Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Will The Residents Of Dekalb County GA Adopt Their "CEO's STRUGGLE" As "Their Struggle"?


Dekalb County Georgia and their CEO Burrell Ellis are both in a state of crisis in their own distinct ways.

I have sat in "the congregation" of many political banquets and rallies over time. From this I can detail the fork in the road that CEO Ellis has in front of him.

As I think back to a particular rally in Fulton County that comes to mind - I recall an elected leader standing in front of a "congregation" of Black people at a charitable dinner where he detailed the problems that "Fulton County" in general and "young Black males" specifically had in the areas of education, job opportunities and prison recidivism.

After laying this groundwork of his argument he then did something that I called "Levitating Off Of The Stage And Leading A Protest Rally" - this as the time when HE should have been held accountable for failing to mitigate the problems that he spoke of.

The patrician view of this situation of (Black) "Politics As Usual" would be to note that "This Is How We Got Here In The First Place" and that CEO Ellis will choose to take the "High Road" - refusing to USE the people by standing up (Racist) "Windmills" to provide them with some external force to FIGHT AGAINST.

In the above case the spirit of "Congregational Unity" is the immediate, most observable "benefit" to this scheme.  The "Establishment Power" retains their seats of power and the community is given what appears to be a "purpose" that brings them together.   Let's call this the "Detroit Congregation" model.

In the 25 years that I have lived in metro-Atlanta Dekalb County has gone through a whirlwind of change.    Beyond the demographic and economic upheaval that "White flight" has triggered - there is the less noted "Black Flight Progressive" - who has exited to Gwinnett County or even eastward toward Rockdale, Newton or even Henry or Fayette.  For me the once heralded "swim and tennis community" of "The Colony At Stone Mountain", today being scheduled for demolition because some of the buildings have become a haven for drug use and other vise - is an index to note that things have changed drastically since the days that a close friend lived there in the 1990's.

How "The Embedded Confidence Men" Politicians Destroy The "Black Community Governance Culture"

Politics is a game of "official lying" - putting forth a narrative and building a "congregation" in support of this agenda.

I don't fault the "confidence men on stage" who are able to levitate off of the stage and lead the protest rally, having bypassed the local government offices that used to be the center of protests during "The Civil Rights Movement".   They are only operating within the context of the "opportunity" that the COMMUNITY/congregation afforded to them.

It is the responsibility of this community to make an honest assessment of where they stand, comparing this to the amount of "investments" that they have contributed.

  • What is the condition of their schools?
  • Are their communities safe?
  • Is the local economy providing sufficient 'quality services' and does it allow people to trade their skills in support of the 'consumer demand'?
  • Are the INSTITUTIONS well governed?
All of the items on this list are UNIVERSAL for all American - if not all human beings on this Earth.

The fundamental argument of THIS BLOG - is, with respect to the dynamics of POLITICS and CONSUMERISM - there are two primary viewpoints with respect to the "operationalization" of the points above:
  • Do you close ranks and MANAGE these ends within and through "The Institutions" of your community?
  • Do you view these as accouterments of "American citizenship" and thus use your local community as a "unbought and unsold" base of support for this nationalization effort, lobbying the higher rungs of government for consideration - in exchange for the community's undying support.

My argument is - as we see in Detroit - that YES you can retain your "Machine Power" - by nullifying the normal process of governance and accountability - within the zone that you have the final say over.  The OPPORTUNITY COSTS of such a scheme prove to be the failure to develop and enforce a "Governance Culture".    The view toward "nationalism" as the grand fix is merely obfuscation  as you now demand that "The Nation" provide to you something that you have failed to PROVIDE TO YOURSELF at the more local level.   

At some point you will hit your "Pacific Ocean", necessitating that you go back "within" to fix what you have walked past - because there is no more space for your expansion of your lust for power in the ride that you are taking people on.

Throw in the notion of RACE as a cover for your "ideological / partisan" agenda - and what I just said about the "community level" failed "governance culture" becomes a racial accessory. 

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