Monday, January 21, 2013

What The Real Jesus Put Me Through Today To Expose The "Fake Social Justice Jesus" That My People Have Adopted

Access To Abundant Natural Resources Alone Can't Produce Social Justice 


Today I left my home in order to handle some business on the north side of town.

I was well into my trip when I noticed that I did not see my cellphones on the front seat nor on the back seat.

I pulled off on the Interstate near "Hartsfield-Mayard Jackson International Airport" in order to do a more in depth inspection of my car - including my trunk.  No phones.

I know I had them as I was walking out.

I recall putting something on the roof of my car as I fiddles around doing something else.
"No - had I drove off from home with the phones on my roof - I would have heard them crash into the trunk when they slid off.  That was likely the coffee that I purchased and put on the roof as I hung up the hose".

I still had a problem.  I had no way to call home to ask my wife if I had left the phones in the house.  But I am sure that I walked out with them.

Problem - there are not too many payphones left around as most people have cellphones.
I had no other way to call home.  The more I waited - the more likelihood that someone might find them and walk off with a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone.     I would surely remember the "Martin Luther King Jr Day" that I lost my phones on.

I decided to drive up to the Kroger Shopping Center on Cleveland Avenue.  I need to get some cash in order to use a payphone if I found one.
I also was going to inquire about a "prepaid - pay per the day you use it" phone and leave it in the car, mostly unused in the case of an emergency.

As I was driving - Ironcially enough - I heard on the "World Radio - Africa Channel" on satellite radio that President Obama will be more AGGRESSIVE against the Republicans in his second term on "Spending and Gun Control".
The irony is - is that an "African channel" is noting:

  • Black Americans see the #1 way in reducing Black on Black homicide is by USING THE GOVERNMENT to make it more difficult for ALL AMERICANS to acquire guns - in order to keep YOUNG BLACK MALES from killing each other.   The evidence that the "Civil Rights Movement' is  long gone is that no one is bothering to ask about the "HATRED" that is possessed in the "Killers Of Black People" and how this CULTURE OF HATE was allowed to propagate into the killers - and WHO dropped the ball, requiring a correction in their course.   
  • President Obama is not seeking a FIGHT ON "SPENDING".  He wants to CONTINUE spending - and instead desires MORE TAXATION in the name of "Social Justice Transference".
No one is making an assessment of the state of "ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" after more than 50 years of handing over our VALUABLES for this effect.
The truth is that the "Systematic Racism Chasing" that goes on in the venue of politics today - is able to nullify more of the "Black Community Governance Culture" as it demands "Congregational Unity" against an external right-wing threat - than we are likely to see ANYONE demand an accounting of "Where Are Our Valuables That We Gave To You For Our DEVELOPMENT"? 

President Obama IN POWER IS their "Development Hope".   
One must logically conclude that when it comes to "Progressive Public Policy" there is something that the RIGHT WING possesses and is BLOCKING - as the hurdle for this DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL JUSTICE that the Black Racial Services Machine has set forth in their struggle with the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" - which does battle against the Right Wing.

Walking Into A Time And Location Warp 

As I walked into the Kroger Shopping Center - a super-sized grocery store with small retail stores along the entrance before you get to the main store - I noticed something that MADE IT ALL FIT TOGETHER in my mind - on this the "Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day" - the one day where the Civil Rights Pharisees get to give their HISTORY LESSON - using their narrative for the "state of America" without anyone bothering to do a reference check.   And the day that "President Obama" the #1 fighting vessel that the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" has to fight against the Right wing.    

The STORES In The Shopping Center

  1. A Black owned barber shop - first
  2. A Korean owned nail salon  - next to that
  3. Turn to the left - A Indian owned variety store
  4. A Korean owned wig shop
  5. An Italian looking man running a shoe repair shop
  6. Another Korean
  7. A Korean owned cellphone  store
  8. Bank Of America's ATM
I now have a plan.

I went into the Boost Mobile store - run by the Koreans.   I ultimately needed to call my wife to check on the location of my cellphones - but I also was interested in learning about their "pre-paid services".  

"$3 per day or $50 per month.  That's it" she said"

"Do you have any documentation that shows these plans?"

"No.  We don't have any more brochures.  My must use the Android phone ($99) for the pre-paid" 
(B.S. - There is no way that the lower cost phones are ineligible for the prepaid plans)

"Can I borrow your phone sir?  I need to call my wife to see if she looked at Boost Mobile before".

"Hey - I need for you to do me a favor - do you see my phones downstairs?"  
As she is calling out to the kids I say out loud:   "Have you used Boost Mobile before?  How much do you plan to use it?"

"No. They don't see the phones anywhere".

"Check outside"  (Thinking that they may have fallen off of the car")

"Excuse me sir - What network does Boost Use?  Is it Sprint?"

"Yes" (They are listening to me so I have to play like I didn't know that)

"Do you think that you'd make out better with the $50 plan or the $3?   Oh you said that Sprint doesn't work in your office?   Oh that's right"

"Yes.  They found your phones.  You left them on the trash bin in the garage"  (Whew)

"Thank you for letting me use your phone.  Let me come back.  She said that he doesn't have a good signal from Sprint in her office.  Thanks again".   

The Black Rank And File In America Is Suspiciously Like The Rank & File In Uganda - Prior To Idi Amin Expelling The Asians And Indian Merchants

Don't watch "The Last King Of Scotland" and assume that you know about Uganda.
There is a documentary on that era with Idi Amin that does an excellent job in detailing the events from the perspective of the Ugandan.  

The story behind the expulsion of the Indians and Asians was due to the fact that they had occupied so many of the seats in the retail market place.  Economically marginalized Ugandans would likely go to the local market and see an Indian or Asian peddling various wares to them in stores.

Resentment grew as various poor "Black Africans" looked through the plate glass window and saw economic activity with - but then looked outside and saw so much economic stagnation.

The documentary did a far better job than "The Last King Of Scotland" in detailing how Amin played the role of the populist - blaming the foreigners for shutting out native Ugandans from key markets.   He gave them a certain period of time to clear out the country our they'd pay a price.

Upon hearing the news that their "economic parasites" where being put out of the nation there was mass jubilation.   Various connected operatives were given control over the retail facilities and they gave their best shot at running these operations on their own.

It soon became clear that their gaze through the plate glass window was merely the END NODE of a rather complex - Retail/ Wholesale / Warehousing / Logistical / Import / Manufacturing / Production/ Financing system.   In as much as it was the case that the government made this "power play" but failed to teach the masses about the other intricacies of a supply chain - once all of the "supplies" on the shelves were consumed  and the next round of shipments were nowhere to be found - the country became unstable and riotous factions grew - only to be violently put down by the government.  

(This post is not for the purposes of exposing any foreign hands that may have played a part in all of this.  I am focusing on the people - their wants and their investments.)

The fact is that - after years of providing a NARRATIVE about WHO was to blame for their condition and WHAT NEW POLICIES were to be the grand fix - after the government power play - the people were worse off.  Not only were they cut off from their "consumer staples" the plan that was based upon "nurtured resentment" and scapegoating - LIVED and GREW because the PEOPLE were not developed in a manner that would allow them to understand this complex system of exchanges.  When it came time for the government of Idi Amin to execute their populist scheme - those who initially cheered were later on among those who were made to suffer.

The condition of the United State Of America are very different from those of Uganda.
The consciousness of the "Least Of These Black American" and the Ugandan is not as different as you might be comfortable in accepting.

The very same "Confidence Man" overlay is present.  It prefers to tell the masses what they want to hear than it is competent at DEVELOPING the people - allowing them to operate complex systems of market exchange.   Instead the "I know who did this to us and they are going to pay!!", as the slights and insults from the enemy has more currency than the forces who receive power by popular mandate but who have failed to prioritize the value of developing the people - allowing the pettiness in the political domain to be trapped in a filter who's threshold was not surmounted.

We are often asked as Black people to "Boycott Work For One Day" - to show that "the American economy could not function without us".

It would be interesting if some enterprising Black progressive where to ask that same question of the FOREIGN RETAIL SERVICE PROVIDER in the Black community.  If they were to suspend their operations for one month within the Black community - exactly how would this impact the standard of living/ quality of life - when it is so true that the "Prevailing Black Consciousness" is being sculpted into a CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS - in which "Social Justice Rights" define "The Struggle" and provide the arbitrary index by which the "New Establishment" is not seen as having failed to deliver - but instead THEY get to set the tone and priorities by which the Black Rank & File are made to Invest Their Valuables with the hopes that THE MACHINE'S victory will one day translate into a "Victory For The Black Community" - as measured by the absolute increase that is measurable by a third party, credible source.

MY CLARITY IS THIS - I am more focused on looking past the "Optics" and the notions that "Happy Black People" per their perceived "victory" at what the Black Racial Services Machine has defined as "success" - AND INSTEAD make a clearer case that without ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT - through the INSTITUTIONS that the masses have yielded operational control over to the "Favorable People In Power" - will lead to a disconnected state in the long term for the Black community - and will produce the very same feeling of vulnerability that I felt until I found out all is well with my valuables - thanks to the Koreans who unknowingly helped me out. 

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