Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Black Ink Crew" On VH1 -- "PLEASE Bring Back The Election Season To Give The American Consumerized A Purpose Again"

VH1 Show Web Site:   The Black Ink Crew

One of the cast members said of the Harlem-based Tattoo shop:  "I thought that Black people could work together to BUILD UP something in our own community that BLACK PEOPLE COULD BE PROUD OF".

I don't have a problem with her vision.
I have a problem that THE BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE has no mechanism to appraise HER   ANTICS in the context of HER OWN VISION and point out the gross dichotomy that is represented.

This is my therapy people.
Please work with me.

MY world is VIOLENTLY DISTURBED when I watch, listen or READ "YOU".

If I did not have this outlet - I WOULD BE VIOLENT.


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