Friday, February 22, 2013

Black People Of Dekalb County GA: Who Do You Trust To Run Your Schools? The Republican Governor Of GA Or YOURSELF?

You Must Choose:

  • Dekalb County School System IS $800 Million In Government Service Contracts That "THEY" Are Trying To Come Back In And Get Our Money
  • In The Seats Of Dekalb County Schools Are 93,800 School Children Who's "Full Salary Equivalent" Of $100,000 Each Translates Into $9.38 BILLION Per Year In Human Capital Development For The Benefit Of The County IF They Receive A Quality Education, Allowing Them To Develop The Skills Necessary To COMMAND Such A Salary
YOUR ANSWER Will Largely Depend Upon Your Vision

Let me get this out of the way first.

  • The STATE has the constitutional mandate to provide educational services to it constituents
  • The LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT is a chartered franchise of the state to provide education services, allowing them to raise taxes to fund these services
  • I support the law that gives the Governor Of Georgia the power to remove school board members
In the present state of Dekalb County School System - the state sponsored panel to evaluate the condition of the school board and make recommendations to the governor about the status of the board should back off at this point in time.

While I have an abundance of second hand experience from close family as to the condition of the Dekalb County School system that prompted them to move out of the county AND first hand experience while giving a presentation to an elementary school as to the priorities and culture within at least some of the schools - the local school board should be left alone to bring the school system UP TO a set of rational, clear and transparent standards.

Riling Up The "Educational Activists", Giving Them An "Out" So They Don't Even Stand Accountable For The Shortfalls In Their Governance

If you ever want to clearly understand why the grand notion that 'THIS NATION" has an obligation to educate, care and feed all of its citizens (Nationalization) falls flat on its face when it comes to implementation - Metro-Atlanta is one of the best laboratories to come to in order to study why this is not the case - and never will be.

The lines of demarcation that define the factions are many:

  • Income Class
  • Social Class
  • Race (including intra-racial conflict)
  • Inside/Outside of a political boundary
  • State / Local / Federal
  • (Perceive )Academic Track (Academic Advantage 
  • Rural / Urban / Suburban
  • North Georgia vs South Georgia
  • One School vs Another School

For some people who lack the discipline and clarity of focus (in the ranks of the parental consumers but also their chosen leadership) the promotion of "Systematic Racism Chasing" - in which "THEY" are always trying to remove Black people from power is allowed to trump a clear and distilled appraisal of the RESULTS that are obtained from the "Favorable People In Power".


Even when "The Favorable People In Power" have a clearing in which there IS NO credible evidence of any outside agent (the state level enemy, a federal enemy OR "the suburban threat" that encircles them) - they will most assuredly promote the most common EXTERNALITY - "We Are Not Being Provided With The EQUAL RESOURCES to produce the EQUAL RESULTS that you mandate".

The Only Effective Counterpoint: Enumerate The Opportunity Costs That Are Represented In The "Dark Matter Zone"

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