts in "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" do NOT know how to engage them.

YOU need to learn how to DEBATE THE ISSUE - and not let it become "about them" or about "you".

The proper challenge for Minister Sharpton on the matter of Drone Strikes is:

"Minister Sharpton - With You Having 'Addressed The Issue' Of American Imperialist Drone Strikes In Yemen, Somali, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan And Other Places................Can You Detail For Us Any Impact That You Have Caused As The American Government 'Heard Your Message' And Thus These Extra-Judicial Killings Will Be Halted Lest You Be Forced To Say That The Evidence Shows That Commander In Chief Obama Is As Deadly As The Other President's Who's Actions Caused You To Take To The Streets In Protest - Saying "THE PRESIDENT WILL HEAR OUR VOICES"?

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