Monday, February 11, 2013

Blax News Ouija Board Service: 2015 - Obama "Comes Home" To Chicago With The Drones

Each morning I have to go to my computer to reset the Internet radio streams for WAOK and WVON. I listen into the top of discussion and I am frequently amazed at what I hear.

Today on "Dr White's" show on WAOK the "Mathis Sisters Lawyers Hour" was on the air.
The subject:  DRONES!!!

(This is a plea made in desperation here people)

  • Barack Obama, Michelle And The Children - The Model Black Family
  • The Obama Administration As A Political Vessel
  • Progressivism As A Unifiying "Post Racial" Body Of Thought
  • Black Progressive Agenda & The Perputal Fight Against The Right Wing
  • The Black Diasporatic Interests Through Institutional Development
  • THE US GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Those who can't delineate these discrete "domains" but instead choose to FUSE THEM ALL TOGETHER - can ONLY EVER COMPROMISE themselves.
From that point the only thing we need to consider is "How many Negroes does she draw along with her?"

Dr White - The Fusion Of - The NAACP/ Black Progressive Fundamentalist Politics / and The "Social Justice Jesus" 

A few weeks ago a White man called into Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman's show and said what even Boazman knew to be true.  He said:   "I listen to the morning show with Dr White and if she needed to chew her own arm off in order to save President Obama - SHE'D DO IT".

I have NEVER heard a more powerful truth spoken on the radio anywhere.

I told you that I do not focus on "President Obama" (except in passing).  The greater amount of information about the "Black Americanized Consciousness" can be found by looking beyond the stage and into the CONGREGATION.  Then turn to the left and then look up into the "Press Booth" to note the color commentary.

I have stated before and I will ask again:

When it comes to the "Institutional Integrity" of the United States Government's systems versus the "Institutional Integrity of the 'Black Struggle" - when ONE MAN serves as the "President Of The United States" and the "Dr King - Of The Black Progressives" - that when his actions have him occupy a MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE PLACE - that the "Black Institutional Integrity" necessarily yields itself because of the popular will to support and uplift their "Dr King"?

The fact that there is a void in governance within this domain - simply means that upon the sight of these GRAND CONTRADICTIONS - those who have forged the consciousness of POPULARISM - merely agree in common to SAY NOTHING - making the case that their opposition will ultimately strengthen the hands of the right wing common enemy.

If you don't understand that "The Right Wing Threat" is the universal catalyst for the agreed upon COMPROMISE of "Black Institutional Integrity" - then you will never understand how "Black Progressive Politics" works.   This is the "War On {Fill In The Blank} effect" in which Civil Rights & Liberties are lost.  In this case "Black Consciousness and Intellectual Honest" get locked up in "Camp Gitmo".   At some point there will be a lawsuit on "Prison Over Crowding" as too many Negroes have yielded their consciousness and others profit by selling the consciousness soap and toilet paper.

Why is anyone surprised that on the subject of DRONES - now being debated in the United Nations - that some crafty Black Progressive operatives will bring the subject up - BUT will stand up this "Shadow Government" - allowing them to logically conclude that Command In Chief Obama needs to FIGHT HARDER against this government's willful use of drones upon "People Of Color"?

I have noted that this is the "Parallel Universe" that allows "The Final Call" to stand up against "US Foreign Policy" while remaining in good stead with the Black Rank & File - by not going to war with "Obama".

With this mental agreement they can continue to support Obama in his fight against right wing forces who STILL do not like the fact that a "Black man is president".  Yet - they need not bring into evidence a single White solider who has REFUSED to kill a "person of color" around the world at the request of the Black Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Military Imperialist Power.

These forces of confidence within the Black community understand that their congregation is able to "read between the lines" as the majority remain stuck upon the most simplistic notions of "Good and Evil".

Ironically - just as my dear friends at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" operate with the sound assumption of "Black Criminality" as a given - the Black Progressive Bigots that tip the balance scale on the other side - operate with the steady assurance that only THE RIGHT WING can commit atrocities  imperialism and oppression.

The fact that nothing that Obama has done has riled them up into PROTEST is circular mental reference that they use to affirm that "Drones Strikes" are indeed a more just, surgical and sanitary means of beating back the "Islamic Extremists" who refuse to allow women the right to join the military - and thus they are "unevolved" - to the point that Obama has reached and intents to take us all along with him to higher glory.

As You Allow In Yemen - Let There Be The Same  In Chicago

In their discussion on "Drones" this morning the "Mathis Sisters" responded to the question:

  • YES you should EXPECT to see them here in the United States (in support of police surveillance )
  • NO you should not ACCEPT THEM (because this is merely a slippery slope upon which our civil liberties and civil rights will take a downward spiral)

Dr White had a clear and present challenge in front of her.
THE US GOVERNMENT is indeed complicit in the adoption of drones in foreign fields of battle.  Even in Ethiopia where the surveillance drones are unarmed - this is a policy pushed by the federal government.  The CIA, The State Department the US Military - all use these platforms to capture intelligence and to initiate strikes upon "the enemy".

Hmmm - How do you register object to the though of the drones coming into the USA for domestic use but not make an indictment against President Obama.

ANSWER To The Mathis Sisters:  "Do you think that the use of these drones in the United States - BECAUSE OF THE PATRIOT ACT is a threat to our civil liberties".

Did you get the license plate of that truck that drove through the living room?

Dr White - you are better than this.

  • When President Obama stood opposed to the LAW called "Defense Of Marriage Act" did he "slavishly defend it" OR did he announce that his administration would no longer defend it in court?
  • Even though the drug 'marijuana' remains as a banned substance in the Federal statutes - do you see Obama/Holder taking California/Washington DC to federal court to block the increased permissiveness of this banned substance?
  • SO WHY DO YOU PRETEND THAT OBAMA'S HANDS ARE TIED WITH DRONES BECAUSE OF THE PATRIOT ACT - rather than - HE IS LEARNING HOW TO FLY THEM VIA SECRET LESSONS IN THE OVAL OFFICE?   Is it your wish that you get invited to the Oval Office to see for yourself?   I am not sure that you would break your promise to "Not Tell Anyone" if he told you how much such news would damage his presidency if YOU stood up for the CIVIL RIGHTS of the people.

I tell you what.  
Instead of me expecting you to make an indictment against President Obama.  Or even for that matter - against "Favorable Mayors" like Reed, Nutter, Grey, Emanuel and Villariagosa ......I need to twist it around on you (to smoke you out)..........................


You can even tap "The NAACP" on the shoulder - when he comes home tonight and ask your husband - what his organization's plans are to fight AGAINST the "US Patriot Act" And The Drones - as IF they were a "Right Wing Plague" - OR are we too far way from the next election to rile Black folks up as such?

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