Thursday, January 24, 2013

When The "Nuwabian Nation" Of Putnam County Georgia Were Labeled "Black African Islamic Radicals", Just Prior To The Police Action The Americanized Blacks Believed That It Was A "Humanitarian Mission" As Well

The Mali Is The Region Where The "Moors" Of The Past Came From
The Nuwabians Of Putnum County GA Call Themselves "Moors"

Is there a coincidence?


Unlike with Bowen Homes in Atlanta - not a penny of government money was used to erect these artifacts.

LIKE Bowen Homes in Atlanta - the government first cleared "The Negroes" out and then hired a contractor to bulldoze the property - back to pristine grass land.

This Is The Former "Bowen Homes" Housing Project Where "Shawty Lo's" Procreation Standards Were In Line With The Latent Standards Of The Area.  

These "The Least Of These" did not have their lifestyles exposed on a "Reality Show" at the time.  Instead it was the "6 o'clock news" of a "Black woman crying" after suffering from a Street Pirate assault that proved to provide more airtime.

As long as these people's plight is keep off of the television - just as is the case with the NATO military actions in West and East Africa - the Black Community's sentiments aren't OFFENDED.  Instead it continues with its brinkmanship in the grand "Malcolm X Political Football Game" at the national level.

Minster Farrakhan (Audio) Needs To Update His Rhetoric.   When This LEADER IS "THE ESTABLISHMENT" Who Can IMPRISON YOU And Has HIS CORRUPT PRESS To Channel Any Lies Or Distractions - THE CHOICE OF THOSE SAME PEOPLE TO CALL TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT POWER - To AID THEM In Their "Oppression" - THE PRESENT DISCOMBOBULATION Of Today's "We Are In The White House Negro" Is Begat 

I DO NOT NEED TO AGREE with the Nuwabians or Farrakhan to NOTE THE PATTERN and ALL IT OUT - along with the PRESCRIBED FRAUD that is being conducted around us.

You DAMNED SURE are not going to hear this from a Comcast employee

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