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The Paid Blacks Of MSNBC: "We Vow To Do Everything In Our Power To Keep Black Republican Senator Tim Scott Out Of The White House. When He Bombs Africa In The Name Of Western Imperialism - We Aren't Going To Accept When He Say's Its A 'Humanitarian Mission' Because A 'President Scott' Won't Have A DOMESTIC SOCIAL JUSTICE Agenda To Purchase Our Silent Complicity Like Obama Does

Mediaite ArticleRace-Obsessed MSNBC Panel Accuses Black GOP Senator Of Benefiting From Republican ‘Affirmative Action’

MSNBC's "Dewey Wins" Headlines

MSNBC Filmed Two Versions Of The Same Show - Just In Case The Governor Did Not Pick "The Black Guy"


Many of you all are too "transactionally focused" in which these type of pronouncements by "the Paid Blacks" at MSNBC throw out TO their "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies" are in line with your personal beliefs.

In my years of interactions with Black progressives I notice that they seek to "out Black people" as "Affirmative Action beneficiaries" in the very same way that a Black lesbian couple that I had befriended through business acquaintance sought to "out" Black celebrities and politicians.  (True story)

"Hypocrisy Chasing" is as important as "Racism Chasing" in their mind.

As a result - NOTHING that a Black critic of "Affirmative Action" does will escape the label.
Even when the axiom "90% Preparation and 10% 'Right Place/Right Time' When The Opportunity Opens" is thrown out the window.

The "They Are In The Mud With Is" phenomenon provokes the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser to make note of a "Black community failing" and then immediately SEEK WHITE FOLKS who are "in the mud with them" as a means of generating contentment.   Senator Tim Scott is facing a permutation of this same "mental coping scheme".

  • Had the Indian Republican governor of South Carolina NOT chosen "The Black Republican Guy" to fill the unexpected opening in the US Senate - the present attacks against Senator Tim Scott would have been directed at Governor Nikky Hailey as being beholden to the "White Male Power Structure" by failing to shake up the orthodoxy.   Tim Scott - still in the US House - would have been taunted as having "STOOD AGAINST" what the majority of Black people support, only to have been glossed over for the opening in "The Big House"
  • Now that "The Black Guy" WAS chosen - you can listen into "Democracy Now" (as I do as part of my research") to note that DIVERSITY is but ONE attribute that the progressive is "Struggling" for.   "PROGRESSIVISM (Leftism) AND Racial/Gender/Sexual Orientation Diversity is the conjunction of their agenda.

In listening to "Democracy Now's" analysis of the new congress (More on this later) "The Nation Magazine" journalist said:  "More than DIVERSITY is the consideration of the EFFECTIVENESS".

At that moment I wished that he had the intellectual honesty to do word substitution and say:  "More than PROGRESSIVISM is the consideration of the DEVELOPMENT OF THE LEAST OF THESE".

While he was satisfied that the Senate got "More progressive" (Liz Warren  - the Native American in MA and an open Lesbian Senator in Wisconsin) - he focused on the fact that the RIGHT WING had a narrow majority in the US House as proof that they are not as "Progressive".

As I recall it - Detroit was called "The Most Liberal City In America", closely followed by New Orleans.  If only "The Nation Magazine" guy had the intellectual transparency to PUT PROGESSIVISM ON TRIAL to prove that it has the competency to DEVELOP THE LEAST OF THESE - I would have went along.

President Obama Was The "Affirmative Action Choice" Of The "Hidden Hand" That Runs The US Government And Is Provoking Him To Continue The Western Imperialism On "Nations Of Color"

    (Insert a picture of all of of the left-wing magazines that I recently purchased)

My frustration with Progressive Fundamentalist commentary is that it produces "contextual self-chum" which satisfies itself - with respect to a "challenge de jure", but when an indictment of "their friends in power" comes tomorrow -instead of "connecting the dots" to note that the American government largely does the very same things on their watch that it does when "the enemy" is in power - they come up with a new set of "self-chum" explanations to content themselves with.

After all of these years of listening into the JingOists in my base telling their friends that "Obama is playing CHESS while everyone else is playing CHECKERS they appear clueless in the understanding that I have master how to defeat the RIGHT WING using THEIR HELP because I know that they are willing to compromise all of their PROGRESSIVE PROHIBITIONS against the United States Government's Actions IF someone compels them to agree to do so BECAUSE it makes Progressivism look good and stand stronger.    With ME AS THE FACE OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and the Progressives unwilling to do anything to make ME WEAKER against their RIGHT WING ENEMY - the only thing I need to do is to FEED THEM A "PROGRESSIVE BONE DOMESTICALLY" as the American government carries out things internationally and domestically that my Progressive Fundamentalist base would otherwise be protesting against.

They will choose the appropriate bone each time.

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