Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blax News: Detroit "State Of The City Address" - "Had The Wall Street Bankers Had Their Way - 'The Largest Black Run City Outside Of Africa' Would Be In Bankruptcy Right Now - Just As Mitt Romney Wanted Us To Be"

Mayor Bing says Detroit in fiscal crisis but has avoided EM or bankruptcy so far

A Picture Of The Pain That I Suffer Inside As I Watch The Examples Of The "Dueling Bigots" Living In The Same "Time/Space" Dimension But Ultimately Individually Satisfied That Their Agenda Has Been Serviced As They Both Feast Upon The Same Carcass 

Never before has one political entity served the disparate agenda of so many people than.......................



The term "Black Run City/America" is used both by "my dear friends" at Stuff Black People Don't Like - per their leader - Paul Kersey AND - ironically - by the my "peeps" who are the "Black Community Activists" in Detroit who saw "foreclosure proceedings" off in the distance but closing in.  They needed a means of gathering the congregation together, forming a "love circle" around city hall - so that the "Wall Street Bankers" would not bring in the Pinkertons to enforce the court proceedings.

You see - for one side - the present tenuous condition of the city of Detroit is indicative of how the propensities encased in "Blackness" will lead to economic collapse.

When I tell them that - dollar for dollar - AMERICANS hold more "federal debt" per capita than does the individual citizen of Detroit hold bond debt - even if it sold to the "Wall Street Banks" by a diverse set of municipal bond brokers - under the guise that "Black people" need to market the debt of a "Black city".

In response to this fact I am told that "We know about the federal government's issues but THIS WEB SITE is to talk about Negroes.  If you want to talk about anything other than Negroes then we are going to get Mr Kersey to block you from our site."

When I read the pages of "The Final Call" or "The Michigan Citizen" their grand victory comes in the form of a fight against the "Michigan State Republicans" and the White "Wall Street Bankers".

Just as I saw with Georgia State Senator Tyrone Brooks with Black Democrats, Civil Rights Pharisees and the Georgia NAACP vowing to "go to jail" to protect him from indictment by the US Justice Department - in the case of Detroit - the "Tyrone Brooks -character" needing protection was the corporate entity known as "Detroit".    

Various members of the 'Civil Rights Pharisees Of Greater Detroit" took to the microphone and vowed to be locked up in the "Warren County Jail" to save their fair city.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon promises to give them "iPads" instead of pen and paper so they can write their "Evernotes From The Wayne County Jail" - except this time they are "open source" and not under copyright like "Dr King's Family" has its lock on "Black History".

The Detroit Emergency Manager As "The New Klan Force" To Rally "The Blacks"

Few among this group will bother to note that during this time of critical crisis in their fair city WHO IS STANDING STRONG?

The very people that SOLD them on this grand vision some 40 years ago - have successfully - taken the valuables from the people and they now rest comfortably in City Hall - knowing that the Black constituency "Stands With The Machine That Will Keep The Emergency Manager - Sent In By Governor Snyder" From neutralizing the power of the "Black elected officials" that they, the people chose to represent them in government.



What happens with your "Voting Rights" in America with its $16,000,000,000,000 debt?
If you WIN control over the institutions but you lose the ability to retain your "fiat economy" - is this really a victory?

Despite what Paul Krugman tells you - for Black people - the ONLY measure of success for "Progressive Public Policy" MUST BE the measure of the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that it instills in "The Blacks" that matriculate through the system.  PERIOD!!!

You can believe what you want to - about "America having more of a credit limit to work with" - ONCE THIS MUTHA POPS - the "Mother Of All Bubbles" are going to render all men equal BUT FOR their competency at maintaining their desired standard of living through the "Governance Culture" that they have managed to assemble - as close to home as possible, registering as many congregants to submit their will in support of the good of their community.

I tell my friends at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" that if they are so brilliant per their genetics - then they should be able to move upstream from the respective "Black Run City" and replicate the grandeur that their ancestors created prior to "The Blacks" taking over.

Similarly - for my Black Progressive Brothers And Sisters  - I tell them that I would be more impressed if they took their knowledge of "Cheikh Anta Diop" from "Mystical Magical Africa" - and used his tomb raided carcass mounted in the classrooms in America to teach the modern day Negro a bit of geometry, algebra and calculus so that he might retrofit some of the abandoned homes in Detroit that could be used as suitable residencies - all without having to worry about sand storms in Africa from "Back In The Day".