Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blax News Civil Rights Cold Leftovers Report: Julian Bond's "Letter From The Washington DC Metro Jail: "The XL Pipeline Is A Civil Rights Violation "

/BLAX News Black Progressive History Millennium
  (Blax News Respects Black People And Didn't Give Them The "Shortest Month" To Celebrate Black History.  With A Whole Millennium At Their Disposal We Can Focus On The Time Span When Black Africans Were All Alone By Themselves And Developed And Enforced A 'Governance Culture' That Kept Them Alive All Without Producing Significant Global Warming Or In Need Of 'Brazilian Hair' To Fill The Void In Their Self-Worth) 

Washington Post:  NAACP's Chairman Emeritus Arrested At White House - Nudging Obama To Block The Keyston Pipeline

Chairman Emeritus Bond said that the use of the "Obama Campaign Logo" was not to lift up Obama.  After seeing how the racist police beat his friend John Lewis during an arrest - the Obama logo was used just like an "I Donated To The Police Benevolence Fund" that many people placed as a bumper sticker on their car.

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