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An Insiders View On Proposed Philadelphia School Closures Shows Racial Demographic Changes Finally Recongized

ABC Local: List of Philadelphia school closures and changes released

I just read an e-mail from a close friend who grew up with me in West Philadelphia which contained the detailed list of elementary, middle and high schools that are proposed to be closed in the massive realignment/ cost savings plan that the School District Of Philadelphia seeks to implement.

Please recall that a few months ago the Philadelphia Catholic Archdiocese announced closures of some storied Catholic schools that would have been unimaginable some 25 years ago.   The massive demographic changes in the city by which many Catholics (the majority of whom were White) moved away from the city leaving the Catholic church and school operations framework could no longer operate as it did in the past due to the fact that so many of its church members (and financial providers) had moved away.   Many of the schools were attended by Protestants and an increasing number of "laypeople" taught at the school.

Ironically - the fact that the church had to pay full salary and benefits to the growing number of laypeople accelerated the problem.   With the Catholic instructional staff who had "given their lives to the church" and thus worked for room & board and a small stipend helped the church to operate on the thinnest of revenues and margins.

More than the issue of "Black and White" - this unspoken cultural and traditional change in relationship has meant a dramatic change in the provision of educational services within the city of Philadelphia.

As I scanned the list and then looked at the commentary within the e-mail I received I agreed that there were some surprises contained within - especially in West Philly were I am most familiar with.

Gompers Elementary slated to close?
Please recall that Gompers, in the Wynnefield section is the school that I referenced as being a "school busing era" "mission accomplishment" school.   Whereas previously Black people did not meet the residency requirements to attend this school, as the Wynnefield section became more integrated the force of "White Flight" accelerated the exodus of White students from the school.

In a previous posting I noted that today's "Gomper's Elementary School" - the very same brick and mortar that was desirable to the Black parents some 35 years ago during "the struggle" had been losing students to a nearby charter school as parents believed that Gomper's environment was no longer conducive to academic excellence.

  In my present understanding of the forces swirling within the Black community - I REJECT the "Talented Tenth" meme - in which those parents who gave a "vote of no confidence" to Gompers - by removing their children - leaving a high concentration of (as the NAACP says) "a culture of poverty" -as they refused to "share the poverty equally".

This applies INFERIORITY upon the EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS that are left - THE PARENTS who need to be the primary managers of their child's educational career.

In Gompers as in so many other schools the mixed messages and mandates that are sent out in the gran diversion scheme that is "The Black (Progressive Political ) Agenda" insures that the responsible parents are attacked for not "lifting up the race" while the parents of the children that the forces of influence in the Black Racial Services Machine seek to "Re-Gift" and hand over to someone else in another school - are left alone - functionally unchecked because of there victim status as "The Least Of These".

At this point I will be said to be "blaming the victim" when so many societal forces had created the conditions that these people are forced to suffer with.

The strongest rebuttal to this fraudulent claim is that THESE "INFERIOR/DAMAGED PEOPLE" were 100% EQUAL in November as their "Equal Black Ballots" were pursued for stuffing into the ballot box.   INSTEAD OF conditioning "these people" to keep their "Eyes On The Prize" - that being the local officials that are running the "Human Resource Development Institutions" (schools, etc) that are failing to develop them - they were made "contented" in the grand battle at the national level.

Thus the same institutions which, 50 years ago, they stood outside and protested in the wake of police dogs and fire hoses - the same forces who seek to retain the right to define the PRIORITIES for these - "The Least Of These" - want them to walk past THESE HISTORICAL MARKERS and focus on "National Social Justice" so that schools like Gompers might be fixed.

The grand fraud of the ENTIRE SCHEME is that they DON'T NEED TO put forth a RATIONAL PLAN that primarily involves the CONSUMERS of these institutional services and WHAT THEY MUST DO.   Since INTELLECTUAL HONESTY is not a premium when you are trying to run FRAUD AND HOKUM - you call in Mayor Nutter to perform his stage act a few miles away at the Universal Guion Bluford Elementary School - when the ENEMY shows up in town.  The CONGREGATIONAL unity that was generated was far more important than the condition of the School District Of Philadelphia.

The Forces That Have NO RESPECT FOR THE INSTITUTIONS THROUGH WHICH BLACK PEOPLE'S Development Will Occur - Now Have To Deal With Preparing 'The Roost' For Its Influx Of Homeward Board YardBirds

The Necessary Transition Of Consciousness Within The Black Community - From Defensiveness Against White Supremacist Attack To GOVERNANCE Of The "Human Resource Development Of Black People".   The Black Racial Services Machine That Used  Their Influence Upon Our Black Cultural Consciousness To Compel The Black Rank & File To Seek "Community Salvation" Via The American Political Domain MUST Be Made To Deliver Upon The Promise.
If The Black Rank & File Fails To Follow Through On The Classical Enforcement Of "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You?"  Then We Must Accept That The Masses Of Black People, Per Their "Americanization", Prefer To Be Disproportionately Represented Among 'The Least Of These' And Will Always Be A Consumers Client To The Political Process And "The Struggle".

The Greatest Flaw Of This Scheme - As We See In Philly Today Is WHEN THEY ARE LEFT ALL ALONE, BY THEMSELVES And Their Favorable People Become The ESTABLISHMENT POWER Who Is Failing To Deliver To Them The Desired 'Social Justice". 

Beeber Middle School had a reputation as a bad school in West Philly for at least 30 years.  The questions about the academics and the residue of gang violence of the early 1970's generated fear that parents from the Overbrook section sending their children into another community would lead to trouble.

Some parents sent their children to Catholic schools or applied for transfers to other schools.

I should also add that Beeber was a "feeder school" to Overbrook High School.

When the White parents of Overbrook Park were left with the option of sending their children to the majority Black "Overbrook High School" - those who did not move or send their children to Catholic school began to put pressure upon the school system.  They claimed that "Overbrook was too Black dangerous".

The truth is - that the very same "White Boys" who used to enforce the "racial line" at 63rd Street - come westward onto "their turf " and you get beat up - were not about to get bused into the "Black community" to the east of 63rd Street.

As a result "Robert E Lamberton Elementary School" was converted into a full service K-12 school.

The White parents who did not want to send their children to a Black middle school (Beeber, etc) were allotted space in the "Lamberton Elementary School' as it expanded to 7th and 8th grade.

Shortly thereafter Lamberton rented space in various churches and synagogues to house the 9th through 12th grades.   Since that time the school has constructed a new building on the main campus to house the elementary school operations.   Now K-12 are all on one contiguous property.

The only "problem" - is that today Lamberton is majority BLACK!!

The "problem" is - the "artificial" justification for the original founding of Lamberton Middle School & High School - no longer exists.

Overbrook High School and Lamberton High School largely serve the same population of students today.

The truth is that the Lamberton High of 25 years ago which was a "50/50" White/Black school that was noted for high quality academics and relative racial harmony - has become yet another "urban school" that is plagued with academic and discipline problems.

A relative who had been a teacher at Lamberton during its transition from a high quality school into a "standard urban school" pegged the problem NOT UPON THE EXODUS OF WHITE PEOPLE but upon the influx of a lower class of people - who were Black.

This is an important concept.

Just as in the "Philly Beat Down" post that I did the other day - the area of Overbrook had been a a stable community of "middle class Black families" for no less than 50 years.  Incomes, crime rates and academic attainment in line with most other areas of the city.

As the "renter mentality" took over the community - the physical upkeep of the community observably changed.   This same mentality percolated into the schools.

Unlike some people - I DO NOT BELIEVE that there is any particular character that is  permanently  associated with poverty.   The combination of poverty and the lack of a social/cultural framework to direct the people into a more productive end merely replicates the "poverty outcome".

Despite the crudeness of their "Share The Poverty" theory - the NAACP believes the very thing that I have noted above.    Their solution is to have Black poor kids "shared" with White wealthier schools with the hopes that the Black poor kids will have their conscious norms patterned after their new environment.

My obstinate disagreement with the NAACP/NUL and other "Black Inferiorists" who promote this theory IS NOT that it is not an accurate problem is that they are INCOMPETENT AT MOLDING SUCH AN ENVIRONMENT AMONG BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

The pattern is clear.    From academics, to guns , to economics - the forces that have a dominate influence upon the consumerized Black American consciousness..................

  1. First enumerate a problem among Black Americans
  2. Look at the "Perfect White 1.0 Reference" and measure the gap in outcomes
  3. Do a "Fly Over" of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES that they wrested control over from their previous political "Struggle Motion"..............and instead of seeking to MANAGE these institutions that were once SUPERIOR enough to suppress Black people, having them to produce favorable outcomes.............  
  4. They turn to NATIONALIZED POLITICS - the use of "Congregational Unity" and ATTRITION to convince "The Blacks" that the "Social Justice" that THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AT PRODUCING in the INSTITUTIONS THAT THEY NOW CONTROL -----will one day be achieve THROUGH NATIONAL POLITICS.

This is the key point that my dear friends at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" fail to understand.  This is not a GENETIC flaw in Black people - it is FRAUD AND CORRUPTION.

How To Dangle The "Self-Chum" Of Social Justice In Front Of The Negro And Have Him THANK YOU For Giving Him "A Purpose" In His Struggle To Obtain It In His Battle Against The Right Wing

Take all that I have stated above.
Now just imagine if there was a group of conspirators - Black (Embedded Confidence Men) and White (White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies) who SEE Black grievances and UNDERSTAND how "The Least Of These" think.

They apply "Assumed Black Inferiority" to these masses of people but they understand that the "Equal Black Ballot" is enforced by the US Government as fully equal once it is deposited into the ballot box.

Even though THIS "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture" is by any measurable evidence THE "Establishment Power" within the City Of Philadelphia - they are expert in their knowledge of the rank & file - their constituents.

As a result of their knowledge of their base - they can expertly ensure that these masses never see them as "The Establishment Power Who Is Failing To Provide Them With Social Justice".    Instead - as I noted about the successful local politicians in Atlanta - those who can "Levitate Off Of The Stage", just head of the percolating anger that should be directed at them and their leadership - and they begin a "Struggle Motion" against a higher rung of government.

Even though they now occupy the seats of power that Black people of 50 years ago had been protesting against - they understand that the prevailing Black Amerizanized consciousness prefers to PROTEST AGAINST THE ENEMY than it has the management and governance gumption to see through the rouse and not follow along.

The truth is - people - THIS IS HATRED, no different than what can be assigned to the "Concerned Citizens Council".   As with the "CCC" of the past they had a "purpose" to their hatred.  The most important common link is that they both functioned to protect the present ESTABLISHMENT by funding a scapegoat.   Ironically though - in both cases - then and today - "The Negro's standing in the community - having been failed by the establishment institutions" - is the common fate between these two eras.

If the right wing outsider conspired against the will of the Black community in the past - resulting in the noted outcome BUT today the left-wing DIVERSE insiders and outsiders to the Black community are conspiring against "Black development" by shifting the "Black Community Conscious Attention" away from the truth about the institutions that they now control - IS THERE A DIFFERENCE - when the OUTCOMES are the same?

YES!!!!    When you see Black people compelled to "Yield Their Valuables" via the use of "confidence" AND as the resulting "Malcolm X Political Football Game' TEAMING EFFECT make "The Blacks" reluctant to ask "Where Is Our Money That We Gave To You" - out of fear of injuring the viability OF THE TEAM that they use to fight the external RIGHT WING - and achieve a measure of mental satisfaction..................YOU ARE DAMNED RIGHT there is a difference between these two eras.    

"The Blacks" are now COMPLICIT in their own usurpation.    They have to accept the "Assumed Black Inferiority" that goes along with the scheme.

In truth - the problem is nothing more than THE LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT - Not Genetics

If the rally orchestrated by Mayor Nutter back in April 2012 - when Mitt Romney is any indication of the level of consciousness among the parents in this area - you can bet that the folklore of how "THE WHITE FOLKS DID NOT WANT TO GO TO OVERBROOK HIGH SCHOOL" rings more strongly than a sober discussion of WHERE THE SCHOOL SYSTEM STANDS TO-DAMNED-DAY and what must be done about it.

Again I say:  "I am not saying that you should have your right to vote stripped from you for this is a right granted in the 'American Political Domain' BUT there needs to be some consequences suffered by you in the 'Black Community Consciousness Domain' because of the damage that has been done as you molest the institutions of the community for the purposes of your political opportunism that provides short term appeasement at the expense of long term de-positioning".

Again I am made to recall my "bar room debate" with 3 Black males from Philly.   They all agreed that the grand promise of Philadelphia has failed the Black residential areas.  When I pushed for them to own up to their "investments" and stop allowing people to fuse the loyalties of our people into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - they again returned to the White folks "State Republicans" and how they are to blame for all of the problems in Philly.


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