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"Things Are Going To Be Different When WE Get Into Power" Report: CEO Of Dekalb County Receives 24 Hour Protection - As Rings Of Sheriff Dewrin Brown Are Heard

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A DeKalb County police officer has been stationed outside county CEO Burrell Ellis’ home for more than two weeks, ever since agents from the district attorney’s office searched the south DeKalb residence looking for evidence of bribery, bid rigging and other crimes of political corruption.
Investigators from District Attorney Robert James’ office also searched Ellis’ county office that day, as well as the home and office of his former campaign manager, attorney Kevin Ross. Neither Ellis nor Ross has been charged with a crime. Both deny any wrongdoing.
William “Wiz” Miller, the county’s E-911 director, assigned the around-the-clock security to Ellis’ house hours after the Jan. 7 search, without a request from Ellis. However, a county spokesman said the CEO had expressed concern about the public spotlight on the home he shares with his wife and young children.
“I know that safety concerns had been an issue early on and that it has been an issue that his house is now a focal point in the neighborhood,” county government spokesman Burke Brennan said.
Patrol officers, who earn between $36,000 and $66,000 a year, are rotated into the assignment, which calls for monitoring the area from a marked police car.
Given those salary ranges, the estimated cost so far is about $4,750, assuming officers stayed in the post for a full 24 hours. Not all did, Brennan said, adding that there is no additional cost to taxpayers since the department is assigning officers already working those shifts.
Brennan said the protection is designed to handle an increase in foot and vehicle traffic in the residential neighborhood.
The security is in addition to the two police officers who are already assigned to protect Ellis during his official duties.
One officer works the morning shift and the other an evening shift. When fully staffed, with a third rotating officer who handles weekends, the combined cost is about $136,000 annually. The police department funds that security detail.
At the time, Ellis was testifying before a special grand jury looking into allegations of corruption in Watershed Management contracts at the county. Only Ellis’ 83-year-old mother, in town for his swearing-in ceremony after his re-election, was home when agents arrived.
Search warrants show agents seized campaign contribution records and county contracts, specifically with firms Ross represented after Ellis was elected.
Those warrants also sought information about six companies. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation revealed that five of those companies have done more than $4 million worth of business with DeKalb since Ellis became CEO in 2009.
Ellis has received about $20,000 in campaign contributions, collectively, from the companies named.
The special grand jury has yet to compile a final report on its findings from a year-long investigation. The DA can use that report to ask regular grand juries to weigh criminal charges.

How The Idiot Republican Party RUNS THEIR MOUTH - Providing An Opening For Obfuscation
 Dear Georgia Republicans:  SHUT UP!!!  Let DeKalb County Play Itself Out.  Don't You Want LOCAL GOVERNMENT?  Your Indictments Merely Trigger "Nationalization Of The Struggle" Because It Claims 'PROGRESS' In Fighting Against You.

Do you want GOOD GOVERNANCE in the areas that you are shut out of OR do you merely wish to make "racially laced" indictments that serve to draw attention to you?
From The AJC Article
So far, though, neither business leaders nor large numbers of residents have clamored for a change. Only lawmakers in central DeKalb say they’ve received voter pressure for change.
Voters in north DeKalb are more interested, it appears, in setting up and developing new cities. (Bloggers's note: "Super White Cities") South DeKalb residents, meanwhile, seem suspicious about the revived talk. (Blogger's Note: As WAOK's Derrick Boazman says to rile up the troops: "They Would Rather See A 'Monkey With A Diamond Ring' Than A Black Man With Money And Power")

And south DeKalb is home to the House member and state senator who head DeKalb’s legislative delegations and would most likely need to shepherd any proposal to fruition.
“Any time there is scandal, especially in political circles, it’s like chum in the water,” said state Sen. Emanuel Jones, D-Decatur. “People come out and want to use it to advance their own personal agendas. If this was a real issue, we’d see a groundswell from the community that just isn’t there.”
If more residents, and not just political leaders, start talking, though, Jones said lawmakers will act. Others at the Capitol agreed.
State Rep. Mike Jacobs, R-Brookhaven, has long been an opponent of the CEO position. He openly advocates for it to be eliminated but said he has yet to hear of any meetings with voters demanding the change, even if more people appear to be paying attention after the DA’s public moves.
“There is more chatter about the issue because of the situation the current CEO finds himself in,” Jacobs said. “I think the people of DeKalb County might be inclined to do away with the CEO position if given a chance. They have to ask for that chance.”
State Senator Emanuel Jones, Democrat, is practicing "Popularism".  Since "The PEOPLE" have not clamored for this change - then there must be some ulterior motive that is at play.  One thing is for sure - Emanuel Jones is NOT going to take to the podium in his home district, point to the various "CEO scandals" over the past few decades and note: "People we have a problem."

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT - The "PREVAILING OPINION" among "The People" and those who play up this "Popularism" as a cover for their failed leadership and/or their USURPATION of the people's conscious attention - is the reason why the problems exist despite the victory in what the machine had set out for them decades ago.  They prefer a "Fighting Coalition" than they are able to produce "Competent Governance" of the Human Resource Development Institutions that build up the people into their desired state - AS LOCALLY AS POSSIBLE.

YOU CANNOT SET "POPULAR WILL" AS THE KEY EVIDENCE OF YOUR "SUCCESS".  Absent a focus on immutable goals - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN will keep the people strung along.  They will point to the "Size Of Their Congregation" as proof of their success.   They will point to the OPPOSITION's  COMMENTS as evidence of the conspiracy to derail their growth - despite them putting forth the "Progressive Public Policy" that should be correcting the longitudinal problems.
  • Is the ecosystem known as Dekalb County producing a "Quality Education Product"?
  • Is the ecosystem known as Dekalb County providing a safe environment?
  • Is the ecosystem known as Dekalb County allowing people to thrive economically because of the marketplace is allowing people to offer up goods and services as close to home to those who seek to procure them as close to home as possible, allowing the county to prosper from the accelerated economic activity?
  • Is the ecosystem known as Dekalb County able to RETAIN the residency and business of those who are now turning into "Black Flight Progressives" - who depart the "Mission Accomplished County" in order to be consumers of other areas in which "favorable people are NOT IN POWER" but their "Black Permanent Interests" (Schools, Safety and Economic Prosperity) are more easily had - from the CONSUMER perspective?

Regardless of what is happening in Dekalb County, the Atlanta Public Schools or ANY other "Mission Accomplished Zone" that HARMS THE BLACK COMMUNITY - the most sure-fire way to get the Black Rank & File to abandon their "good governance enforcement" efforts - is to have a STATE REPUBLICAN make a comment OR lobby for legislation that seeks to enact some state action AGAINST a "Black Progressive controlled entity".

The operatives on "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Radio" will begin to promote the DEFENSIVE POSITION against an EXTERNAL WHITE RIGHT WING ATTACK, thus nullifying the enforcement of "good governance" locally.

The people will be heard calling in THANKING the local public official for "stealing their money" because, unlike the Republican thieves - the money is spent "within the black community" and 
 the Republicans can't compel Black people to affirm their antics.   Indeed he may be a "thief" but he is OUR THIEF.

Please Georgia Republicans - focus on something else - like the port of Charleston.  It only takes ONE OF YOU in your delegation to say something about "Dekalb County" to have a mass convergence around your OFFENSE.

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