Friday, January 11, 2013

The Present Molestation Of The Negro's "Civil Rights" Legislative Legacy With The Assistance Of Embedded Confidence Men Who Have The Cover Of The Congregation

When Senator Stevens made this statement he was talking to the BIGOTS who erected a system which assumed that "The Blacks" were an inferior human form.

I am positive that Senator Stevens never imagined that one day in the future the affirmation of "HUMAN EQUALITY" would have to be spoken to "The Blacks" - as he warned them about the perils of agreeing to TRANSACT BLACK INFERIORITY for short term political profit.  

If today's "Blacks" were wise - a mass "projection forward" would be made - as the time in which those who went along with the scheme will have to convince their "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies" that THEY ARE NOT PLAYING this time...............they are, in fact, equal and not willing to play along in the battle against the White Conservative Right-Wing Wolf. 

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