Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Paid Blacks Of MSNBC: Christian Minister Appears Unoffended By His Co-Worker's Attack On Christianity Than He Is About Right-Wing Racial Slights That Offer Political Opportunism For His Kingdom Here On Earth

Within the Black Community the pride that "The Black Church" as the only institution that "THEY" never took control over is today more compromised than ever.  
The attack is from within.
As with so many other assaults in the larger world - the "War On {Fill In The Blank}" serves as justification for the compromise of the institutional integrity.  As such - we should not look at the "establishment authorities" who's lust for power drives their behavior.  Instead "the congregation" who loyally listens into the sermon - conditioned to believe that the perpetual struggle against the "External THEY" serves as justification.

In truth the congregation has never been in a position in which they had to own up to their own responsibility for the stewardship of the human resources that "God" granted to them.  As time passes and they keep "living vicariously through their ANCESTOR'S OPPRESSION" - their rise into "establishment power" - will show to everyone that they are as corrupt in their "religion" as any Pope that they call out for supporting colonialism, slavery or human trafficking in the distant past.

They are equal Historians as they are "Equal Human Beings" despite seeking others to affirm their equality.
Their main failing is that they don't believe that God made them equal, and thus are incompetent to develop their "congregation" via the messages of inferiority and victimhood that they preach from their "religious cable channels" and Twitter feeds. 

Most (credible) Christian churches make the case that we are "Spiritual Beings" having a "Human Experience" on this Earth.   

Our job is to understand the "will of God" and to apply this to the life choices that we make as we are presented with decisions.  The Christian is to be a "discipline" - assisting others in "their walk".

In the struggle for "Social Justice" that has been adopted by some "Christians" - they have emphasized the call to "Help The Least Of These" - proclaiming that "God" might stand among them in need and those who forsake him while he is unknown in their presence, they are likely to do the same when he presents himself "in person".

This provides sufficient cover for their ideological and political actions in support of "the poor" and those who suffer from "discrimination".

This understanding is important.  
The "Social Justice Christian" is able to confer "grace" upon his "struggle" against hatred and "principalities" in the name of "Helping The Least Of These".   Understood.
The point that we don't investigate sufficiently is how his "Brothers in the Struggle for Social Justice" need not be bible believing Christians.   With their consensus in "struggle" their non-belief in "Christian salvation" does not seem to bother the "Social Justice Christian".

One has to wonder if the "Social Justice Christian" ever proselytizes to their "non-believer brothers in arms" - or if he respects their sensitivities - valuing the "Social Justice Struggle" more than the "Christian doctrine".

The "Dark Matter Analysis" technique is not a "gotcha" scheme.  I believe that it is fair for me to look at what is, in fact, OFFENSIVE to the "Social Justice Christian who is Black" - that being RACIAL INSULTS - and then use this as a baseline for their consciousness.  

The fact that they also promote themselves as "Christians" and use this as a significant portion of their "moral standing" - provides a secondary variable to apply to the matrix for their evaluation.

I also make note that "the bible" is a valuable tool that communicates the constructs of Christian faith but it, in and of itself, should not become the object of idolatrous worship - burning it leading to death, for example.

It is interesting, however, that a consciousness that is driven so much by its sensitivities and "offend-ability" on RACIAL SLIGHT, can be so tolerant of the attacks on their religion. 

In my estimation the asymmetric responses  between racial and religious slights allows us to determine which of the two is of greater value to the subject at hand.   
In truth - since BOTH of these tools are used as "weapons of indictment".
More value is had by inspecting how their desire to protect their "guilty friends" from indictment (as they "keep their enemies on trial in the name of opportunism) - provides insight on their character.

Politics - The #1 Venue For The Compromise Of The "Black Community Institutional Integrity"

It is my opinion that Black people are 100% capable of perverting the principles of Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Atheism in a measure equal to the White man - now or during the time of Slavery.

Worse than the news that "one man" has expressed his weakness of the flesh - is the observation that the INSTITUTION that he was confined within (possibly in a leadership position) deemed that his value as a voice of leadership in "their struggle" is more critical than they deem the "rules and norms" of the institution.  

More long term damage is done to the Black community and our prevailing consciousness as a "race" and as "a religious body" from this type of complicit compromise from the congregation - than the external forces that the consensus is made to focus upon - by these same "confidence men" with influence upon them who seek "congregational unity".

We are NOT going to see the "Christian Preacher" who pontificates from "Studio B", walk down to "Studio A" to have a worship service with his brother advocating for "Social Justice" - demanding that he never again use the Christian bible as a stage prop - UNLESS he first set aside an hour per day as part of the "Read The Bible In One Year - For Understanding" 

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