Monday, January 28, 2013

The Nationalized Gun Control Diversion - A Cynical Attempt At Obfuscation By Those Who Have Been Using The "Least Of These" In A Battle Royale

Story From "The Hinterland Gazette" - Black Woman Loses Her 4th Son To Violence In The Mission Accomplished City Of Chicago

 What do you do when you are running an "Embedded Confidence Operation", you see a MACRO problem within your community BUT - the MURDEROUS ANTAGONIST is NOT the "Klan Character" that you are attuned to fighting?

YOU ARE AT A "DECISION FORK" that will define the future of your entire community consciousness

  1. You do some naval gazing - making note of the fact that DESPITE the victories in the area which you have channeled "The Black Community Conscious Attention" - the foundational issues of Education/Economic Growth/Social Order and SAFE COMMUNITIES have not been achieved as YOU PROMISED TO YOURSELF when YOU harvested YOUR PEOPLE'S VALUABLES for presentation into the "Political Offering Plate"
  2. YOU STILL have the CONFIDENCE OF THE PEOPLE - in their desperation and calls to "DO SOMETHING!!!!!" - your lack of character and competence is NOT observed BY THEM - and thus you lead them into yet another Political STRUGGLE MOTION

As the first anniversary of the "Trayvon Martin Homicide" is around the corner and the news that a film depicting the death of "Oscar Grant" of Oakland sweeps a film festival - the news that the "Run Of The Mill 'Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt' ", on the streets of Chicago will not generate such a long "comet tail" BECAUSE of WHO KILLED HIM is subliminally distressing to those who control the "confidence" of the Black Community.

Though they want to ride the wave of the "Newtown CT" shooting THEY KNOW that even the harshest elements of the Sen Diane Fienstein Assault Weapons Ban - will NOT appreciably align the Black Homicide Victimization Rate (50%) with our 13% US population proportion.

The ONLY benefit of this nationalized fight is the "Battle Royale" in which the Black Community Consciousness is taken outside of its role for COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE and put into the ring with the WHITE RIGHT WING to do another round of battle - in the "Malcolm X Political 'X Games' "

It is nothing more than HATRED INDUCED DIVERSION that compels those forces within the Black community and who SEE THE FRAUD to go along with this diversion.

Their lust for POWER in the American Political Domain - and their desire to NOT be the ones to do muckraking against the Machine that TOOK THE VALUABLES FROM THE BLACK RANK & FILE, with the promises that the promotion of "Progressive Public Policy" would be the grand fix for the "Ningas Who Got Themselves Kilt" the night before and who now appear on the breaking news - has them keeping the Black community's attention away from their failure to develop and enforce a GOVERNANCE CULTURE - and in-turn this new establishment AGREES to not OFFEND the BLACK RANK & FILE, accusing them of malfeasance in their parenting - allowing this "Pillar Of The Community" to foment into a Street Pirate".

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