Monday, January 28, 2013

Warren Ballintine? No!!! I Never Would Have Guessed It!!

If "The Truth" was a premium in the "Black Political Discourse" - we would be having discussions that go beyond Warren Ballentine's "Truth Fighting - Instance Bankruptcy Scheme" and instead expanding the indictment to include all of the "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Radio Shows" who had REMOTE BROADCASTS at various new housing developments during the middle 2000's with the tag line:

"Why rent when you can own?  I have mortgage specialists standing by to get you into your own house TODAY!!!    This is _______________________ broadcasting live for the next 3 hours.   We have free hot dogs, a dance contest and Young Jeezy will be performing in one hour.   Come on by and become a home owner".

TODAY these very same voices are telling the audience that THE BANKS tricked the Black Community.  The LARGEST TRANSFER OF BLACK WEALTH SINCE SLAVERY has taken place as the BANKS stole houses and land from BLACK PEOPLE.

The sad part about it is - regardless of the charges lined up against Ballentine - he and his friends will be free to take to the airwaves and communicate from their vantagepoint WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY NUCLEUS - telling the masses that THE SYSTEM (and I quote from WAOK's Derrick Boazman) "Would rather see a MONKEY WITH A DIAMOND RING than a BLACK MAN with MONEY AND POWER".

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