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Black Kids As A Political Pawn: The White Progressive's View Of Black People: Evaluate Them By Their Emotions

NewsBusters: Matt Lauer Asks John Boehner: "Is President Obama The Most Inspirational African American Living Right Now?"

Did it ever come to Matt Lauer's mind to look at the problems within the Black community, consider what makes "The Blacks" happy and angry - and then wonder:  "IF INSPIRED BLACK PEOPLE are the pretext of FULLY DEVELOPED AND COMPETENT BLACK COMMUNITIES" - or is this merely a channel through which you can collect their valuables?

NBC's Matt Lauer interviews Republican John Boehner, Speaker Of The US House at St Anthony's Catholic School in Washington DC.

Boehner invited children from St Anthony's to be his guests at the State Of The Union speech this week.   He did so to show the impact of the "DC Hope Scholarship" in taking a handful of children out of failing local schools and paying a portion of their tuition at a private or Catholic school in the area.   This program fails as a comprehensive solution to address the larger problems in the DC school district and has been a point of partisan contention as the Republicans have used the gutting of the funding of this program against the Democrats.

With St Anthony's student population at 90% Black (DC district at 75% Black) - both Boehner and Lauer are having a debate about BLACK CHILDREN' and their education as a proxy for the larger partisan fight in the federal government.

My problem with Matt Lauer is that he, like many other Progressive Fundamentalists - WANT TO FOCUS ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Be it Washington DC or nearby Baltimore or Philadelphia or Newark or Pittsburgh or Charlotte - these large, majority Black school systems - run by the local governments are often failing to provide the education to Black children that will allow them to develop and prosper, returning to their communities as "Professional Services Agents.    To be clear - the ecosystem within which the schools reside in is has convergence of  adults who are charged with managing an environment that is conducive for such development yet they often fall short.

Matt Lauer is more interested in how these Black kids FEEL ABOUT BARACK OBAMA, the President Of The United States.

Does Mr Lauer doubt that any of the Black people who were at the closing on a "Subprime Mortgage" were not HAPPY at the prospects that they would soon move into a new home or receive some "cash out financing"?

It seems that Mr Lauer has a 2 dimensional view of Black people - judging us based on if we are HAPPY or ANGRY at some government official or corporation and if these emotions are instructive.  

From my vantage point - the MACHINE FORCES that propagate news and "positions" into the the Black community have a stronger hand in engineering EMOTIONS than what the actual facts upon the ground within certain Black communities should indicate otherwise.

Had Matt Lauer visited Mitt Romney in April 2012 as he visited the "Universal Bluford Charter School" in West Philly - despite its failing performance - Lauer would have turned the camera outside toward the large angry crowds that said "This Is Obama's Community!!"  "Romney come outside and walk with me up the street and I'll show you some REAL POVERTY that you don't know anything about".    I doubt that Lauer would see the contradiction.

In our political football game - the question from the press would be "So Romney would have fixed this community that Obama and the Democrats have not?"

The point is that THE BLACKS have INVESTED THEIR VALUABLES based on the PROMISE OF A FIX - for more than 50 years.   And after being motivated to view BLACK PROGRESS based upon the "Favorable Black In Elected Power" rather than THE FACTS ON THE GROUND -- it is clear that if the mortgage banks had a FAVORABLE BLACK as the Mortgage Broker and then brought in a "Black Real Estate Closing Attorney" to have TWO "Black people that they can emote PRIDE over".........................they could have gotten 2 more points on the deal to the detriment of the consumer signing the paper work.

Do you see ANY EVIDENCE of Matt Lauer as a consumer advocate FOR the Black kids in Washington DC and their education - BESIDES his happiness that they are happy about Barack Obama?

The Black Community's Failure To Protect The EMOTIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE From The Confidence Men

It stands to reason (and I use "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" as the most pure form by which to understand the prevailing sentiments on the street of 'Black America' ) that IF there is the Black Racial Services machine that has their "Take It All To Social Justice Jesus" - as the POLITICAL PROCESS in America - that they are most happy when their Black constituents are MORE HAPPY with the standing of a favorable politician that they have stood up than they are happy or angered at their CONDITIONS back at home.

You see - if they are happy with the politician then they will lump CREDIT up him and then sell it into the gallery.   You as an observer can watch CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Financial Times  in order to master the way the financial markets and global trade works.  You will be frustrated, however, when you enter into the domain of "Black political discourse" and here a similarly 2 dimensional discussion about economics - even among some "Intelectual Negores":

  • Minorities fair better under Progressive policies  - Look here is a list of articles that prove it
  • When capitalists are in power the income inequality is exacerbated 

The rebuttal to this is to look at ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that is grown or allowed to wither - based on one's fundamental assumptions about economics, government and "the people".

Indeed the Black population of DC or West/North Philly can be made to execute what amounts to VOTER NULLIFICATION - as they look past the incumbent powers that control their schools and VOTE FOR NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE.    

As an observer of this phenomenon - I don't get upset because my destination IS NOT the Republican Party as a counter-narrative to what is going on right now.  My destination is "WHAT IS EFFECTIVE IN DEVELOPMENT", counter to the present which is effective at CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.  

You are not going to have a Matt Lauer or other progressive - like the talkshow host of Philadelphia's "Radio Times" - take a dispassionate look at who is in dominate control over the affairs of DC and Philly, make note of the foolishness that is often allowed to be transacted and then make the case that - while these Black people are indeed producing academic and economic results that are akin to "The Least Of These" - the forces that are allowed to run UNCHECKED through their "Conscious Attention" via the media, entertainment, rumors & innuendos, culture and RITUALS - are as much of a threat to their development as was the case with "Native Rituals" found in Africa (I am speaking from their voice as I am imagining it) "THUS we must CHANGE this aggregate set of norms and rituals - in order to produce more optimal results".


By having the "Black Community Consciousness"  fused to the biorhythm of nationalized politics - the local "favorable person in power" - who 50 years ago was the "unseen/unimagined HOPE" at the local level that President Obama is today - was to bring forth a new day in "Negro Education and Prosperity".

Thanks to the unguarded resource known as "Black Consciousness" - the embedded confidence men have rearranged the thoughts of the "Modern Negro" by which he is made PROUD of having run his Right Wing Enemy out of local power - and in 50 more years the portrait gallery in the city hall rotunda will be purged of all of the "old portraits" as they need more space - YET when it comes to the MANAGEMENT of these local resources and the basic economic truth which says - "IF you want to have a certain standard of living as represented by the resources that the city has at its disposal to render your IDEOLOGICAL PRIORITIES - beyond the CONSUMER SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHTS that you enumerate - you also need to have sufficient ORGANIC PRODUCTION - allowing you to do what you please with YOUR MONEY".   

(Note - in today's perverted world "Its our money" as applied to the city of Washington DC is keyed upon the city's right to choose to fund needle exchange programs for drug addicts and abortions BUT NOT the notation that despite spending $16,000 per student per year and getting tepid results - that certain people STILL won't go "geography surfing" to find the closest wealthy White community in order to find that they spend $16,000 plus $1 dollar on their students, proving INEQUALITY - but winning the hearts of some - just like "The Price Is Right" show).

Matt Lauer is not interested in doing an in depth review of "Inner city education" from the vantage point of DISCONNECTING "Negro Happiness" from the veneration of the elected officials - who who "They Gave Their Valuables To".      Many White people - left and right - operate on the assumption of BLACK INFERIORITY.    This is blatant among my dear friends at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" on the right wing side.    

It is when we inspect the White leftist - that we see that the very same contempt is there as they assume "Black inferiority".  They just love listening to "Black media voices" who sniff out the players in the world of politics - akin to the way I see my dog engage a new dog friend - and then comment as I heard Cliff Kelly of WVON say about a guest from Arizona - "He appears to be PROGRESSIVE".  


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