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A Series: SBPDL Asks "What Has The Black Race Done To Advance Any Society In World History?"

As I mix it up with my "dear friends" over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" the common question that is asked among the participants who see the "White culture" as the index of perfection (ironically - just as the "National Urban League" does as well) the persistent question that is placed upon me to answer is something to the effect of:

"What Has The Black Race Ever Done To Advance Any Society In World History?" / "Why Doesn't The Black Community Adopt More Of The White Cultural Norms As A Pretext For Correcting Many Of Your Problems?  (Primarily Crime, Poverty And Academic Attainment Challenges)

The mistake that most Black people make when such a question is asked is to go on the defensive as follows:
  1. Retort with a list of "White Supremacy" and terrorism that has suppressed the Black Diaspora - seeking reparation because "We know who did this to us" - and this is why we act this way today (Randall Robinson) 
  2. Refer back to "Ancient Egypt", making the case that from this repository of knowledge - all else was based and then stolen.  But this says nothing about the "competencies" needed today to recreate these glory days.  It merely creates a bit of mental solace without any benefit to Black people today.
  3. Note how America is "stolen land' from the Native American and the toil of the African slave and that what they claim as their "crowning glory" (America) is merely a grand product of murder, rape and exploitation.  - But their goal at achieving "Social Justice" in America is America's chance at overcoming her founding by "doing the right thing" for all of her people
  4. Point to continued White supremacy - police oppression, capitalism and right wing political tactics - all meant to deny equality and "social justice".   The problem is - and we can clearly see today - is that the Black American is 100% capable at executing all of these points against other people (especially Black people) and thus you can't claim this as a "unique attribute of White Racists". You can only say "They Arranged the POWER to do these oppressive deed BEFORE you got your seat in power to follow their queue".  

I do not respond to the SBPDL consciousness in this manner.  I study their antics and then seek to apply them into a larger universe in order to understand and to be able to explain why their views do not capture the "entire universe" but is merely a self-affirming, myopic understanding.   Just as the though "We Know Who Did This To Us" is an affirmation of the Black Reparationist to live off of - "The White Cultural Prowess Of Past That Is Under Threat By Today's Unchecked Negro" - serves as their raison d'etre.

Just as I tell you that prior to engaging in a debate with a "Black Progressive Fundamentalist" one needs:
  • A Time Line - within which to confine an interval for analysis
  • A Tool to measure Coordinates and Altitude 

With this you can see that the various members of SBPDL take "conscious credit" for the achievements of Professor Edwin Hubble, for example, even though - if he was in his presence at his mountain side observatory in the early 20th century - they would likely be emptying the trash cans in his laboratory rather than participating inside of the conference rooms where the scientific discussions were being made.

SBPDL doesn't have to acknowledge the class distinctions (borne by wealth and education and social circles) that exist within "the White population".  The ONLY need to distinguish themselves from "The Negro".

This Vulture Is Alive After Receiving Nutrition From The
Eating The Intestines, Lungs And Kidneys Of A Member Of V-DARE
Who He Saw As "A Worthy Meal".   Tomorrow He Will Go On To Eat
The Remains Of A Water Buffalo That Were Left Over By The
Side Of The Lake - Thinking In His Mind That Some Day
Another Team Of SBPDL Members May Come Back And Try
Complete The Job That The First Expedition Had Started
But This Time He Will Wait, Perched Upon The Tree,
Just Beyond The Clearing - So That He Will Be The First Vulture
To Consume The Choice Meats Of Their Thighs And
Buttocks.   The Innards Of Their Brains Will Be Left For The
Maggots And Stink Beetles To Consume

The most appropriate rebuttal to the question "What Has The Negro Ever Done" - is to invite one of these brilliant practitioners from SBPDL or V-Dare to a mountain-side laced with a canopy of trees and then ask them to use their "brilliance" to replicate ANY of the achievements that they now claim in the name of their ancestors.

It is more likely that the bulk of the SBPDL crew would be found dead from Yellow fever, the meat of their bodies consumed by ants as the vultures didn't see value in time to pick the bones clean.  

Nature will have won the battle as the few trees that they managed to clear provided opening in the mountain top canopy - affording ground-level vegetation that was otherwise blocked out from the sun - to flourish.    THIS would be the crowning achievement of SBPDL and V-Dare IF their present day members were forced to step outside of their mental comfort zone and into the elements for them to fend for themselves.

The diagram above is my first stab at RECONTEXTUALIZING the questions made by my dear friends Mr Rationale, California, Anonymous and of course - Paul Kersey who all "hold down the fort at SBPDL".    
The point that they will never know is that a debate with them as White right wing bigots is eerily similar to a debate with a Black progressive fundamentalist bigot.  Their arguments can be reduced to a certain set of patterns.   Both use "groupism" to affirm their thoughts.   From this you can infer their individual weakness, their very HUMAN FRAILTY when they are away from the group which provides them with protection and affirmation.

The Grid Diagram  Explained

This one post is not the conclusion of my complete set of thoughts.  I just wanted to get the diagram that I had in my head published so I can use it for future arguments.

Parcels Of Human Populations

Basically I took the entire world population and partitioned it.
The numbers (1 - 21) do not represent any particular attribute.  But we can define attributes that can be applied:

  1. Race - irrespective of location
  2. National identification - irrespective of race
  3. Class
  4. Religion 
  5. Gender 
  6. Intelligence Classes / Educational stratification
As you see - one "race" can also occupy multiple attributes:  A White, Canadian, Poor, Christian, Female, college graduate

The attributes that accompany the "Parcels Of Human Populations" have a major impact in defining the variable components of the attributes above:
  • Her "Canadian membership"
  • Her relative wealth or poverty
  • Her religious affiliation
  • Her formal schooling 
For the sake of argument I will leave "race" as a fixed construct as, of course "gender" would be assumed to be (even though we have operations that could make that a variable as well.  :-)   )

With regard to the "Parcels Of Land Around The World" - 

Again - the total land mass of the Earth is rightly partitioned by continental form and location.   Man made boundaries are overlayed upon naturally occurring boundaries.   These have by no means been fixed over time.  The US/Mexican/Canadian borders may temporarily define economic and "human mating" decisions that impact people - but - they are not fixed attributes.   A people, grouped as a "Nation" must be able to fortify and retain their boundaries, culture, economics and academic norms.

Parcels Of Land

Each land mass has certain attributes that prove to be favorable for the survival of the "human animal" that lives upon it.

  • Climate that hovers within a certain range
  • Frequency of Natural Disasters 
  • Suitability For Farming and raising Livestock
  • Water Resources
  • Mineral Resources 


This series actually NOT a message to "Stuff Black People Don't Like". 
I am focused upon those people who have the best long term interests of AN ORGANICALLY STRONG BLACK COMMUNITY - in mind.

I do not feel the least bit of "inferiority" as a person when challenged in such a manner by "my friends" at SBPDL.  (In truth - I am happy that we've reached a point in this society where the challenge to a White man no longer comes with the threat of my life - as a Black man.).  I see SBPDL/V-Dare the way that the White establishment saw "Malcolm X".   They represent the (one face) of the predators that are lurking in the wilderness.  The index of their threat to Black people is ONLY commensurate with the Black community's ability to erect an OFFENSIVE SUPER STRUCTURE to build up our people.........................NOT A DEFENSIVE WALL against them.   They actually NEED "dependent-minded Black people" to allow their model to be assumed "correct".

I have no interest in "selling" the history of "My People" to Paul Kersey - ESPECIALLY not the "History Of Victimization".   I have read sufficient "We Owe The Negro Nothing" messages on his board to understand that they don't give a damn about acceptance of the fact that their violent "Street Piracy" done for "cause" (in their mind) is different than the wanton "Street Piracy" of today's Negro - because they were "Teaching The Negro A Lesson" while today's violent Negro "Needs To Be Taught A Lesson" and thus they are acting out.

I actually like the data that Mr Kersey collects about "Mission Accomplished Zones" - his application of "Black Run Cities".   The problem is not with the data that he collects it is his ANALYSIS and the suppositions that he and his friends make use of.  He makes a "racial" indictment.  My goal is to document how CORRUPTION done for ideological opportunism via the cover of race - is damaging because it neutralizes the "Black Community Governance Culture".

The truth is SBPDL/V-Dare are conscious of the consequences of allowing "what THEY have build up" (I use this reference for editorial ease) to be eroded.   In their projection of the news about "Black dysfunction and criminality" - they are more-so worried that their tentative piece of paradise that they have carved out - will become threatened.  NOT by some "Marauding Negroes" but as their cherished off-spring begins to adopt and accept "The Ways Of The Negro".   Their real battle is in retaining the consciousness of "the mothers who birth the perpetuation of their discrete genetic lineage" away from the enemy consciousness possessed by "Disingenuous White Liberals".  

The Negro, guided by the DWL (The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally) and working in partnership is a greater threat than "The Negro" by his lonesome.  The DWL is the enabling force for the Negro AGAINST 'the glorious White culture".  

MY POSITION is that this joint venture fight - might indeed be for the benefit of the DWL and be threatening to SBPDL but it is DAMNED SURE NOT in the best interests of the Black Community in its pursuit of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT - allowing it to let the wolf and the fox to continue their death match by their lonesome and no longer at our expense.

These is no other way to accept the RATIONALITY of Paul Kersey's investment of time and research into "The Negro" beyond what is captured in the above passage.  Paul Kersey is like the author of the "Black Haircare Magazine" targeted toward Koreans.   You are initially surprised that someone else has this much "interest" in studying Black people until you note their larger interests in capturing this body of work.   The Koreans want to address the CONSUMER demands of Black (women) people by making them feel good about their hair and cosmetics.

Paul Kersey and the V-Dare crowd has the goal of "Studying The Negro" in order to build up a library that affirms their own "(White) cultural superiority" by noting a negative reference against a competing body of thought and governance.

It is this "War On {Fill In The Blank}" suspension of the "governance culture" that will do far more long term damage to the Black community than Mr Kersey and his V-Dare clan will ever be allowed inside to do to Black people.   

I do not disagree that "There IS a problem in the governance of the Black community".  The levels of dysfunction are symptomatic of this.  I have no interest in LIVING UP TO any standards that SBPDL impose.   It is necessary that Black people define INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY and not allow anyone to step across the line.  No outsider. No inside confidence man. 

The Warring Bigots

Still - the failure to produce a construct that both sides of the 'warring bigots" can be forced to yield to - means that they all will continue firing their volleys, content that when they see an explosion of dirt in the distance where the shell has landed - the enemy has been disemboweled.  

My problem with SBPDL is akin to my problem with their "Diverse Progressive Bigoted" photographic negative - THEY RUN what is a "Conscious Attention Filibuster" for the contentment of their base - all the while failing to instruct the base of the far larger forces that swirl around them - that will one day strike - reducing their prideful bodies and minds - to the basic elements of urine, blood, bile and other body fluids.    The last bit of hatred that will ooze out of both of their bodies will be in the form of a bubble that forms and then pops as gases are released from their body fluids.  The respective genetic composition and melanin will be undetectable at this time.

At the end of this series I hope to have made the case to BLACK PEOPLE that forces like Paul Kersey, Stuff Black People Don't Like and V-Dare ARE NOT WORTH THE INVESTMENT of their "Conscious Attention" just as "The NEGRO" is not the threat level to their interests as they make it out to be.   They are merely an interest group that has "The Negro" as the focus of their investment of time.


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