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Tom Hartman's 2nd Amendment Analysis Applied To Today: Give DISCIPLINE To "The Black Street Pirates" Of Today - PROBLEM SOLVED

White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally - Tom Hartman recently penned an excellent piece of research on the history of "gun rights" in America at the time of founding of America.

He tells how the "well regulated militia" phrase made it into the 2nd amendment.

When I read Tom Hartman I take the same disposition as when I read SBPDL's Paul Kersey:   Separate their factual research from their applied analysis/opinion that they render.

In the case of Tom Hartman - he penned the piece, hoping that people will make the inference between "Armed Militias" and their historical relationship to putting down "Slave Insurrections" and the issues of TODAY - in which guns are at the heart of the homicide rates.   Soil the gun and resulting violence and oppression - and Mr Hartman hopes to sway enough "well evolved" individuals to believe that "America 2013 - Is No Place For A Gun".

From this another "Progressive Struggle Motion" will be orchestrated.

The Arguments Of Mr Hartman With Relation To "The Enslaved Blacks"

In his piece Tom Hartman speaks from 3 perspectives:

  • The White "Slavers" (and legislators) who had a vested interest in keeping law and order by arming "White male militias" to put down any "Slave Inserections
  • The White OPPOSING power - who might be at war with "The Slavers" - that threaten to free or arm "The Black Slaves" as a means of toppling their enemy using the insurgent forces that are oppressed within their ranks - who lust for freedom
  • The HYPOTHETICAL about what "The Black Slave" WOULD DO if he was armed, disciplined and given a commission to fight for his own freedom

I will ignore the first two bullet points and focus on the last one.

Re-read Mr Hartman's arguments.
  • He talks about what "The Black Slave" would have done if the White Male Militia - did not inspect their homes for "contraband" - particularly guns and other weapons for use during an insurection
  • He talks about foreign powers (meaning - outside of the "Slave South") providing commission to "Southern Black Slaves", providing them with a movement in support of their manumission 
  • He talks about White slave owners/legislators concern about their loss of control over the DISCIPLINE OF THE MILITIA, as the federal government takes over this role from the state
In Tom Hartman's attempt to lace his argument against guns using the "blood and oppression" of Slavery - he can't bring himself to key in upon the truth of TODAY - with regards to "Negroes with Guns".

The ironic point about this national debate is the dishonesty about RACE.

On the one hand when we hear the voices of Michael Moore and Tom Hartman - they advance the cross reference between this nation's racial history and the firearms that were used to enforce this order (to the detriment of the Black man).   Moore told the "White gun owners" to "stop being afraid of Black people" - again as a means of making the "gun debate" into a "racism debate".

On the other side - many of the Black Progressives who wish to reach the same end as these two above - call out the RACISM that is incumbent over the lack of coverage on "Black homicide victimization" via gun violence as compared to Newtown CT and the theater shooting in Colorado - only to dive into the new "Struggle Motion" against guns that these unfortunate incidents has opened up.  

The claim of RACE and RACISM are important lubricants in the scheme to tenderize hard heads, ushering in a new round of gun regulations.

The Dishonesty In The Lack Of Discussion About The "Undisciplined Black Street Pirate Militia"

If Tom Hartman is "connected" enough with the "Black affairs" in this nation to go and see "Django Unchained" - does anyone believe that he is unaware of "Chicago 500" - or the larger issue of Black homicide victimization in the "Mission Accomplished Zones"?

While I could go to his archive and would be likely to find an unknown quantity of "Trayvon Martin" / "Troy Davis" articles pronouncing his claims about "American injustice" - I am equally sure that I WILL NOT find a body of work that dares to assume that the "Armed Black Killer" is an EQUAL KILLER OF BLACK PEOPLE as is a "White Hispanic" or a Police Officer.


What does a group of rhetoriticians and "professional indicters" do when the people that they were charged to bring into a state of CONSCIOUSNESS are later seen as the forces of oppression of the Black community?    The "evil and hatred" that possessed the White oppressor against whom they fight can't be ascribed as the motivating force that is possessing those who are within their ranks.

The truth is that - while they gathered their militia, armed with their "moral authority" to fight their external battles - their departure from their own communities has set the stage for the aborted consciousness and lack of valuation of human life that sealed the fate of the "would be pillars of the Black community" who are now "Street Pirates".

Lets focus on the DISCIPLINE portion of Tom Hartman's debate.

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner - was every bit the "civil rights leader" of anyone else in America who would follow his time.   He lived at a time when "the Black man had no rights that a White man need respect".

Despite pushing for "Civil Rights Acts" in the legislative process - Bishop Turner also understood that despite them being his "Christian brothers" - the White marauders who heard the words of the bible - were either illiterate or ignorant of the understanding of the moral lessons within.

Bishop Turner suggested that every Black household obtain a GUN to go along with their bible - just in case their reading aloud a bible verse fails to convince the White Racist Terrorists to back off their bit of terror.

In line with the notion of "DISCIPLINE" is the key concept of a "PURPOSE".   In these past times - the purpose of the Black man bearing arms was to defend his own household and his community from threats from people who had no respect for the law or human life.

Mr Hartman can't bring himself to be honest about the condition of consciousness in the "Street Pirate".   His domain of protection has been altered.

No longer is he a "Pillar Of His Community" - PROTECTING his community from harm.   His circumference has shrank to include himself, his illicit trade or his gang.  Rather than deal with the DISCIPLINE and PURPOSE aspect of the situation - Tom Hartman joins "Ebony/Jet", the Civil Rights Pharisees and most other left/progressive bastions of enlightenment and evolved thought - opining that THE GUN and the "Civil Rights Groups" that SUPPORT unmitigated gun ownership rights are the problem, rather than the dynamics of the ecosystem that the armed street pirate has been left within.

Tom Hartman can no more bring himself to make an indictment against the "Mission Accomplished MACHINE Establishment" in the violent cities of America for "taking the valuables from The Least Of These" - than he can bring himself to make an honest assessment about how 13% of the US population can represent 50% of the homicide victims.

To be clear, the bigots at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" and "VDare" wish to make this into a "genetic disposition of the Negro".    Those who are prone to compromise their own intellectual honesty in the wake of a bigoted assessment - tend to cower back into a bigoted corner of their own.

The truth is that the lust for political power - ironically - to tip the balance on problematic issues such as "gun violence within the Black community" - provides JUSTIFICATION for the functional abandonment of the MANAGEMENT of the Black community - in order to fight the good fight in the forum that matters - the national legislature.

We are left to debate the notion that the EFFICIENCY of the gun as a methodology of death makes it worthy of stricter regulation.    Gone from the discussion is the "hateful motivation" contained within the killers.  Despite the Progressive being "offended" by the slightest hint of hatred in their political opponent's rhetorical appeals to their base - the violent threats and gun play seen between "Lil Jo Jo" and "Chief Keef" - that resulted in at least two murders - did not rise to the same level of threat as did the fateful night that George Zimmerman promoted himself to "The Neighborhood Militia".

I maintain that "Assumed Black Inferiority" is a necessary part of "Progressive-Fundamentalism".
Until Tom Hartman and others are able to deal with "Black community dysfunction" in a manner that is equal to his view of "White (right wing)" inspired consequences of "hatred" - we are not going to have an honest conversation about the matters of importance.  As a result the necessary DISCIPLINE to mitigate these long running battles will escape us. 

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