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While Django Was An "Officer Of The Government" Who Lived By "The Death Penalty" And Believed In Owning Firearms - The Black Progressive Fundamentalists Only Emphasized Points That Supported Their Ideological Case

I went back to see "Django Unchained" yesterday in its entirety.

  • After reading the chatter in the Black press and "Black Blogger Understudies"
  • After engaging in casual conversation since the movie release last week
  • After attending a New Years Eve party and listening to various comments from Black people
  • ......It was a conversation with my close friend that showed me that I needed to see the film from end to end in order to be equipped with a first hand opinion

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a close friend of mine.   We are always debating economic systems, Black people (and White and Jews), education and cultural consciousness.

The first thing out of his mouth when I answered the phone was:

"Did you see that monstrosity of a movie?   No other people would allow their history to be molested as Black people do.   Those Jews - the Weinstein Brothers saw an opportunity to make money off of Black folks and they found enough of you all to go along with it."

I jokingly said:  "I thought that you would have liked the movie.  'The Black man WON'.  I can't believe that you saw through it.  I am proud of you".

My friend is an avowed "anti-capitalist" (with a series of hypocrisies that accompany his life).

The bulk of our arguments consist of our observations of the condition of Black people (mostly conscious condition as manifested by economics and academics) and then each of us providing a supposition on the cause and the fix.

HE emphasizes the cause - the History of Oppression.  The man has a large library of history books about Europeans, Jews and the exploitation of the African, the Native Americans and capitalism (industrialism) in general.  He argues that the SYSTEM that "the White Man" has created has first oppressed Black people, destroying our consciousness and now it lulls us in - materialism per the flat screen televisions, unconsciousness via the fake hair and self-destruction via the failure of the parents to manage the education process of their own children.

My bias is FORWARD.   I do not diminish any of the "history lessons" that he tells me.   When I told him about a recent documentary called "When Rome Ruled Egypt" - in which for 500 years emeralds were mined out of the Egyptian desert and then shipped to Europe to adorn their fashions he snapped back saying "Do you think that you are telling me something?  I have a book but I am not going to give it to you because you never give them back".

I told him:  "You told me that you would raise your children with CONSCIOUSNESS about themselves and who they are and the release them into the world, knowing that they have a good foundation.".  He then said "That is my plan but my wife................................".

My point was that as people today we may indeed live in PHYSICAL AND ECONOMIC CONDITIONS that were handed to us from previous events, however no one else controls the CONSCIOUSNESS of our children and the values that we instill in them.   

The central macro-argument that has yet to be settled between us comes down to this:  "Can BLACK PEOPLE be EQUAL-CAPITALISTS as any White man or Jew in their exploits of Black people?"

I operate with the notion that BLACK PEOPLE ARE 100% EQUAL!!!  We have the same capacity for greatness and corruption as any other people on this planet.   It behooves us to focus on GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT processes TODAY, ensuring that they produce STRONG PEOPLE - where the "competences are DISTRIBUTED" to the periphery for maximum strength.  You cannot have your "struggle movement" focused AGAINST anyone.  It needs to be FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT and DISCIPLINE or it will become a function of this other force.

My friend, on the other hand, believe that Black people (and other people of color) are VICTIMS in a global system that has been set up by JEWS and Whites.   While Black people can take up the ways of this system - and become "unconscious consumers" who don't know their history - we lack the capacity to make SYSTEM-SCALE CHANGE to our condition.

This is a summary of our debates.

I Watched "Django Unchained" But This Time In A Rural Theater, Mostly Among White Folks

After my conversation with my friend there were too many "unknows" in my observation about the film.  I had walked out right after the "Klan Night-Rider hood" scene because the majority Black audience was LAUGHING.   I wanted no part of this.

I vowed to obtain a DVD copy of the movie at a later date and return to my research then.

The bottom line, as I told my friend:  "Django Unchained was produced to ENTERTAIN BLACK PEOPLE, providing them with a 'feel good' message that 'The Black Guy WON' - while bastardizing the "OPERATIONALIZATION" of such a "victory". "   

The fact that it used the "flora and fauna" of "Slavery" to produce a series of events that were far fetched and implausible in those times and our present times was merely "water under the bridge".    It is hard to take "public intellectuals" who point to the importance of documenting the truth about the "Battle Royale".   Again - this was merely a "rib bone" of history put into the movie who's "body meat" was adorned with theatrics.    

I should also let you know that I watched the movie "Mandingo" (Ken Norton) yesterday as well.   I did a more effective job at documenting the commerce of "slave fighting" and "slave trading", while emphasizing the struggle between Black people who were all confined in the over-arching system of "Slavery".   Despite the fact that many of them ostracized the other as being "Massa - Yes Men" - they all had to sucumb to "Massa Will" because "Massa" had the power of AUTHORITATIVE VIOLENCE AND SAVAGERY that he could use against them all.   

This is because the scientific standard of the day produced the narrative that "the Negro is an inferior being".  

Since the Negro is not capable of "Feeling emotions", the way the White man does, he requires "deep lashings" to break his skin and then a mixture of lemon juice and brine rubbed in the open wounds to get him to "think straight".   

Funny how IGNORANCE can be justified as "fact" when one has a SYSTEM that they seek to protect.

The Issues And Characters That The LampBlacked Yellow Journalists Did Not Tell Me About In The Movie

The most effective means of countering bias is for you to "know the dimensions of the universe".  Upon making such a survey - you can go back and "relisten" to what other people told you from their perspective and then factor for their bias as you place them in a particular quadrant in this "universe".

Here I was thinking that the character "Stephen" who was said to be the "Uncle Tom" / "Clarence Thomas character" was the epitome of "confounding Black people's freedoms".   It turns out the the Boston Globe and a long list of "Black (Progressive) Blogger Understudies" have CONFUSED "The Progressive Agenda" that they fuse as THE BLACK AGENDA with what Stephen was doing.

Stephen was indeed "working for Massa".   He could smell a "rat in the form of a Negro" from a mile away.   Stephen was committed to preventing Black people from BEING FREE and enjoying the accouterments of FREEDOM (ie: riding on a horse and not having to kowtow to the White man's every word).

Stephen also had a "law enforcement" element to him.   He threatened to lock people up in the "hot box" for their indiscretions against "Massa law".   Django also noted that Stephen had seen 7,000 or 8,000 Black people pass through the Plantation and he did nothing to help them.   

As the progressive bigots who send "unlimited text messages" into the Black community would have you believe - "Stephen" was a BLACK CONSERVATIVE/ BLACK REPUBLICAN (not necessarily one in the same).   The Boston Globe article made a list that was suspiciously similar to that of "Filled Negro".  (No not the character in the movie - the Black progressive blogger and leading voice of "AfroSpear"). 

Thanks to my smartphone I took some notes during the movie that will tide me over until I obtain the DVD for more extensive research.

The Function The Specimen In The Mind Of The Black Progressive Fundamentalism  The Dark Matter Analysis Of The Truth

“Samuel L. Jackson plays crusty, waxen Stephen as a vision of depraved loyalty and bombastic jive that cuts right past the obvious association with Uncle Tom. The movie is too modern for what Jackson is doing to be limited to 1853. He’s conjuring the house Negro, yes, but playing him as though he were Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes or Herman Cain or Michael Steele, men whom some black people find embarrassing.”

  • Clarence Thomas
  • Alan Keyes
  • Herman Cain
  • Michael Steele


  • Lobbied to have Black people locked up - While US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is ONE MAN and he could NEVER be elected within the Black community that is dominated by Progressives..    if we look at the "City/County jails" in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Memphis, Birmingham and Newark - we see District Attorneys and Law Enforcement that DID GET "THE BALANCE OF THE BLACK VOTE".   Since these places have "Jails Full of Black Males" - what other than IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY against Justice Thomas' ideology can substantiate this focus?  
    • To be clear - I AM NOT BLAMING "THE AUTHORITIES" for this condition.   They receive the quality and character of the individuals who show up into the doorway of their jail cells.   The truth is that the attacks on the "Free Range Negroes" in the other column is registered by individuals who lack the intellectual honesty to focus on the AFFIRMATIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE and how they are not EMBARRASSED by the dysfunction that produces damaged goods.
  • Secondly we should note that in today's consciousness they are NOT advocating for "Black Freedom".  They want to increase the "Black Social Justice Consumerism" by which THE SYSTEM that they ensnare us into covers for their failure to develop localized "Organic Competencies" within our people
This is NOT an argument on behalf of the "Black Republican political operatives" in the other column.  This is a recalibration of our focus upon the far larger network of fraud and diversion that is failing to prepare the Black community to stand on its own, through the institutions that they control.



Bounty Hunter

"Death Penalty Proponent"

Supporter Of "The 2nd Amendment" 
"A Protected Black" because "The Black Public Intellectuals" live vicariously through him
  • Agent Of "The Government" who tendered the Death Penalty
  • If Django had access to "Assault Weapons" and "High Capacity Clips" - he would not have a blister and callus on the side of his hand from the rapid cocking of the trigger of his gun while using the "DEAD" clause of the "Wanted Dead Or Alive" portion of the bounty 
More Black progressives were OFFENDED by "Dog The Bounty Hunters" RACIST comments a few years ago than I saw any connecting their "vicarious pride" that "The Black Guy on Film 'WON' " despite violating so many of the theories that they operate with politically and ideologically today.

Django "killed for cash".  While "Clarence Thomas" bears the weight of the "UNJUSTICE JUSTICE SYSTEM" that puts people to death without sufficient evidence - his real problem, it seems, is that he doesn't have enough Black Progressives backing his killing.

Django didn't have access to drones because this technology was not available during his time.  (He is a made up character)

Clarence Thomas doesn't have the authority to kill anyone using drones for "extra judicial killings".

Commander In Chief Barack Obama DOES have access to Drones, has used them to kill "People Of Color" but he has the advantage of having Progressive Backing - as they live vicariously through him as they did Django.

(Isn't it amazing how this works folks?)

The "Mandingo Fighters" 

No "Black Face" within the Black Community came up for display in any movie review that I read within the Black Press
(Mixing "Django Unchained" and the movie "Mandingo" into my narrative)

While "Stephen" allowed certain operatives to get their ideological digs in - they didn't mention the function of the particiants in the "Battle Royale".

"Massa" compelled one Black man to destroy the other - for the profit and entertainment of others.

Just as they asked "Why didn't the majority Blacks ever revolt?" - it is also true that since "The Mandingo - Battle Royale fighters" did not live long lives (5 matches) - there is no difference between DYING AFTER RECEIVING INJURY FROM FIGHTING ANOTHER BLACK MAN versus having "Massa" kill you for refusing to do his bidding.

AGAIN - keep in mind the AGENDA that occupies the mind of the Black Progressive journalist who is conditioned for opportunism TODAY, instead of documenting the entire "universe"

The Premium Female "House Negroes" 
In various movie reviews I heard reference to how the "Black help" that was in the room while the fatal blow was struck during the "Battle Royale" - not one of them assailed the character of the individuals who were treated to fine clothes and food at "Massas table".

Like "Stephen", they too saw many Black specimen passing through.  While they ate corn and dressed in the finest of clothes - these menial benefits were greater than their will to resist what they saw.

"I knew you weren't talking to me when you asked the Blacks to clear the room", said one mistress.

If she was given a "newspaper column"  and face time on a cable channel if alive today - there is no doubt that she would be talking about Clarence "Stephen" Thomas in order to throw others off of her track.

The "Walking Slave Who Eyeballed Django" That Resented The Free Black Man Who Rode On The Horse With The White People N/A This could go either way.
During the time Django was in character as a "Black Slaver".  

The "walking slave" did not LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH Django's freedom. He saw the abuse and oppression in the name of commerce that Django was doling out and believed him to be indistinguishable from "The White Oppressor".

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