Monday, February 11, 2013

Blax News: Civil Rights Pharisees React To Pope's Resignation: "We Will Not Allow Our 'Old Age' And 'Tiredness' To Cause Us To Resign Our Positions Of Influence Over The Black Community. There Is Too Much 'Social Justice' Left Out There To String 'The Blacks' In Our Congregation Along. We Are Going To Milk This Cow Until It Revolts Against Us"

AJC: Pope resigning on Feb. 28, conclave in March

I am not a Catholic.   I don't get too involved in the "Catholic's business".
They are a "Christian sect" that has a set of structures and rituals on this Earth that go beyond the biblical mandate that one "Believe that Jesus Christ is their savior".

At the same time I do acknowledge that the "church system" that was present in cities like Philadelphia but which is shrinking in size indeed had a measurable effect on the socialization and education of their constituent community.   The presence of people who "dedicated their lives to the church" allowed for the church to offer such services without the standard concern for compensation, workers rights or a "house and a picket fence".  IF there was ever a better example of "People Over Profits" - please show me.

Pope Benedict XVI plans to take the unusual step of resigning office due to his old age rather than dying as the institution operates with him as a mere figurehead.

For my discussion I want to focus on the INSTITUTION that was in place before he set foot into "the throne" and how it could continue even if he was in a vegetative state.  And how it will continue along once a new Pope is chosen.

I assure you that the man born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger never once assumed that all Catholics owe a massive debt of gratitude to HIM, that if he didn't do all that he did for them - they'd still be being eaten by Roman lions.

"The System" of the Catholic church took him in as a young priest in 1951 and he matriculated through the various rungs in the institution - eventually landing the top spot.

Few would argue that the Catholic Church's "macro-structure" is a construct of the days when feudal lords ruled Europe.   The "Strong Father" here on Earth acted like a national empirical ruler. In the case of South America - splitting the land mass between the Portuguese and the Spanish.

The truth is that no man made organization - regardless of its "holy intent" will ever be free of such "scars upon its underbelly".   At the time the Catholic church had the same mindset of "The Europeans" - they were entitled to these foreign lands.   The "strange people" who lived their needed to be "Civilized and Saved".    The pilfering of their valuables for reclamation by "The Mother Land" was just payment.

Europe does not enjoy such open access to the valuables in other lands.
At the same time (and as my "world history lesson" will show in my other post) there is massive interdependency of people's around the world.  Resources and labor will be traded.  It is most important that a system within which national RIGHTS are respected, thus preventing violent taking and oppression from happening - be enforced.

I have little faith in international organizations that seek to impose "The Rule Of Law" upon nations.

Ultimately each nation must align itself into a block for DEFENSE and trading.

Without the ability to protect one's franchise of "self" and "self-governance" - centuries of servitude is a likely outcome.

You can blame your condition on those who violated you - all that you want to.

I will continue to look at what you are doing during your "FREE TIME" - to note if you are now preparing to protect yourself from the NEXT reconvergence  of international relationships.
THIS is more powerful than claims of "Reparation" against an entity that has summarily gone bankrupt.

"The Pope" Split South America Between The Portuguese And The Spanish Which Is Why The Languages That You See Spoken Today Are So.
The Professional Progressive Political Preacher "SPLIT" With The Proceeds From The Collection Plate That Contained Your "Black Community Consciousness". He Left While You Were Spinning Around On The Floor - Speaking In Tongues After He "Brought The Spirit Of 'Social Justice Jesus' To You

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