Wednesday, February 13, 2013

As Metro-Atlanta Plans For 1st Year Anniversary Of "Justice For Trayvon" - Jordan Timmy Ashley 's Family Has To Try To Find His Killer On Their Own

For those who  put themselves out as the "Forces For Justice" - I am not taunting them, forcing them to protest.   They have their right to free speech and free assembly as they choose.
I will defend their right to do so, regardless of the consequences to the community.

BUT.  I am also going to use my ability to observe patterns of behavior among these same "defense forces" and noting that their fight for "justice" typically involves an EXTERNAL antagonist.
When there is a high risk that the "agent who denied 'Justice' " is within their own ranks it is more likely to see them hold  a support rally for a martyr who lived 100 miles down the road in Macon or 500 miles further south in Sandford, FL - than it is for them to rally the troops to take the MARTA bus to the Campbellton Road/ Fairburn Road bus stop and then walk a few blocks up the street toward the local murder scene.

Maybe "Justice" has a bit of theatrics to it for maximum effect?

Timmy wanted to become a marine biologist - until a street pirate murdered him because he could not connect with Timmy's vision.  He only wanted the contents of Timmy's book bag.

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