Monday, February 04, 2013

Blax News "Game Knows Game / Fraud Knows Fraudulence" Report: I Was Offended By The Super Bowl Symbolic 'Burning At The Stake' Of Beyonce - Even If Charles Blow Didn't Get The Hidden Messages Of 'Witch Burning'

The "Racist" Volkswagen Commercial That Offended Charles Blow.

The Symbolic Lynching Of Beyonce And The "Destiny Child" Women.

The Sight Of 3 Black Women Placed In FIRE And A Large Crowd Of People With Their Hands Raised, And Yelling At The Scene - Brought Back Painful Memories To Us Here At "Blax News".

It Is Unthinkable To Us Why Charles Blow Miss This One That Was Blatantly Yet Subliminal At The Same Time

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