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Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart Was Too Happy To See Rev Joseph Lowery And Obama On Stage In 2008 To Investigate If Rev Lowery's Placement Of "Civil Rights Heroes" On Street Signs In Atlanta Actually Stopped The Murders Because Of "Increased Community Pride" As Lowery Promised

"Black Progressive Corporate Media" IS STILL "Corporate Media"
It Merely Buys Its "Soul Food Seasoning" In Bulk Using Its Purchasing Power

Did you realize that January 21 is a "lunar eclipse"?

  • The 3rd Monday In January - is the US federal holiday known as "Rev Dr Martin Luther King Day"
  • It is also "The US Presidential Inauguration Day" - where President Obama will be sworn in to his second term.


This time I am turning away from the stage actors, but instead of "looking into the congregation" - we need to look into the "Press Box" for the fraudulent compromise that is transpiring.

Hmmmm - Jonathan Capehart - operative for the Washington Post can paint himself as the "agent of PROGRESSION"!!!    Homosexual people deserve "equal rights" to marry the adult that they choose.   "President Obama is the most 'gay progressive' President".     Mr Capehart operates as if the thought that someone who DOES NOT SUPPORT "GAY MARRIAGE" has horns upon his head.

You don't debate a "Jonathan Capehart" by explaining: "I am not a homophobe.   MY RELIGION just doesn't agree with the practice".  Mr Capehart will bring "his own bible" to the debate and argue to the contrary.

The only way to neutralize this brand of "Progressive Fundamentalist Bigotry" is to retain consciousness of "The Universe" and make note of their "myopic filibuster" used to produce a "Progressive Fundamentalist Base Hit".

The key talking point from the "corporate Black progressives that we are constantly reminded of is that "Michelle and Barack Obama" are the epitome of "Strong Black family heads".  Such an affirming reference is typically followed by a statement like:  "Despite this fact the RIGHT WING attacks this Black man who has done all of the right things"................................."Do you REALLY believe that they plan to give you a break if you do anything short of 'walking on water' as a Black man"?

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the new propaganda piece of WAOK Atlanta's Derick "Huff And Puff" Boazman which says "THEY would rather see a Monkey With A Diamond Ring - than to see a Black man with any wealth or power".  

All of this is merely a well-worn path through which Black people's "racial grievance" can be channeled into the doorway of "Political/Ideological opportunism" as we are compelled to always fight against the "THEY" that is constantly thrown out.

The way to counter Mr Capehart is to make note of his incompetency at affecting material change for the Black community - beyond his "Progressive Base Hits".

Keep "Shawty Lo" Out Of The Frame Of Reference And Thus He Doesn't Exist 

"Media Conscious" Black America is in the midst of a "protest action" against the promotion of a "racist" stereotype against Black people in which the "broodmare" image of the Black female and male is going to be exploited by "Oxygen Network".  

The news that rapper "Shawty Lo" of Atlanta's famed "Bowen Homes" is the feature of a new reality show in which his "11 children by 10 'Baby Mommas'" is an affront to the Black community's integrity and reputation has gotten many Black people up in arms against the corporate property of "Comcast", the owners of "The Grio" and "MSNBC".  

"THEY don't care anything about Black people and will slander us at every chance if we don't fight this" - was the general tone on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" over the last too weeks.  This "slight" was more important than any "Drone Strike" or serious consideration about the long term future of "Black America" 

For me - it fortified my belief that the executive owners of the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist media" are wise beyond their years.  Per their media purchases and or investment in "Black faced start ups" they had already known what Americanized Blacks want to hear.  The appreciation of someone who looks like them, being seen and heard in the media, AFFIRMING what they already believe (or providing a narrative that allows them to debate the Right-Wing) is the driving force behind the prevailing consciousness.

Just as with "International news" or "Fiscal truth" - "If it is not presented in the line up of discussion points" in the "self-chummed distributions" that is feed to the Black consumer then it is not so - SO IS THE CASE with the existence of "Shawty Lo".

No one denied the existence of "Serial Baby Daddies" - in Atlanta and other "Mission Accomplished" places.  They would prefer not to have this "embarrassment" put in front of their faces in a weekly episodic journal.   

From MY perspective - I recall the days when "Bowen Homes" was open as a "Killing Field For Black Consciousness" and the forces that protested its closure.   Today - the "Ninjas who got themselves kilt" in Bowen Homes - 8 years ago - are now killed along "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd", "Rev Joseph E Lowery Blvd", "Hamilton E Holmes Bvld" and "Donald Lee Hollowell Rd" (the new name of "Bankhead Highway" - thanks to the efforts of Rev Joseph Lowery to "rebrand and rebuild" the community)

You see - a person like Jonathan Capehart - and the other "Recruited Blacks" in the media are not interested in connecting the dots in DEFENSE OF the development of the Black Community as they ask "Where is OUR MONEY?".   

Instead they showed a knack for towing a particular ideological line.  
Their JOB - which they are paid handsomely for - is to KEEP BLACK PEOPLE APPEASED per the PREVAILING PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGICAL VIEWPOINT - and "Keep The Right-Wing Enemy On Trial" in order to establish the JUSTIFICATION for the serial compromise of the "Black Community Governance Culture" - because of a greater existential threat that exists - which OFFENDS the "Progressive Sensibilities" of Black people.


I NO MORE RESPECT FOR YOU because you receive a paycheck from the (damned) Washington Post Company (or The Atlantic Monthly) than I do for a two bit BLOGGER that I debate with who shows similar FRAUD in his analysis.

But Jonathan Capehart is not the problem.  I admit.

The problem is with the entire "Black Racial Services Machine".

The only thing that you can do is accurately document the carnage that they suffer because of this compromise.

Jonathan Capehart Would Get His Ass Kicked By Shawty Lo IF They Were To Square Up In Newark New Jersey To Talk About "Non Traditional Family Structures"!!!

I have more respect for Shawty Lo - a man who made some dollars "in the game" - just as he and others rap about and USED the liberal sensibilities about SEX AND MONEY that is maintained WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.


In driving back to "Philly" and tuning into the radio stations that I grew up on - the messages that I received as I was driving down City Line Avenue (mere minutes from 53rd and Euclid where a "Ninja Street Pirate Fired 17 shots into a row home) I was compelled to turn on the "Black Gospel Music Station" in order to regain my sanity.  

Don't get me wrong - I love the "Order My Steps In Your Way" gospel song from "Mimi Redd" version - but I don't generally listen to gospel music outside of church.  The fact that EVERY SINGLE SONG in the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" radio stations in Philly focused on SEX, MONEY and BLING was a mental assault upon my reality.  On that day Yolanda Adams was more appealing than the channels that I grew up on.

Then as I saw the "Philly Condom" advertising blitz (and AIDS testing) on the billboards I noted that Philly has indeed changed.

UNTIL THE 'LEAST OF THESE' IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY LEARNS TO SAY "DEVELOP US SO THAT WE CAN STAND ON OUR OWN AND DISASSEMBLE YOUR 'LEADERSHIP" - The Forces That Are Carefully Observing How A Desperate People Is Prone To "Transact The INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY" Of Their Community" - And Will Receive "Self-Chum Awards" When The Community Needs To Be Erecting A Retaining Wall To Keep Them Out Of Their "Conscious Nucleus". 

With The Black Community Focused Upon POPULARITY As Evidence Of "Permanent Interests" 
Cities That House A POPULAR SENTIMENT Such As Newark And Camden Will Remain As "Killing Fields" Of Black Consciousness
Those Who CLAIM To Support "Scientifically Backed Research" That They Use For INDICTMENT PURPOSES In Support Of Their Ideological Preferences - Are Also Prone To Spike "Scientifically Backed Research" That Runs Awry Of Their Ideological Preferences.

GIVE THEM A MEGAPHONE THAT IS TRAINED UPON THE PEOPLE - And The Injury Suffered By The People Who Lack Discernment Will Prove Fatal. 

While Making The Tactile Claim Of "PURSUING EQUALITY" In The Society - Ideological Bigots Like Jonathan Capehart Reserve The Right To CHERRYPICK Their Points Of Advocacy.

The People Who INVEST THEIR VALUABLES OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME - While They Fail To Achieve A State Of ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT - Are The Very Same People Prone To Say "THANK YOU" To The Embedded Confidence Man Forces That Lead The "Conscious Filibuster" That Obscured The Truth.

Jonathan Capehart is INCOMPETENT and TOO BIGOTED to step into this situation and lead the needed "Revival OF BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS" that "playas" like Shawty Lo - learned the game and used it for the advantage in pursuit of stimulation of the TIP OF HIS PENIS.

Therein resides the problem with people like Capehart. 

They understand that they can run a "Black Community Consciousness Filibuster" by running their "Equality" and "Social Justice" scheme on an increasingly marginal set of issues.

Since most "conservatives" are CLUELESS on how to defend their positions - Progressive Bigots like Capehart make ground game by attrition - while never having to answer to their fraud and incompetence in DEVELOPING THE LEAST OF THESE per their policy pronouncements. 

Sadly the Black community has bought into these voices, agreeing that the RIGHT WING THREAT that is always dangled in front of them by the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists" is a SUPERIOR THREAT than what will come into awareness as Black people matriculate through this interval of time, being made SOCIAL JUSTICE CONSUMERS but having failed to develop a community "Governance Culture" that can stand on its own.

What Has "Think Progress" Done For Black People Except Keep The Black Progressives Mentally Satisfied?

As I understand it "Think Progress" "outed" the Christian evangelical pastor who said the "offensive" thinks about "The Gays" .

The best way to understand "Think Progress'" relationship with "The Black Community" is to understand that the ONLY task that they have is to KEEP THE BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST - embedded confidence man HAPPY.

  • YOU WILL NOT see "Think Progress" make note of "The Schott Foundation Report" that shows the gross failure in Black male student graduation and then dare to hold an "OCCUPATION" against the PRESENT ESTABLISHMENT POWER that took over local public education with the promise that with "Favorable People In Power" - per the INVESTMENT OF THE BLACK VOTER - "Things will be different".  Instead their job is to NATIONALIZE THE BLACK GRIEVANCES - proclaiming that the "Negro will receive better education" once the NATION'S priorities are reindexed.  They wouldn't dare ask "Where is the Money that Black people have invested over the last 50 years?"
  • YOU WILL NOT see "Think Progress" see any "Mission Accomplished City" tip the Year End Murder Count- with 75%+ of the murder victims being ACK and then dare to assume that TODAY'S KILLERS OF BLACK PEOPLE were indoctrinated in the very same CULTURE OF HATRED that the right-wing KLANSMEN of the past

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