Friday, February 08, 2013

Blax News Stitching Service: The KKK Refuses To Sue The Black Guy In Philly Protesting BonB Violence. They Fear That The NAACP Will Sue Them For Racism Using The Same NAACP Lawyers That Are Suing Dr King's Niece Who Is Anti-Abortion

The KKK Travels From "Philadelphia Mississippi" To Philly PA In Order To Tell "The Blacks" To Stop Killing Each Other.    Even THEY Are Tired Of Seeing The Carnage Among "The Blacks"

"The National Association For The Abortion Of Colored People"  Has Been Threatened With Legal Action By The "National Association For The Advancement Of Colored Progressive-Fundamentalists" 

Sherrilyn Ifill has not wasted any time - jumping right into her new seat at the helm of the "NAACP Legal Defense Fund" - fighting against any copyright infringement of the "NAACP" brand.

On WHYY's "Radio Times" About Philadelphia - On A Show with Police Chief Charles Ramsay several callers noted that the lack of JOBS AND OPPORTUNITY for Black males in the city is the root of the VIOLENT CRIME PROBLEM.

None of the callers, show hosts or guests were able to STITCH IT ALL TOGETHER - concluding that the following oft hear talking points:

  • the "Vote For Your Community Salvation Scheme" 
  • the "If the Right Wing cared about BLACK PEOPLE they would not focus on PREVENTING ABORTIONS - but would care about us AFTER we were born - which is why we don't vote for them"
  • the "IF we team up with Friendly Progressives - like the Open Society Foundation"........."Our communities will become stronger as we fight against the COMMON RIGHT WING ENEMY. 
When Will "The Black Progressive's Operations" And George Soros' Programs BE SEEN AS FEMA?   Judged NOT UPON the fact that it showed up TO HELP BLACK PEOPLE but MEASURED by its EFFECTIVENESS in covering the full dimensions of the problem and MANAGING the situation into a favorable outcome?

(Don't expect Black Enterprise or other Black Press Operative - to return to their archives and ask those who they gave favorable press coverage to: "WHERE are the valuables from the Black community that we assisted you in collecting into your offering plate?")

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