Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With So Few Examples To Site Within The "Mission Accomplished Zones" - The Paid Blacks At MSNBC Point To Obama Speech As The "Triumph Of Modern Liberalism"

Let Them Eat The CAKE That They Are Pushing!
Pay The Paid Blacks At MSNBC Their Salary In "Obama $1 Trillion Coins"!!!!

If You Don't Sense The VOICE WHO IS TALKING TO YOU, You Will Never HEAR What It Is Saying To You

If I was to take a tour with Mr Bacon, going around the nation to the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where the "Battle Against The Right Wing" has been won - do you think that we could compile a TRANSPARENT measure of the "Organic Competencies" that have been achieve by "The Least Of These" - after Progressive Fundamentalism - that they favor - has been installed into the "Human Resource Development Institutions"?

Many of you confuse "Popularism" with EFFECTIVE INVESTMENTS.  The fact that there was a conspiracy executed which compelled your "team" to stay united in the spirit of 'Congregational Unity' and you got a favorable outcome - in line with your present conscious priorities -SHOULD NOT be mistaken for the notion that you can achieve your DEVELOPMENT GOALS - through the INSTITUTIONS that you now control.

With this present scheme - it is more likely that we see a grand compromise of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY - in which the confidence men agree to not voice their grievances, for fear of "harming the team".

I told you that you were not going to get out of this "orchestrated fraud" - unscathed.
In your hatred of "The Wolf" you are conspiring with "The Cheshire Fox".   Despite the fact that both of your teeth are being shown - this speaks NOTHING about the motivations that are inside of each of you, respectively.

When Mr Perry says "Obama made the GOP BLINK on the Debt ceiling" absent his "history lesson" received from Dr Earl Ofari Hutchinson on "The Minister Al Sharpton radio show" - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE NEGRO?

  • From this - can the Negro point to higher academic performance that will turn more red states on the "Schott Foundation report" -into green states?
  • From this - can the Negro be assured that the Black homicide rate will be commensurate with our population proportion at 13% rather than 50%?
  • From this - can the Negro deploy the idle labor in his community so he no longer has to talk about the NATIONAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE as he attests to "Obama having prevented a second great depression"?   OR as he looks with pride over the WHITE FOLKS's rate but then sees "The Blacks" at 14% - he doesn't use his "Black Press Credentials" to make the case that this is evidence of RACISM in the private sector and why "we" should stand against Republican cuts of government work force?

From Perry Bacon Jr - The new "Edward Wycoff Williams" On Staff

Instead, Obama now has achieved two major victories in a month. The “fiscal cliff” deal resulted in billions in spending on unemployment benefits and other provisions for low and middle-income families that Obama supported and included almost no spending cuts. This debt ceiling increase accomplishes Obama’s chief aim: decoupling the debt limit from broader discussions of spending cuts.

Serious Analysis 
QUICK - Mr Bacon - define THE PRODUCTIVITY BACKED "increase in economic value" that stands behind this "Republican BLINK".

Obama HIMSELF said "Americas debt is a long term or even a MID-TERM problem."
Stepping outside of the role that you are paid to do - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU?  To Black people?

IF this is a reference to SOME FUTURE EVENT - do you believe that this "America pays our credit card debt" talking point that is being pushed - will have some "Event Horizon" in the future - that even Obama eludes to?

You have to understand - I have learned to NOT "engage you" in the POLITICAL debate that you want to have.
Absent the one question:  "WILL BLACK PEOPLE BE PREPARED - THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS THAT ARE IN OUR COMMUNITY - when this EVENT happens in the future?" and other LampBlacked Yellow Journalists will continue in an untethered fashion.

Is there any downside that you can think of to compel Black people to seek DEVELOPMENT OF OUR PEOPLE through THE INSTITUTIONS that politics of attrition has yielded control over?

I contend that the failure to develop a "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" within these same institutions, instead noting the failure to deliver as "You Promised Yourself - Upon Handing Over YOUR VALUABLES  To The Team" - is a WORSE type of "SELF-TRICK" than you can ever imagine.
For when YOU ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER who is failing to provide the promised SOCIAL JUSTICE then all of this hijix will come back to bite you.

The JOKE Analysis That It Is Worthy Of

Mr Bacon when the $1 trillion coin that you have just applauded, allowing the government to continue its operation - IS BROUGTH INTO YOUR "COMMUNITY BANK" for conversion into something of DIRECT VALUE TO YOU - and YOU have to clear the valuesable out of YOUR BANK VAULT to honor the $1 trillion American coin brought to yout counter - YOUR FRAUD will have DOUBLED BACK ON ITSELF.

What exactly does this "Debt Ceiling Increase" mean, Mr Bacon - in an environment where it is all a FIAT CURRENCY? 

Shouldn't you and your minions who are employed by Comcast point to ORGANIC GROWTH among the Negro - rather than FIAT JOY in a man who's POWER in the "US Government" has MOTIVATED YOU to violate any semblance  of institutional integrity - in regards to the protection of the "Negro's INVESTMENT OF HIS VALUABLES".

Mr Bacon - with your scheme - would you be surprised if a bank recruited Black minds like yours to market "Subprime financial services products" to the "Negro" - who's consciousness you and other operatives are guilty of sustained at the present level - for the purposes of YOUR OPPORTUNISM?

The ONLY thing that one can say about "Wells Fargo" is that you and others did not get a sufficient cut of the profits from underwriting these "Subprime Loans".

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