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3 Rules To Root Out "Systemic Racism Chasing" Against The Government Staffed With "Favorable People In Power"

In the wake of the "Civil Rights Clown Car" that dropped off its human cargo upon the steps of the Georgia State capitol the other day there are new rules that must be applied - particularly by "The Black Press" in their appraisal of the veracity of the claims IF "The Black Press" are interested in retaining their own credibility.

Every time I drive past the statue of the racist former Georgia legislator Thomas Watson (who ironically turned from "sympathetic ear to Black people" over to an avowed racist for political expedience - the reverse George Wallace - if you believe the historical accounts, that is) I want to hitch a chain to the towing rod on the back of my truck and drag Watson down the street, hoping that the blaze of sparks that are created will cause the statue to be destroyed by the time I hit 75/85 South.

On this day, however, Thomas Watson could have redeemed himself in my book had his statue come to life and slapped a good number of the Civil Rights Pharisees who performed their rituals right in front of his statue.

This would have shown them that THEIR CLAIMS of RACISM and "Nothing Has Changed In 60 Years" were false.   They were only interested in executing a means to provide protective cover to one of their own - AND to stir up their CONGREGATION into going on defense rather than demanding that Senator Tyrone Brooks "show them the BOOKS so they can decide for themselves".

If you notice the two most recent "investigations" of Black elected officials have been initiate BY organizations lead by BLACK PEOPLE.

  • In Dekalb County - Robert James, the Black district attorney got a search warrant to raid the offices and home of the Black CEO - Burrell Ellis. 
  • The US Justice Department, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder - who the FBI ultimately reports to - is leading the investigation into the finances of the charitable organization controlled by GA State Senator Tyrone Brooks

In both cases - Brooks has DIRECTLY charged "racism" in the "Attempt to run Black elected officials out of power", in the other case (and most others) the "word on the street" and in the "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" is making the case of the purge.

How The Black Rank & File Can Distill The Veracity Of The Charge Of RACISM From The Investigative Agency Lead By A Favorable Person In Power - Who They Voted For

Most of you all think "transactionally" and thus the Embedded confidence men are able to USE what you already think about "the government" and the racist operatives embedded within to their advantage against your interests.   

I am not mad at them.   A politician and a confidence man (sorry for repeating myself) has a vested interest in remaining in power and retaining a large congregation of followers to endorse him.

The OPPORTUNITY COSTS to your choice to throw protection upon him at his own calling is that your community will often remain as part of "the least of these" to which his policies of promised uplift enjoy a high "uptake rate".

Absent an organized means of thinking and appraising - this B.S. is not going to stop, regardless of how much tactile gains you appear to be making per election victories they are not going to change.

There are 3 necessary mandates to place upon those who operate with "Systematic Racism Chasing" In The Age Of Obama.

You CAN'T make the mistake of getting into a debate where YOU are asked to PROVE THAT THERE IS NO RACISM.    You lose.

You must get the claimant to stay within this framework.

Mandate Explanation
#1 Force The "Racism Chaser" To Expressly Detail WHO In The Investigative Bureau He Says Is RACIST And Define Exactly What Has Been Done That Is Racist, Above And Beyond Their Duty Of "Checks And Balances" As Part Of Their Official Capacity This is an important step as it forces "hearsay" and "street justice" into a more FORMAL discourse - in line with the official position that the claimant holds.

While the claimant indeed enjoys a certain 'revolutionary' relationship with the people to whom his megaophone is trained upon - once he enters into the legislative (or judicial)  chambers HE KNOWS that more formal rules of order and discovery are enforced.

Failing to do this shows that the "rank & file" does not deserve the same RESPECT that he affords to the "official" institution to which he is tasked to represent them in.
#2 Have The "Racism Chaser" To Call Upon The FAVORABLE PERSON IN POWER To Investigate These Charges Of SYSTEMATIC RACISM Within The Ranks Of The Organization That He Heads And Root It Out And COMPENSATE Him For The Civil Rights Violation Ironically this is a stance to protect the "Valuables Of The People" that were invested.   The PEOPLE must be willing to ask "Where Is My Money" of the person they entrusted it to - rather than protecting HIM as "their valuable".  (Him meaning the person in power).

IF the Black community's political consciousness is set upon the notion that "Favorable People In Power" will root out RACISM and lead to better government and thus prosperity for the Black community - IT IS THE COMMUNITY that must be forced to LEAN UPON the people they invested in...............NOT TO "spike the investigation", potentially allowing corruption at their expense to continue.  But to INVESTIGATE THE CHARGES OF RACISM and either act upon them or DISMISS THEM.

#3 If The "Racism Chaser" Is Unwilling To Do #1 And #2 -FORCE HIM To Go ON RECORD Saying "The Favorable Person In Power" - Who He Voted For Is An ENABLER OF SYSTEMATIC RACISM - AND THUS IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE WHITE RIGHT WING PREDECESSORS Who Allowed The Same Thing This is the most important "hook".

If the COMMUNITY fails to operate this bullet point then it is THEY who have no respect for themselves.


It is NOT "Either You Are With Us Or Against Us".
This is a show that the "Long Struggle" executed by Black people for JUSTICE - was in fact a quest to have the "Processes In The System" to work fairly for everyone - and NOT merely a "Might Makes Right - We are in power now and we intent to be as corrupt as you were before we got you regulated and then took over the seats of power due to attrition".

IF "the system" is producing the very same RACIST RESULTS and thus "Nothing Has Changed" despite the promotion of Favorable People Into Power - who got the Black people to INVEST THEIR HOPES and then their VOTES - then the failure to say "OUR MAN IS A PART OF THE RACIST OPRESSIVE SYSTEM WHO DOES NOT WANT BLACK PEOPLE IN POWER and thus HE IS NOW THE OPPRESSOR" - is to show that there is no INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY to be found in the "Politicized Black Struggle" - that it is ONLY for entertainment purposes for the gullible.

YOUR ACTIONS prove this IF you can't bring yourself to protect your valuables - from external or internal theft.

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