Sunday, January 06, 2013

{With Anger In My Heart And A Tear In My Eye} - The Case Of The Witness In Philly Who Was BEATEN TO DEATH - Having Wiped My Slate Clean On My Views Of Them (And Filled Negro), The REACTION By The CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES Of Philadelphia, Inc. On This Matter Will Define My INTRACTABLE Opinion Of Them From Here On Out

The Black Community Needs A Process To REMOVE The Name Of A "Civil Rights Hero" Off Of A Monument That Was Placed There With The Promise That The COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS Would Be Accentuated - After Events Prove That This Venerated Hero Is Merely Being Shamed By The Present Unconsciousness.  

By making the residents WORK TO EARN the privilege of hosting the name, on a 3 year renewal cycle - the LEADERS IN THE COMMUNITY will have motivation to keep their "Street Pirates In Line".

The "Malcolm X Park" is the key reference for me.
In less than a year I recall at least 3 murders (of Black people) in this immediate area.


In all seriousness folks.  I have seen first hand a "Philly Beat Down" in process - several times.
When someone is "taking care of business" by "teaching someone who didn't listen" a lesson" - you learn to mind your own business or else they might ask you "Do You Want Some Of This".

While I can recall seeing  a person getting beat down in Philly - I have never seen a person getting BEATEN TO DEATH on the streets of Philadelphia.

Since the person was a witness in a criminal prosecution AND since the city of Philadelphia has had other "Witness Intimidation" cases over the past several years - this NEEDS TO BE investigated as a "Civil Rights Violation" - JUST THE SAME as if it occurred in "Philadelphia Mississippi" back in the 1950s.


We are Gentrifying the "University City" area and our viewpoints have necessarily changed with reference to "The Philadelphia Negro"

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