Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black Community Psychology Report: Atlanta Produces A "Trayvon Martin / Hadiya Pendelton" Every Few Days. Its Just That Their Saga Is Not Of Interest Due To The Lack Of External Indictment

The "Conscious Priorities" Of Today's "Americanized / Politicized Black" Is The Problem That Prevents Him From MANAGING FAVORABLE OUTCOMES In His Community

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Woman Murdered In A Car On Emerald Court In Southwest Atlanta

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The Black Media Has Other Superior Concerns Though

WAOK - Ted Nugent Should Be BANNED From The "State Of The Union Speech" For Threats Against President Obama

WVON Is Concerned About CORPORATE Drones

No "Corporation" will EVER fly a drone in America WITHOUT GOVERNMENT APPROVAL.
So WHY did they list "Corporations" first in their poll?

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