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WAOK's Dr White:"Dr King Would NOT Support Automatic Weapons As A Civil Right But He Would Support The Humanitarian Missions By Obama" And The Fact That There Are So Few "Civil Rights Violations" On Obama's Watch Because He Has The Tea Party In Check


I caught the tail end of "Dr Whites" queing of some "Self Chum" and then listened to the callers as I made my assumption that she was talking about "Gun Ownership As A Civil Right" - per the view of a gun owner.  "Stand Up" a straw man to tear it down.

Based upon future reasearch - there is a high probability that "Dr White" was referring to the comments made by the "Gun Appreciation Day" people who said "If Africans had guns to defend themselves - they would not have been captured in to slavery".

I plan to do a full post on some materials that I read on "Black Labor Strategy" that I got from JSTOR - after listening to the author of the book "Double Trouble:  Black Mayors And Black Communities" by J. Phillp Thompson.   His vision of "global labor's" stand against WESTERN IMPERIALISM, voiced 8 years ago - MUST be couched against the complicit silence today because "The Left" doesn't want to stand up against Obama and upend their domestic "Social Justice" fight against the domestic Right-Wing.

The point of this side track is to make note of the fact that BLACK PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR DECADES(!!!!!):  If our people had weapons in Africa we would have KILLED THE EURPEAN "slavers and colonists".  

Why is it "offensive" when a person who is of "Superior Interest" to the "Easily Offended Black Progressive" says the same thing?

This is not an apology to "Dr White".
My inaccurate claim about what she said will be used to dismiss the larger truth of my observations.

Today's attacks by the West in Mali and Somalia (France with US logistical support) is beyond the issue of "weapons to protect your national/continental interests".   The real problem is that the INSTITUTIONS in these African nations have been so weakened by centries long INTERNAL and EXTERNAL misappropriation that today the claim of "fighting Islamic terrorists" justifies the Western attacks.  Attacks that were preceeded by religious fundamentalists that took advantage of "the states" in ability to enforce the peace.

Based On My Knowledge Of How "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" works - this is likely the story that "Dr White" was "offended" over:

Al Sharpton Rips Into ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ Chairman Who Thinks Slavery Might Not Have Happened If We Had Just Given Black People Guns
(From the "Redding News Review- No longer heard on WAOK Atlanta - continuing the trend: If you say anything critical of Obama or the Democrats you will be removed off of the air [Shelly Winters]

A Trifecta:  NAACP, Black Progressive Politics And
"Church Of The Social Justice Jesus"
Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio FRONTS as "the voice of the Black community".

The ONLY thing it is is a "Black Conscious Filibuster" which floods the vantage point of Black people with an abundance of slanted views.

As a result - on the issue of "Gun Violence WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" they are "self-contented" that we have a "Gun Access" problem that a fight against the NRA will fix - rather than a "community management problem" in which those who THEY WERE CHARGED with developing are now wayward.

By Fighting The DOMESTIC RIGHT WING ENEMIES and executing
"Humanitarian Missions" in 'Nation's Of Color' - President Obama is
creating the framework on how all FUTURE PRESIDENTS can
execute "US Foreign and Military Policy" without OFFENDING
The American Progressives as he feeds them a one "Progressive Bone" to
fight against the right-wing, so their loyalties and appreciation is built up
, purchasing their silence on American Imperialism.   Only a person with
INSIDE KNOWLEDGE after sitting in a Black Progressive Church
will understand the inner workings of the Progressive Consciousness
to master it so.
"Dr White" through a "self-chummed" indictment against the RIGHT-WING NRA this morning.
The "NRA" apparently used a reference to "DR KING" in defense of their civil right to bear arms.

"Dr White" was OFFENDED that they would attempt to appropriate the use of "Dr King" for their cause.  She assured her congregation on the radio that if "Dr King" were alive today he would STAND OPPOSED to the rampant trafficking of guns.

I don't get bent out of shape with these battles.   I ONLY VIEW "DR KING" in a certain context.   Those who wish to have us all VENERATE "Dr King" do so because THEY are "The Keeper Of The Flame" - unable to detail one thing about their disposition that falls short of 'Dr King'.  Indeed they know that they too will be in heaven - alongside "Dr King" - they just don't know who else will make it to glory until they start acting "Right and Progressive".

The proper way to appraise those who "Put On King's Cloak" is to understand that the "Civil Rights Heroes" sought to protect a victimized community from a DEMON SPIRIT who had no respect for life.

UNTIL you can bring yourself to accept that "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" and thus accept that the "EVIL SPIRIT OF HATRED AND HOMICIDE" is able to possess ANY MAN, regardless of his RACE - then the present fraudulent scheme by which those who are FAILING TO PROTECT BLACK PEOPLE as they squander their GOD-GIVEN MANDATE to provide stewardship to the "seeds" that come from their "community womb" - they will be the "Pharisees" who's rituals are pleasing to the masses.   The congregation will be made content that - While they are living in conditions that are far short of what "Their God" has created them to live up to - "I KNOW WHO DID THIS TO ME and I will continue with my OCCUPATION until I have control over all of Caesar's institutions of government - because having favorable control over my 'Church Of The Social Justice Jesus' has not yet healed my people.   But a super majority in the US Senate and US House will sure make "MY Jesus" happy".

The Frustrating Attempts To Try And Enforce "Marked To Market" Valuations Among Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers

When you SUPERIORIZE one agent of your oppression but you INFERIORIZE your own who smites you - the attempt to identify a "psychologically consistent" pattern of thought and behavior across these two domains becomes a frustrating exercise.

Many of you all don't "FEEL" the tempo around Metro-Atlanta now after "3 Black bodies" were found in a car over the weekend.  
One of them was stuffed in the trunk.

IF you are looking for an eventual ground swell of outrage - akin to Trayvon Martin - to cascade its way through the nation - that wave that you are expecting in the stadium - is more likely because of the Atlanta Falcons.

These "Mini-Newtown Massacres" are a frequent occurrence within Metro-Atlanta and those forces who typically leverage such an event as an INDICTMENT against their enemies are equally predisposed to shuffle this tragedy off of the front page so that their enemies who believe that they are incompetent at keeping the peace in their own communities don't have an indictment against THEM.

Fulton County Georgia Sheriff Ted Jackson:  "We Can't Insure The Safety Of Any Negro That Drives Through My County On Their Way To Alabama.  Many Of My Deputies Have Requested Time Off So They Can Spend 'Martin Luther King Jr Day 2013 in Washington DC to see the Obama Administration initiate their second term in office, continuing their protection of our Civil Rights, at least to the satisfaction of the Civil Rights Pharisees that is."

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