Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Psychology Of Progressive Fundamentalism - Throw Out Some Chum To Purchase Their Silence On What They Would Have Been Protesting In Another Area

It must just be me.

Pleasing Progressive Chum  Point Of Diversion That Resides In The "Dark Matter Space"
US Military

Use The Military As A Tool For SOCIETAL Progressivism - Just As The Racial Integration Of The Troops Preceded Change In The Larger Society

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist
Obama Will Be Heralded In History As "The Gay Friend President And The President Who STOPPED THE RIGHT WING WAR ON WOMEN"!!!!
The Nation Of France Is Bombing Their Former Colonial Holdings Of Mali And Algeria - The US AFRICOM Is Providing Logistical Support

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist
No AMERICAN BOOTS ON THE GROUND Touched The Soil Of "The Motherland" - The Rubber Tires On The C2 Military Transport Arranged By Obama - Does Not County

US Economy And The "Economic Development Of The Negro"

As Said In December 2012 At The "Civil Rights Pharisees Planning Convention" In Washington DC:

"George W Bush showed his contempt for Black people by hitting us hard economically.   Thanks to Obama the trend that you see above is moving in a very favorable direction to US.

I know we need to stick together - to fight this rising tide of Right Wing Republican Resentment Of A Black Man In Power.  The people in my district are getting angry and hungry for change though.

I think you need to go back to Comcast and get them to lower their cable rates and get MSNBC's Black viewership numbers up by another 60% just prior to the 2014 Mid-term elections.   IF they don't hear their "History Lessons" from our Black friends on camera and on the Internet - Black Progressives might lose out because the Democrats will lose at our attempts at making the US Federal government to match the full Democratic sweep that we achieved in Chicago.

We need you all to work harder at 'Economic Social Justice'.  "    
The Examiner: Young Black Males Bear The Brunt Of The Economic Crisis
I Was Going To Put My Feelings And Frustrations About My Current Condition Down On Paper.

Then I Saw "Lil Jo Jo" And "JayLoud" Get Smoked So I Took Out My Lyrics Directed To Put Down Other Black Men.

Then I Saw Lupe Fisaco Get Pulled From The Stage For Making Criticism Directed At The US Government Policy - But Now I See That You Can't Talk Negatively About US Economic/Military And Foreign Policy When A Black Man Is The Face Of The US Imperialist Power

But What Really Motivated Me To Give Up My Rapping Career And Go Back To School Was When I Saw People Who Look Like Me In Mali, Somalia And Libya Being Killed But IF They Were Labeled "Islamic Extremist" The People Who I Though Were "Black Conscious" Would Go Along With It.

Though I Am A Christian, I Don't Want For Them To Label Me "An Islamic Extremist" Because I Am Not Even Sure If "Don Diva Magazine" - The Magazine Of Murder -  Would Call Out The Fraud.
Education - The Great Equalizer For Black People

The Civil Rights Pharisees:
"We Feel The Same Sense Of Exitement And Induction As We Look Into President Obama's Eyes" - Just Like The Little Black Kid Who He Let Touch His Head.  Unlike That Little Kid - We Have Some Double Sided Tape In Our Hand.  We Will Get A Few Strands Of Obama's Hair And Frame And Mount Them In Our Office - For Other Black People To Get Inspired - As We Hide Our Incompetence At Governing And Managing Them"

Their Friends At The "Open Society Foundation Saw That The Induction Using Propaganda Pictures Has Failed To Lift The "Academic Attainment For The 'INDUCED NEGRO'.  They Decided To USE A MAP  To Detail The Tragedy In Black Male Education

If The Progressives Have A Negative Assocaition Between "Red States" And "Right Wing" And This Causes Them To REACT - This Is Not The Fault Of The "Schott Foundation" - Did You Expect Them To Use "BLUE" As A Sign Of Blacks Faliling To Reach 50% Graduation Rates - Despite The People VOTING For The Leadership That They Believed Would Lift Them Up?
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