Saturday, February 23, 2013

A White Conservative Political Operative Is Not Qualified To Discuss The Intricacies Of The Conditions Within The Black Community Consciousness

From The NewsMax Article
President Barack Obama’s policies are destroying hope and opportunities for millions of African Americans, Detroit rocker Ted Nugent claims.
“It’s not all the president’s fault, but the economic and social policies he endorses are destroying what is left of a once proud and strong black America,” the Motor City Madman wrote in an editorial for World Net Daily.
“Today, the unemployment rate for adult black Americans is twice that of white Americans. Teenage black unemployment is at a staggering 40 percent.
“The high school drop-out rate for black Americans in some inner cities is above 50 percent. Only 66 percent of black youth graduate from high school — the lowest in the country.
“Black-on-black crime is epidemic. Our inner cities are cesspools of gangland violence. 
“Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and so many others see young black men gunned down by other young black men on a nightly basis.”

Describing himself as a “Motor City Motown guy,” Nugent said he cannot understand why black support for Democrats is so high. “With all this unbelievable negative information, what is more unbelievable is that black Americans continue to support Democratic politicians who have raped and plundered black America forever. 
“The turbo-destruction will continue for black Americans until they realize that dirty Democrat politicians are their true enemy, not their salvation.”
Nugent said he doesn’t celebrate Black History in February, saying, “I celebrate it every day, as my very black-inspired musical dreams could not have been successful were it not for black Americans.”
“My music is black and I’m proud!” he wrote.
You Know That "The Black Eagle" Is Going To Come After You For That One, Nugent.
You Will NEVER Be Allowed To Perform Live In Front Of Squadron Of US Military Drone Pilots - Ever Again Because Of Your Offensiveness.

ATTENTION - STUFF BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE!!!:   You Need To Recruit Ted Nugent Because He Is Speaking Your Language

The analysis by Ted Nugent above represents the exact same line of arguments that I see on SBDPL - except for one major difference:  While Ted Nugent is clearly a "Republican Operative" who's goal is to say "See look at how the Democrats have harmed you'all Blacks" (with the assumption that I make that he seeks to compel Black people to vote in a more favorable manner per his perspective) ................SBPDL makes the same inventory of problems in "Black Run America" - BUT has NO pathway to "Salvation For Black People" by VOTING or any other means of reclamation.  

The fact of their "melanin content" alone makes for too great of a strategic risk for their goal of protecting "White Supremacy" in the protected space where ever they choose to congregate over time.

Just as with my reading of  SBPDL - I am forced to agree with the statistical findings that they produce.  I just REJECT the agenda that they have to bash Black people for no other reason than to run (ironically) a "White Bigot Conscious Attention Filibuster" - in which they are lulled away from paying attention to "The Biggest Hairiest 'Negro" they ever could imagine - THE US FEDERAL RESERVE and how it makes the city of Detroit seem like the "Sesame Street version of the Monopoly Game" by comparison in size and scale of the THREAT.

There is much truth to the fact that the POLITICAL AGENDA that enveloped "The Black Civil Rights Movement" has "Stolen Our Valuables" and integrated our consciousness into the Malcolm X Political Football Game - FAILING to provide the organic competency development that was the promise of "The Struggle".

Today - in order to cover their tracks at their local failure after taking over the key HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS and develop the Black Community - they are now on a NATIONALIZED RUN against the RIGHT WING like Ted Nugent and SBPDL.

The fact remains that BOTH the "Embedded Confidence Men" who are BLACK and the "Bigoted Diversionary Forces" who gain some perverted measure of "Purposefulness" by focusing on "The Blacks" need to be checked by THEIR OWN KIND.

Oh - you thought that I was JUST talking about the "White Right Wing" above?  NO.
While indeed the V-Dare/SBDPL strain of White bigotry serves to "rile up 'The Blacks' " and compel them to experience an "Existential Racial Threat" - their Black Consciousness and their BALLOTS falling out of their pockets as their backs are had better believe that the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING AS WELL.   He sends "Twitter Feeds To 'The Blacks' ", letting them know all about what his Wolf-brothers are doing to offend them.   From this there is a measure of loyalty that is developed.

In truth - he is merely perpetuating a CONSCIOUS FILIBUSTER, knowing that he is going to end up with all of the proceeds from the Negro.

If You Want To Have Less Damning Statistical Artifacts For White Bigots To Attack You About - DEFINE What Your Standards Are And Make Sure That You Manage Your People And Institutions So That You Never Fall Below These Standards

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