Saturday, January 19, 2013

You Are Going To Want To Print This One.

1) IF "Martin Luther King Jr" was like "Al Sharpton" is today........DO YOU BLAME J. Edgar Hoover for putting a GPS tracker and hidden microphone on him?

1b) If you hear "What Good Is A Song - The Friday Night Drum" on WRFG "The Progressive Information Station" - TALKING TODAY More About 'COINTELPRO' Than They Care To Talk About Obama's Reauthorization Of "Warrantless Wiretapping" - CAN YOU CONCLUDE that they are more interested in talking about BACK IN THE DAY than they are in making note that TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY that Eric Holder is using is far more feature rich?

 2) IF "SBPDL" was "Lynching Negroes" on that very same glorious day that "King Spoke To The Nation" - breaking the "Color Barrier" on the black and white television......WHY do you think they AIN'T GONNA one day do it again when you yield your fire arms? Just like they edited the Black guy out of the movie box when it got shipped to EUROPE - some things have not changed!!!!  There is only an armistice as they figure out what to do - now that the guy who was going to go from "Water Commissioner to President Of The United States" got killed by his own son.

 3) Do you think that only the "Republicans In Europe" don't want to see a Negro on the box else it suppresses sales? EUROPE is where the "Social Justice Jesus" lives. The "Social Justice Jesus" came to earth in the "slush" inside of a comet. Just as the Secular Progressives said that protein did.

3a) Why is it not more important to note that certain AP course class photos have fewer Black than did the cover of that movie that got you so upset?

 4) In my opinion the world is a series of TRIBAL WARS among humans and chemical and environmental destruction. BOTH the SCIENTISTS ARE FRAUDULENT (I catch their FRAUD when they say it - just as I do when YOU DEBATE!!!! (Right Irey?) 

5) Juan Williams is right - that these guns are about RACE. (At least some portion of it)

 6) Juan Williams is NAIVE AS HELL!!! In believing that these races aren't about GUNS!!  The goal being to keep the other in his own "Swim lane" and not allowed to have their way with our valuables and our women - respectively.

 7) Juan Williams I like your intellectual honesty more than I can take to listen to ANY PAID NEGRO ON MISNBC (Miss-issippi Negro Broadcasting Company).  I hate FRAUD more than I despise Progressivism.  POLITICAL CONSERVATIVES are no less Un-fraudulent.

 8) Don't worry folks. I have the RACISTS at SBPDL in check. Why are you worried that they are reading MY STUFF when I put out "Dirty Laundry"?  Now that Paul Kersey would be arrested if he ever enacted violence against me - I don't stress.  Not that Mr Kersey is a violent man.   He is not going to do anything to get arrested and impair his ability to sell books about Negroes.

 9) HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL when I read YOUR ARGUMENTS and see the logical leaps and or fraud when we have our debates - but all I can do is HOPE that you don't go in front of the WOLF with that BS!??

9a) The fact that MSNBC is not calling out the LOGICAL LEAPS that their "Paid Blacks" often make is evidence of their intentions to never "Offend The Blacks" when they are already doing everything that is expected.

 10) BUT WAIT - THE FOX loves your imperfections. HE LOVES NEGROES..........he doesn't OFFEND THEM!!!!!! By riling them up he merely triggers some of them to question if they are actually getting STRONGER or is it simply that "Social Justice" is a lure.

11) "The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend" B.S. has gotten a LOT OF NEGROES KILLED!!! As they walked down the dark alley with a BROTHER CRIP,  because he understood that they were going to do a hit on A BLOOD member.  He found out too late that his BOYS had turned on him just as THEY shot him dead!!

 12) IS IT POSSIBLE (Michel Martin - I used to respect you) that the "Long Walk To Social Justice" is a CONFIDENCE SCHEME like the "Quentin Tarantino" got killed in the movie over? In REAL LIFE the "Cheshire Fox" sees such a boundary between YOU and THE WOLF who MOVED AWAY BY HIS OWN VOLITION - is having him to LIVE WITH YOU!!! Then he "conserves up" quite a bit and does a MASS FIRING of EVERY LAST DAMNED NEGRO at COMCAST!!!!

 13) FILLED NEGRO does an "Occupation In Philly"!!! After filing his last legal brief to get Mumia "Killa Mu" Jamal freed from the prison cell, Dr Marc Lamont Hill in tears that he won't become a BILLIONARIE on the O'Reilly & Beck Make Cash Off Of The Old White Guard Show "Mumia Abu Jamal And Dr Marc Lamont Hill - The Black Guy Who ARTICULATELY debates with O'Reilly but SUBSTANTIVELY - have caused more WHITE FOLKS to accidentally shoot their LCD televisions by accident than any other Negro UNTIL Obama came along. Hill doesn't have his own security force though.


 13B) Say - you have all of that extra spectrum on your fancy new cable system. They tell me something about bits and bytes and IP and TCQ TCP, something like that.

 13C) In any event "EPI and Totally Progress" handed me a research report that said ALL OF WEST PHILLY is subscribing to YOUR CABLE SYSTEM.
 13D) WE WANT A CABLE CHANNEL OF OUR OWN!!! "THE GRIO.COM". We have our people already working over the Washington Post Company with a "The" concept to pay to a different venue"
 13E) IF we can wire up EVERY NEGROES HOUSE in WEST AND NORTH PHILLY!!!!!.......WE can CONDITION THOSE BLACKS - making them believe that their blonde hair is natural and that Newt Gingrich is a bigot but Chris Matthews is a "good bigot on our side".
 13F) FILLED NEGRO sees what is going on - BECAUSE HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND that the "Tribes" in JAMAICA are very very different than the TRIBES who VACATION there. (The tourists) and the TRIBES WHO LIVE THERE the PNP and the JLP!!!
 14) When you see an anti-Homosexual editorial IN A BLACK NEWSPAPER!!! YOU KNOW you are not in the UNITED STATES!!! Leonard Pitts or Stanley Crouch would not think of such a thing!!!
 15) SBPDL would be happy to know: You know what. I had better not say that one. I know they are looking at me and could pay some NEGRO to get me fired and my Black wife and children put out on the streets.
 16) MY INTELLIGENCE as a Black man gets sucked up by a corporation. BECAUSE I am attached to an economy that ONE MAGIC "Obama Coin" $1,000,000,000 coin

17) PRINT IT!   There is an inverse relationship between the NUMBER OF "Obama Urban Fashion" t-shirts and the number of guns being purchased at Wal-Mart.   I just can't understand how you all wear "Barack Obama" and "Tupac" t-shirts intermittently.   That is worth about 2 points on Glock and Smith&Wesson's stock value right there.

18) The Civil Rights Pharisees don't want an educated Black populace.  They want a CONTROLLED Black congregation.

19) I have a close friend who believed that purchasing an "Obama baseball jersey" just days prior to the election was MAKING A STATEMENT.  
19a) EDUCATED BLACK MALES that I talked to were more interested in STICKING IT TOO DA MAN at work, knowing that they would be DEPRESSED the next day in the office.

20) If you fools would start looking at WHAT YOU HAVE TO COMPROMISE in your "Struggle Along Side Obama" is MORE COSTLY to your long term goals You wouldn't be so much like the Palestinians 

21) If Kelly Goff can shack up with "A Pimp Named Slick Back" - make him CLEAN HIMSELF UP and stop treating her like a "Target Employee" - I WOULD RESPECT YOU!!!

22) Kelly - You know the Black Republican "Martin Luther King Was A Republican" saying?...................

22b) YOUR TIRED ASSED CLAIM of a EMPLOYMENT TASTE TEST where the NEGRO changed her name from "Zula Africa" to "Bianca White" and got job offers - BUT you never mentioned that she was a STRIPPER - YOU WOULD STOP SAYING THAT B.S. and then tell Ben Jealous that HE NEVER HAD THAT PROBLEM in HIS life!!!!  

22c) Ben Jealous CAME INTO THE PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT and had to convince them THAT HE WAS BLACK!!!

22d) Pssst with the NAACP it is not YOUR BLACKNESS that gets your resume discarded - it is your IDEOLOGICAL askewity (yes I made that word up)

23) IF Detroit is the largest "African Run City" outside of AFRICA .................WHY aren't they up in arms that the USA didn't give them the contract for the BOMBS that they are dropping?

23a) IF YOU ARE GONNA BOMB AFRICA - at least USE BLACK AMERICAN suppliers to put the gun powder in the shells.   We are not worried about the explosive threat in the factory any longer.   The union is too hungry to enforce these high standards any longer.     There is too many of them getting killed on the streets, too many broken families,  too many underfunded schools.   WE NEED WORK.  We need CASH FLOWING through the LOCAL HANDS OF BLACK PEOPLE.  

I don't give a DAMN what they say about LOW INFLATION.   We all know that when they stop cooking the books OR they let that "Magic Obama $1 Trillion Coin" lose.........................IT AIN'T THE COIN that is going to cause the economy to tank.    Once those Negroes line up in front of the Korean Import Export company to be the first one to get their coin BECAUSE they paid $500 in order to enter the lottery - THE CONFIDENCE IN THE DOLLAR will tank based on the White folks reacting to the Negroes!!

We need REAL PRODUCTIVITY in our community.   Let "Social Justice Jesus" work with the Gays and Mexicans.  We have too much heart disease to worry about THEORY from Paul Krugman(said Ron Daniels and George Fraizer)

24) Remember - I am just a comedian.  (When this is read into the official arbitrator's records)

25) Janet Shan - Please.  I beg you PLEASE stop being so biased.  There MUST be some threshold before which you would publish ANYTHING the WHITE RIGHT WING said to OFFEND THE MASSES.
We HAVE ENOUGH SELF-CHUM flowing that is sucking up the Negro's conscious time.

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