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The "Prison To Work Program" In Philly That Made Mayor Nutter Happy And Then Keli Goff Reported His Happiness Along With Her Own

Constructive Feedback University - The Study Of How The 'Prevailing Black Political Consciousness' Is The Heart Of The 'Regulatory Capture' That Stifles 'Effective Governance' Within

The Material For Study


This is an OBSERVATION and an ANALYSIS of how certain "Media Operatives" who are positioned WITHIN the Black Community use their ideological and political preferences to SELL the Black community on a particular plan.

As there is "mass buy in" and time has passed by - the ORIGINAL ASSUMPTIONS and the resulting PROMISED RESULTS are rarely followed up upon.

As the dust settles and yet another "Mission Accomplished Zone" has been secured - the resulting outcomes within the ecosystem produces FURTHER STRUGGLE - rather than remuneration

 MY POSITION IS:  "THE BLACK PRESS OWES The BLACK RANK AND FILE A Follow-up On WHAT IT SOLD To Them In Previous Editions Of Their Publications". This Is A NECESSARY System Of CHECKS AND BALANCES - To Prevent Them From Being Pure Marketers Of Propaganda, But Instead They Can Protect The People DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS

The Unemployment Rate In The City Of Philadelphia

NPR "Tell Me More"  January 15, 2013  - "Has Obama Leveled The Economic Playing Field"?

MARTIN: So what does that suggest, though? I mean does it suggest he should have done more job owning? Does it suggest that he should have done more in the way of policy? Ron seems to be saying there are just simply policies that he could have pursued that he did not pursue. Including fighting employment discrimination, which is something that we have hear zero about.
GOFF: That's - well, I agree with you. I totally agree with you. And the point that I'm making is I agree that he should have done more on that. If he had, though, I don't know that he would have been reelected. Because I simply don't think that a black president saying, you know, here's a policy solution that's specific to African-Americans because they have a tougher time because of race, would have been popular - even though it's true.
Even though it's a hundred percent true. So I think the question becomes in the second term, are we going to see him more comfortable and confident saying things like that out loud and then working up a policy framework from that end, because he's not worried about reelection?

One of the things - I'm not trying to ramble here - but one of the things I did mention in my piece, Michel, is an example of cities like Philadelphia, where Michael Nutter has seen tremendous success in offering tax breaks to those who are willing to hire former felons who are trying to go the right way. He calls it one of the best prison recidivism programs against making that happen.
That matters when one in six black men has been to prison. But you've never heard the president endorse a program like that because of all the political and racial landmines there.

MARTIN: Well, one thing we have to talk about, though, is the student loan issue, because the administration has consistently argued that access to higher education is the best way to address economic opportunity overall, even though it's a long term investment.
Earlier this year he said that Congress shouldn't let interest rates double on student loans.
OBAMA: For many working families, the idea of owing that much money means that higher education is simply out of reach for their children. Now, in America higher education cannot be a luxury. It's an economic imperative that every family must be able to afford.
MARTIN: Ron, can you bring yourself to say that the president has followed through on promises to ease the student loan burden, and is that, in fact, a relevant issue, something we should be worried about?

The Supposition: The Black Press Operatives In Relation To THE ESTABLISHMENT - Either Serve As The "Permanent Opposition" OR "The Marketing Agents" - All Based On THEIR Ability To Be SATISFIED.  This Rate Of "Satisfaction" Has NOTHING To Do With The SCALE, SCOPE and TIMELINESS Of Solutions That Make Measurable And Enduring Benefit And Organic Uplift For The Black Community

Please notice Keli Goff's "satisfaction" with the program implemented by the Nutter Administration in Philadelphia which works with local businesses to find jobs in support of "Prisoner Reentry".  The goal is to reduce recidivism by allowing those (Black males) with a prison record have an easier time in finding productive expression of their conscious attention and skills.

QUESTION:  Does Keli Goff ever tell the audience the SCALE of the problem with Black Male unemployment in Philadelphia?  Beyond her satisfaction - do we ever hear the PROPORTION OF THE PROBLEM that this program fills?  OR was the goal to market a "good program" on behalf of the Nutter Administration?

 There is no such "internal counter check" that exists within the "Black Press" and the "Black Racial Services Machine".

Michael Nutter has a "Good Program" and this is sufficient to sing it from the mountain top!!!

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REBUTTAL - Why Don't We Hear Voices In The BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE - Making Note Of The INVESTMENTS That Black People Have Made Over The Past 50 Years And Asking "Where Is Our Money?  Why Are You Asking Us For MORE?  Who Negotiated This On Our Behalf And Why Haven't They Been Fired?"

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