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Black Republicans Who "Racism Chase" Show They Are Political Operatives Just As Well

Niger Innis errs in the same way that I pointed out with Star Parker a few weeks ago about her speech about the culture of industriousness and values.

In both cases they take a good argument but chose to soak it with marginal claims of racism for political advantage.  For today's Black Americanized Consciousness the problem is that it is more loyal to American politics over all else.   Every "State Of Black America" report that is published gets delivered to the politicians for them to act upon rather than appearing as a top 10 list of "What We Must STOP Doing" - posted on every telephone pole in the Black community.

The claim that "Gun Control Has Racist Roots" is true but irrelevant in the quest to change bigoted political and consumer driven minds of today in pursuit of safer streets - particularly in the problem areas where violence is most acute.
Clearly the majority of the claims of racism today is that which OFFENDS the sensibilities of politically oriented Blacks but there is no intention to note how the past deeds of "Racism" are today regulated by a legal framework that no longer allows a "racist" to act with impunity.

The claim of "racism" is a conjunction of "Hatred for one's Race" AND the "Power to express it upon a target" must be recalibrated.   We just came through the "Silly Season" of the American election in which the 'President Of The United States" was made into a VICTIM of racism. Many of these very same people are too stuck in their rut to put words to this same "victim's" American imperialism conducted in various "Nation's Of Color".  When their bigotry is conflicted they remain silent or cherry pick his success - "at ending two wars".

It was strategically wrong for Project 21 to use the "racism" meme to make their case.

(Ideological bigotry is a greater oppressor today of "The Least Of These" than is racial bigotry as the former doesn't have legal sanction but goes unchecked in the realm of popular opinion, regardless of the damage.   In the realm of politics IF you get the 'consumer' to continue with his hatred of his ideological enemy - as they are sold on some notion of 'truth' put forth by their ring leaders - their hatred can be channeled through their political expression at the cost of the continued abstraction of their "struggle" from the painful truth on their streets. )

The truth is - the "Bishop Henry McNeal Turner's - Black Man Arm Yourself To Defend Your Community" spirit is GONE from the Americanized Black.

Just as those who claim "We no longer have a need for a Militia - thanks to the power of the federal government today - therefore we don't need to respect the 2nd Amendment as sacrosanct" - the REAL issue today with regard to gun violence within the Black community is the LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that came with the "Loss Of The Existential Racial Threat".  That which was focused upon in "the Struggle", allowed to remain long past its time - also produced entropy within the internal workings of the Black community with regard to "Conflict Resolution", "Respect" and "The Valuation Of Life".  What was demanded of the national society was aborted within the inner-space of the Black community.

Today we have fraudulent operatives who tie their strings to the "Skeltons Of The Civil Rights Movement" and create automatons that go "BOO" in the night to frighten the American Negro into a defensive posture.   His consciousness falling out of his head, his ballot falling out of his wallet.   The forces that collect both of these valuables improving the technology for the optics and the sound effects.  They now produce HD 3D videos of their antics which are now copyrighted for their own profit.

Last year we saw "Skittles Rallies" nationally in honor of a martyr from Florida who was murdered as a victim of "racial profiling" - the killer who owned a fake police badge was  promoted by the Civil Rights Pharisees  into a real police man in order to make their argument stick for the masses that rallied around the country.   This came in the context of a body of statistics that showed the murder rate of the Black male as an exception in a nation who's violent crime rates had ebbed over the past few years.  In the midst of the "Gun Control" debate - they don't want to talk about the damning truth as it produces an OPPORTUNITY COST for their diversionary antics.

The simple truth is:  "A MURDERED BLACK MAN" is ONLY valuable to his immediate family AND IF there is a larger political point to be made - EITHER by "The Black Racial Services Machine" who push victimization OR the White Bigots who see a genetically based proclivity in operation.   Even these bigots are subdivided.  The Whites on the right who wish to malign Black people.  Those on the left who wish to "Help The Negro Least Of These" - as they harvest his loyalties on their way to receiving his ballots into their coalition.

The main body left without a "Kevlar Vest" during the political gun fight that is conducted on his behalf - IS the "Hard Working Members Of The Black Rank & File" who have yet to construct a schematic of the scheme for REAL resolution in order to confound those who have larger plans for their grievances and lack of awareness about what is happening at their expense.


Project 21 should have be lobbying for ACCURACY in the modeling of the perceived threats to Black people, going after the "Black Racial Services Machine" for its hyperbole for the sake of "congregation building".

If you notice, however, my updated model of the "Black Racial Services Machine" INCLUDES "The Political Opposition" - the "Black Republican" - in the face of "Project 21".   Their position directly linked to the "Black Progressive Press" renders them as merely "The Opposition To 'The Permanent Opposition' ".  They too have no direct linkage to the Black Community's CONDITION.  They too only care about the THOUGHTS of Black people.   (I will expound upon my arguments distinguishing being "Thoughts" and "Condition" later on).

Since today's "Black Political Consciousness" is nearly 100% about outward political opportunism and NOT about developing a GOVERNANCE CULTURE within the Black Community's Institutions - it stands to reason that - as various "Mission Accomplished Cities" have the "Black Homicide Rate", "Black Unemployment Rate", 'Black Male Graduation Rates" as outliers and exceptions - instead of anyone GETTING FIRED FOR FAILING THE BLACK COMMUNITY - the Embedded Confidence Men are able to "Double Down" and define a new external right wing target to gather the congregation around for a new "Struggle Motion".

The arguments made by "Project 21" are strategically wrong.

If a FRAUDULENT CONFIDENCE MAN tells of his OFFENDEDNESS against a "Right Wing Political Enemy" and then scores some authenticity among "Americanized Blacks" - then why would you go with the "Gun Control Is RACIST" meme?

Do you not see that the same people who got "OFFENDED" due to RACISM that was marketed by the "Black Racial Services Machine can also arbitrarily claim that any past racism that "Project 21" digs up is no longer relevant today?  "Racism Chasing" - as with "Civil Rights" - reserves the right to AFFIX ITS LABEL to any thing it chooses to.

Project 21 had an opportunity to target the VERACITY OF THE INSTITUTIONS which affix the labels.  Instead chose to bring its own labels to the debate.

I Fear The Sentiments Of The Father Of The Late JayLoud More Than I Do The Lyrics Of His Son, Chief Keef Or Little JoJo

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After Failing To Prevent His Late Son JayLoud From Obtaining The Consciousness Of The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" - The Father Proves To Be A Greater Theat To The Constitutional Rights Of Americans Than His Son's Lyrics Were.

Why didn't Project 21 pick up on this vein of argument in their debate about "The Constitution"? (Second Amendment rights violations have racist roots).

You have a Black man who is DEMANDING that the police authority come into his neighborhood and trample his constitutional rights as they replay the scene in "Training Day" featuring Macy Gray.   YET after the "Negro Community" becomes the target of "Aggressive Policing" and a 92 Year old Black woman gets shot by the same police that THEY ORDERED INTO their community in order to stop the had better believe that these same voices of ADVOCACY that first demanding the police show EQUAL concern for "grieving Black people" will be the very same people leading the "Anti-Police Racial Profiling" march.

Project 21 - Missed!!!

After a people have had their "Community Development Consciousness" offered up to the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - UNREGULATED by any force that sees the damage of this unmitigated fusion - despite them being as vulnerable today to faceless marauding forces (the demon spirits who show they are "Equal Opportunity" possessors of souls of "Street Pirates"  without respect to their race) - the FORCES that set up the grand scheme by which they'd find COMMUNITY SALVATION via the play for yardage in the "American Political Domain" - they are NEVER FIRED or kept outside of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".

Project 21 wants to talk AMERICAN POLITICAL STRUCTURES and how they have failed Black people when they should be focused on the grand void in the "Black Community Governance Culture".  The institutions within the Black community and the governance of them - have been molested for the want of national political power BY the Progressive Fundamentalists who have unchecked power.

WE DON'T NEED "BLACK REPUBLICANS" to counter the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers".
THE BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS - a SEPARATION OF POWER construct - lest it be destroyed by the whirlwind of fiscal, social and ecological chaos that will dawn upon America.  With their consciousness indelibly tied to this ship - more Negro souls will be drowned than those that hopped off of the slave ships from Africa - refusing to be taken captive in such a manor.

Whomever  Failed To Make This Negro's Loyalty To HIS "GOD" and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS Where He Lives Rather Than To HIS GANG IS The "Enemy Of The Black Community" Today?

Do YOU really think that if this "Street Pirate" pictured above is released from jail because he was released on the "Non-Violent Crime" of "Possession Of An Assault Rifle" - that he would apply his thankfulness to "The Innocence Project" to go the "straight and narrow" for the rest of his natural life - COMFORTABLE that this life will be 82 years rather than 29?

What good is "Project 21" or other "Black Conservative" alternatives when they are incompetent at observing the condition of the Black community today and making the correct ASSESSMENT?

The problem is that this Negro above was CONDITIONED to promote the loyalties of his loosely coupled band of "Street Pirates" ABOVE any of the notions of community, self-consciousness, self-respect and the VALUE OF LIFE.

WHO FAILED to "Finish" the blessed seed that they were given when he was born?
HE - the "Would Be Pillar Of His Community" was made to be a "Retaining Wall".  Instead he was allowed to become the #1 terrorist threat to the PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY - if they were honest with themselves - and without an "American Political Domain" within which they are allowed to "Flex" - making outrageous claims regarding how the "Demon Of Slavery And Oppression" LEAPED into his body - all without the main "Adult Negroes" charged with his up-bringing suffering any consequences - as long as they BELIEVE in the narrative that has been cast.

The truth is - today - after many decades of "Struggle" the Black community is charged with going beyond the DEFENSIVE disposition that "White Right Wing Marauders on Horse Back" have justified - and instead submit themselves to a sound GOVERNANCE CULTURE by which the young people that are bestowed upon the community are kept within a PURPOSEFUL CONSCIOUSNESS - matriculating into the "Professional Service Providers" that the community needs to be serviced up to the desired "Standard Of Living".

Project 21 can't see past its own political orientation, making note that in order to address the "Equal Opportunity Demon" that possessed the White killers of Black people during the time in history that they reference - THEY MUST EQUALIZE the BLACK MAN TODAY - making the case that ANY MIND who's UNCONSCIOUSNESS has him set to destroy LIFE - at the hands of a perverted, dysfunctional and self-indulgent COMMUNITY OPERATING CULTURE - is fully capable of DRAWING LINES OF "GANG SELF PROTECTION" and then killing any external enemy that he stands up - in his own mind.

The fact that a "street grid" in Chicago can serve as "Gang Boundaries" and a death sentence for outsiders who dare to walk there - tells me that this is something GREATER than BOTH "Gun Control" AND the need for a history lesson on PAST RACISM.

This is a call for psychological intervention - which I would start to apply upon the ADULT SPONSORS of these young lives who were not provided with the proper consciousness and grounding.

GIVE UP YOUR POLITICS - PROJECT 21 - When this nation hits that "Long Run Problem" point with the DEBT - that even the most progressive people are voicing - all bets are off.  The only thing that you will have to rely upon are the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that you have to run your community.  Few people will care about Chief Justice Roger Taney and what he said back in the day. They will ask "Did He Build The Egyptian Pyramids?"

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