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Blax Psychology: Chris Rock Says "Obama Is Our Father And We Should Obey Him". Jesse Jackson Says "Father Obama Should Come To Chicago To Disciple The Black Kids" The Black Feminist Radicals Agree To Obey Obama But As Long As He Doesn't Include This In Their Wedding Vows If Obama Is Freed Up From His "Starter Wife" Michelle

(Trust me when I say this people - "Blax News" is for my psychological therapy after listening to you - more than anything else)

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AGAIN - No Need For ME To Rebutt This One.

Add this to the challenge questions for "Black Public Intellectuals".

Are they serious minded enough to go against the grain - piecing through Chris Rock's and Jamie Foxx's COMEDY as they find something fundamentally offensive - just as if a "Right Wing Comic" hid behind his "jokes"?

The truth is that this is "Mall Cop Behavior".
The same people who would repudiate such a reference to a "Right Wing President" who makes a call for "Unity In War" - are not only silent about Chris Rock's foolishness over "The Presidential Father" - they are SILENT about the "US Imperialism" that continues to march on with Obama in the White House.

These are "Anti-Dr King Moments" executed by those who purport to be the "Keepers Of The Flame".   They are GETTING WHAT THEY WANT in the name of "Progressive Public Policy" and, as such, they remain silent - allowing the US GOVERNMENT to do as it please - because they don't want to make the same "mistake" that Dr King did by undercutting a progressive president.

Have You All Been Listening To "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio " This Week?  If not you are missing out on a gold mine of research on the "Black Americanized Consciousness".

With the American elections out of the way - certain "community housekeeping" issues are now front and center.  Don't misunderstand - these issues were there during "Silly Season" (The elections).  Its just that the Black community consciousness was focused on what it VALUES more than its internal concerns:  "The Malcolm X Political Football Game".

IF there was a greater commitment to intellecutal honesty among the purveyors of the so-called "Black Agenda" they would have to make note of the present desepration and realize that this is but a foreshadowing of a larger failure that lurks.

After many decades of transforming the once legitimate "Black Struggle For Justice And Equality" into a purely ideological and political battle - many of the operatives are loathed to properly analyze what they see today.

  • 75 years ago the hope in most Black people's eyes - was the insertion of just one "VOICE" into the local government - in which their issues might be presented - when it came to Public Safety, Education, Economic Opportunity
  • 50 Years ago the door opened and a steady stream of "Favorable Black Elected Officials" dotted the local landscape in the city and state governments
  • 30 Years ago - this strategy expanded to the state level - where coalition politics were identified as the necessary route for "The Progressive Agenda" to be lifted - from which Black people's interests would be registered
  • 20 Years ago a more abrupt integration of the "Black Consciousness And Political Struggle" was mounted in which cornerstone "Black Moral Sentiments" were watered down in order to find agreement with the larger Progressive Fundamentalist coalition and its fight against the Right Wing (I don't do "morals" but I use this for editorial ease. "Functionality" is a stronger case than Morality.) 
  • 4 Years ago the "Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture" obtained its crowning achievement - A favorable politician in the White House who could also be cast as a "Dr King" figure.  (Some even had him as "Malcolm X".  Go figure. He was a blank canvas for everyone to paint their dreams upon, after all)
HEIRARCHY.   This is NOT MENTIONED in any of the "Obama Come Back Home To Chicago" requests or ANALYSIS within the Black Press.

The same institutions that used to be capable of oppressing Black people, denying us quality education and thus water hoses and police dogs were trained upon the protesters are now merely "coordinating outpots" in the larger "Nationalized Social Justice Scheme".   In their mind only "The President Of The United States coming back HOME" will afford the proper respect and dignity to the Black people of Chicago, setting a course for all in the community to converge around.

You are NOT going to hear this analysis in "The Black Press".

In my years as a business consultant I have learned the value of the term "Operationalizing".   The art of turning a plan that is written on paper into action, through the ORGANIZATION, and then managing all of the resources placed at your disposal to insure that they are working in the same accord.

I assure you that those who are on the inside of the "Black Racial Services Machine" would protest, saying "this is exactly what we are doing - so what is my beef?".   They are NOT running a "Black Community DEVELOPMENT Process".  They are ONLY running a PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL OPERATION for the benefit of their IDEOLOGY AND PARTY. 

YOU WILL NEVER hear ANY OF THEM say: "NO.  The Black community WILL NOT DO THIS!!  We've tried this before. IT IS CLEAR THAT WE WERE USED.......we are going to find some NON=POLITICAL TRACK through which the Black Community Development Consciousness And Hopes" can be satisfied.

Just LISTEN to the radio and hear it for yourself.
YES you hear them calling "Monique Davis" of Chicago a "Stephen" (Django Unchained) - despite the fact that she won reelection and was an important voice in the Chicago Teacher's strike.
The nighttime voice on WVON, however, proposed the solution of VOTING "THE STEPHENS OUT OF OFFICE".   

Again - NOTHING other than Black people doubling down on POLITICS was offered.

He talked about "RESPECT  FROM" these politicians regarding how they "talk to people".

As I was listening in doing my longitudinal psychological studies - I noticed that "The Vote" is the VOICE of Black people and that PURSUIT OF 'RESPECT' from those with power is the #1 quest.

It stands to reason then - that the very same propaganda machine (radio) that spent the last year framing the message of "Systematic Racism Chasing" against any EXTERNAL right wing operative who OFFENDED them - succeeded in keeping "The Blacks" in the congregation OFFENDED and RILED UP to the point where the investments made come November were already cast in the most important place beyond the ballot box:  THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS LOYALTIES.

The Black Community's "Sandy Cornish" Moment

In Key West Florida stands a tribute to a great American.
Sandy Cornish an enslaved Black man who escaped to Florida.
While the "Slave Catchers" were closing in to capture him back into Slavery in Louisiana - Mr Cornish committed an act that showed WHAT HE VALUED THE MOST - HIS CONSCIOUS FREEDOM!!!

Mr Cornish understood that the "Slave Catchers" did not care about "his person", their cared about his physical body and the extent of its value as a laborer.
With this heightened consciousness Mr Cornish severed several key muscles and tendons in his arm and legs - rendering him USELESS per the desires of "The Slave Catchers".

Having been left all alone from this threat - Mr Cornish was forever physically disabled but he retained his powerful mind and consciousness - and went on to start several businesses, a church and other community institutions on Key West.

When it comes to high stakes "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - today's "Prevailing Black Consciousness" values the perceived victory for THE TEAM over their expression of COMPETENCY in producing desired outcomes WITHIN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES - through the institutions that are in place and controlled by favorable people - per the popular will of the people.

Unwilling to detach their "Black Community Development Consciousness" from the "X Games" - the sight of OUR OWN YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE having assumed the "Klan Function" within our own communities - this after matriculating through the ecosystem that produced their consciousness - many of the Embedded Confidence Men who seek to latch our consciousness into AMERICAN POLITICS and thus "transactionally feed" us SELF-CHUM in order to generate a predictable response - are not interested in changing.

They understand that this temporary lull in which the Black community is expressing a slight bit of introspection will be "cured" once a hot political topic boils up again and they can go back to keeping Black people focused upon THE EXTERNAL RIGHT WING - thus returning to the heightened state of "existential Black crisis" that they need to forge "Congregational Unity".

Chicago registered over 500 murders during a time in which that Black population was focused and relatively happy about the national political fortunes.   It was clear that they were more OFFENDED by the "War On Women" by the Republicans - than the "Black Woman Crying On The TV News" was able to generate sufficient backing for her cause.


Congratulations - Black people - YOU ARE 100% AMERICAN per your focus on SUPERIOR ISSUES.

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