Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blax News - 'Filled Negro Reports': The Racist Republican From '30 Rock' Breaks Out All Of The Windows In An All Black & Hispanic Factory That Paid Its Workers Living Wages

I give credit to my dear fiend Filled Negro.   (Picture On Left From John Jay College Of Criminal Justice)
When the preponderance of evidence forces his hand - he is able to come around and admit the truth:  Even Republicans on television that are given an "endearing role" are racist when they are put to the test.   Let a  Black paparazzi try  to take their picture when they are not "on the set and in makeup".   THEN we will all get to hear what is really on their minds.

What about these Republicans make them see a Black person and then REACT making use of racially specific insults - when that Black person trying to take their picture did nothing more than the WHITE person before him?
Republican John Francis Donaghy needed only 30 rocks to break out every single window in this factory that used to employ Black people in New York City.  All Because The Factory Decided To Pay Them A LIVING WAGE - And ECONOMIC JUSTICE Was Finally Achieved In America - After 400 Years Of Slavery And Exploitation.

Some Of The Rocks That Were Thrown Back At Him By The Workers Who Sought To Defend Their Place Of Employment Were Again Picked Up By Donaghy And He Used Them To Break Out Even More Windows.  

This Was NOT An Attack Against A Building.  This Was An Attack Against The SYMBOL Of "Social Justice" That Was Housed Within This Building.   There Is No Other Possibility To Justify The Viciousness Of This Attack Because Donaghy Passes By A Factory Every Day Of His Life In New York City - But Never Does He Act Out As Such.

Blax News was interested in pushing our friend Filled Negro on the issue.   We see that despite his report about the verbal insult by the "Racist 30 Rock Republican" on one day he has sense gone back to taking about Racist Republican politicians who are "Babies Daddies" - just like "Shawty Lo"

Blax News sent our reporters to Philadelphia where we caught up with Filled Negro in "Philadelphia Municipal Court".   During the intermission of a trial of "Mumia Jones" - who was charged with an illegal Comcast cable TV and Internet connection - his defense attorney - Filled Negro - argued that he had a RIGHT to access these information sources and the legacy of societal oppression had prevented Mr Jones from being able to afford access.  He was being consciously starved as a Black man by not being able to access MSNBC, TVOne, BET and VH1 - in addition to the progressive Internet news sites.  Thus he was ill-equipped to debate Republicans when they dared ask him if the Democrats are responsible for the condition of North Philly.

Before Filled Negro got the judge to kick our reporters out of the courtroom, using a bogus "contempt of court" charge - he did tell us the following:

"After seeing Republicans like Pat Buchanan featured on MSNBC -  yet pretending that they are not racists - any Black person who gets fooled by what a Republican will say to them when they are not on camera - has to accept what they get because they let themselves be fooled", said Filled Negro.

In Order For Blax News To Show You How Our "Gutter Journalism" Has Many Partners - We "Muckrake" To Bring To Your Attention Those Who Are 'Down With Us', Instead Of Exposing Them Hoping That They Will "Pull Up"

We thank our friend Filled Negro for syndicating the "Pete Domenici "Baby Daddy" story.   We ask that The Root and The Grio demand Congressional transcripts to see if Senator Domenici railed against "Jesse Jackson Sr" and "Bill Clinton" during the time of their indiscretions.    They offer an important "Black Conscious Pacification" service - letting Black people unravel from what Prof Melissa Harris-Perry mentioned this past weekend:  "Black people start to believe that - 'The problem with US is US' ".

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalists who run a counter narrative - in which White Republican vices are shown - provide a vital service to the Present Prevailing Americanized Black Consciousness.   Their services will be documented in our long term history.  We are sure of that.

We can't get beyond the irony, however, that on the Filled Negro blog - the picture of Republican Pete Domenici was coupled with TWO PEOPLE from the Travelers "Overdraft" documentary that was shown on the blog "Within The Black Community" just yesterday.

Former Senator Alan Simpson - of the "Simpson Bowles" debt commission - assembled by President Obama and Former Federal Reserve Vice-Chairman Alice Rivlin - both appear in the picture with Senator Domenici.

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