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The Narrow Field Of Vision On The Copy Desk Of The "Black Racial Services Machine" Press

A "Racially Diverse" Copy Desk AND "Black Owned Press" Should NOT Be Mistaken For News Coverage And "Muckraking" That Is An Accurate Model Of The TRUTH About The Black Community And The Larger World 

The Black Press:  The #1 Black Institutional Governance FAILING Of Our Time

The forces that know human psychology, group behavior and world history understand that THE PRESS "can start a revolution" or can "lull the masses into CONSUMER CONTENTMENT", oblivious to the world around them.

After being denied placement in "the mainstream press" (print, radio and television) - the 1960's style phenomenon of "Look MOM!! There is a Black person on television" - has been usurped as the forces that are EMPLOYING "Black Voices" and/or using 'Black owned media' to propagandize an agenda - understand that "MODERN HISTORIANS THAT INCESSANTLY REPEAT A NARRATIVE" are 100% EQUAL to the "American Historians" who told us about "The Indians", "The Spanish Explorers" and "The Pilgrims" 

The Evidence Of REGULATORY CAPTURE Of "The Black Community Governance Culture" By The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"


The fact that "The Nation Of Islam" and "Johnson Publishing" are both headquartered in Chicago Illinois and have the bulk of their content produced and edited by people who are residents of the greater Chicago area is merely a consequence of history.

How Do I Classify "The Nation Of Islam"?   
ANSWER:  It Fits The "Constructive Feedback University's definition of a "Non-White White Supremacist Organization".  (The fight against the RIGHT WING is made SUPERIOR TO any effort to develop ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within the Black community via the erection of a strong "Black Community Governance Culture" - which could be deployed anywhere in the Black diaspora)
In assessment of the "Threat Matrix" that stands
against "the young Black male", you are compelled
to accept the STACK RANKING made by
The NOI and the Black Racial Services Machine Press.
UNFORTUNATELY - the community will not a new
"Governance Model" that effectively reduces the rate
of homicide through the INSTITUTIONS of
the Black Community.  Instead it will continue to
LOBBY for the promotion of PROGERSSIVE
PUBLIC POLICY at the national level, with the
promise that with SUCCESS in adoption the
Mission Accomplished Zones that this same
 operation was run for 50 years that resulted in the
present power establishment locally, will indeed
 receive more NATIONAL POWER, but THE
NEGRO'S FORTUNES will not have changed much.
ONLY "HIS FORTUNE" that he donated into the
offering plate will be sitting in someone else's
bank vault.  (The Fortune = "The Black Consciousness"
and "The Equal Black Ballot")

When Given The Choice Between "LIMITING The Black Consciousness" From Adopting  "The American Political Domain" As Its PRIME ELEVATOR FOR UPLIFT, Offering A Counter-Suggestion That Blacks Restrict Their Emotional Ties With It To A Demand For Basic GOVERNMENT SERVICES Rather Than  Full Battle Mode, in line with the Black Progressive Christian  - The Nation Of Islam Adopts The Very Same Stance As The "Christian Dominated" Black Racial Services Machine - seeing "The US Government's institutions" as the FIELD OF BATTLE against the RIGHT WING.   In this lack of discipline an ASSAULT by THE RIGHT WING serves as a justification to walk past the INTERNAL "battle stations" that have been abandoned by the adults and instead fight "perpetual foreign wars" on a TURF THAT IS NOW OUR OWN.

The NOI has never been forced to reconcile their notation of the "Impending Destruction" of the USA (the government and economy) with their drive for health care for "The Least Of These" via  "Obamacare".  IF it is foolish for "Your Enemy To Educate Your Children"..........then why would you allow this same "enemy" to give you a shot in your buttocks?   The progressive left can tell us about how proficient the island nation of Cuba is at producing physicians to service "the least of these".   They have been loathed to identify any BLACK AMERICAN "network of conscious people" who has produced physicians and other "professional service providers" on these shores - despite having far more wealth within the Black American community than the entire economy of Cuba - many times over.   

Ironically the very same challenge that Bayard Rustin had against "The Nation Of Islam" (Minister Malcolm X) from the left back in the 1950's  - is true today about "The NOI" from the "Right-wing Black Conservative consciousness):   "Despite your 'Black Man Do For Self' message that you advance in your speeches and newspapers  - WHAT EVIDENCE can you produce that shows that when faced with the more pervasive message from BLACK ALLIES that have a broader sphere of influence upon downtrodden Black people - YOU admonish THEM for usurping THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS into the American political system THAT YOU SAY WILL COLLAPSE per the will of GOD because it is WICKED? "
(Note: if you listen to their debates Bayard Rustin at the time was attempting to compel the NOI to fuse their "religious" channel for Black community development with his POLITICAL channel.   Today we have a turn of events.   The challenge for "Black Religion" is to EXTERMINATE the "creepy crawlers" of political opportunism from the "church sanctuary" with the hopes that a "Black Community DEVELOPMENT Consciousness" can be rediscovered in a REVIVAL - as it keeps "Caesar" from coming through the front door to give campaign speeches with the official blessing of the preacher as he stands in the pulpit with "SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS" in stained glass behind him.)

I told you before - don't mistake "The Nation Of Islam as the "run of the mill - Black Progressive political organization". THEY ARE NOT.  While they are "anti-Right Wing/ anti-Zionist" and practice a measure of "social conservatism" - they understand that their base of support within the Black community (besides their members) IS the BLACK PROGRESSIVE, Democratic Party loyalist population.

If Louis Farrakhan was to lead an "Obama Killed My Friend Gadahfi" campaign for the 8 years of Obama's term in office - he would turn off his "Black Progressive-Christian ethic" base.

Farrakhan composed himself after his initial outburst of calling Obama "an Assassin" and skilfully erected the reference to a "Shadow Government" that is "giving President Obama, a good man, some bad advice".

Logically then, instead claiming that Commander In Chief Obama has the very same motivations in American Imperialism as the past 43 White males who previously occupied the seat of power - with a bit of psychological hijinx they can "Write Letters TO Obama" - telling him to stop listening to his right-wing cabinet members (which he chose) and instead FIGHT THEM on behalf OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, making America a force of peace as we conduct "Humanitarian Missions" to the delight of the base that lives vicariously through him.

The point that Minster Farrakhan fails to see is that "OBAMA IN OFFICE" as the vessel for the "In The WHITE HOUSE Negro" to "DEFEND OBAMA against the Republicans" is only a guise to JUSTIFY THE TOTAL COMPROMISE of the "Black Community's Institutions  BECAUSE a SUPERIOR THREAT has been stood up.

I assure you that any and all that are "Watching Black People" just saw the terms by which those "Permanent Interests" can take a payoff from "The Permanent Friends".   In the present terms the "Permanent Interests" are only "The STRENGHTENING OF PROGRESSIVISM" (which is a methodology to an "end") rather than THE ACTUAL ATTAINMENT of the "claimed "end game":

  • Safe Streets 
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes

All is well with this "self-chummed" construct because the forces that would normally seek to debunk this rationale have a vested interest in marketing it to the Black masses.  They are interested in harvesting their VOTES and LOYALTIES - not in accuracy and discipline in keeping "the Black Consciousness" out of "The Malcolm X Political Football game".

Why Did They Vacate The Murders In Chicago (And Gary) For A Trip To Sanford FL, Stopping By Jacksonville And Macon Georgia Along The Way?

The fact that both of them chose to look past the shamefully high Black homicide rates in their city from 2012 as they failed to make a link to the larger pattern of Black homicide victimization rates in other cities around the nation - is NO MISTAKE.

They both promoted Trayvon Martin's killing in 2012 as "THE Murder" of a Black person that is emblematic of "The Black Struggle" - despite the fact that a "favorable President" sits in the White House and enjoys a large network of favorable Progressives that received "The Black Vote" in 2012 and  for the last 50 years prior.

Despite the fact that Johnson Publishing, "The Nation Of Islam" and the "paid Blacks" of MSNBC all work for different publishing companies, each with divergence in "ownership model" and purpose - there was some force that is resident in their consciousness that promoted "Trayvon Martin" (and later Jordan Russell Davis) to the cover of their magazines - while the estimated 7,000 other Black homicide victims for 2012 - will never get such a prime showing.

My frustration as I do my longitudinal study of this effect is that we are not going to see any of the "industry insiders" (Black or White) unilaterally acknowledging this pattern and calling out the irony, fraud and most importantly the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of this type of slanted propaganda journalism.

THE OPPORTUNITY COSTS = "The Smell of the 'Decaying Strange Fruit' That Goes Unattended To Within The Black Community"

WHY do they do it?

The present prevailing Black Consciousness understands that "Black Congregational Unity" - the "Struggle Motion" is the most effective means of obtaining POWER and LOYALTY among Black people.

It is not important that you "develop" Black people - per a measure of the increase in "organic competencies" - that would come from - more Black people who have acquired technical skills that would allow them to command more more and thus live a better lifestyle Or more "Black community professional servants" that have matriculated through the institutions in our community and have returned to provide the "professional services" (medical, accounting, managerial skills) that, when measured would show a higher level of wealth that is dispersed at the periphery.

Those who ultimately have failed to develop the "governance culture" within the Black community understand that the only thing they need to do retain the confidence of the Black community is to control the "Black Conscious Attention Span".  In the world of "racial and ideological tribalism" the most surefire means of accomplishing the above is to flood the "Black media channels" with news of
the latest proof that "nothing has changed in this RACIST nation.  IF we do not stand behind our Black Progressive leadership - the WHITE RACIST RIGHT-WING KILLER will return to doing what he has been doing since we were brought her in CHAINS........Are YOU foolish enough to really think that a RACIST can change in 30 years?"

What is set up as a "racial indictment" for the sake of "Congregation Loyalties" fails to acknowledge the White allies in the "Diverse Progressive Joint Venture".   When this is factored in we see, in fact, that the Black Progressive operative is NOT talking about "White people" - they are talking about 'RIGHT-WING White people".  If you fail to properly qualify their indictments and put a face on WHO they are talking about then the SPEAKER won't reveal himself to you despite the vibrations of your ear drums.

The "Black Racial Services Machines", despite what you assume of my views, is not the "resident evil" within the Black community.  They suffer from the very same human issues that "Citibank" suffers from:  As EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS, if they are not regulated, they are going to ultimately act in their own selfish interests rather than for the benefit of the people en masse.

Credit should be given to the "Black Racial Services Machine" - they know how Black people think.  I have honestly been surprised at the adeptness they have displayed in their knowledge of how the "Historian's Narrative" - even when provided to an event that happened "right before our eyes" yesterday, can compel a "People" who have bigotry, hatred and the spirit of opportunism in their hearts to operate in aggregate AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS.

Most people refer to the "popular sentiment" of Black people as their proof of what "The Black Permanent Interests Are".  Yet these are the very same people who you might hear say: "If White people today were allowed to vote on 'Slavery' - Black people would be back in chains".   The problem is that they can't see that they are little different than "The White man" in their own capacity to use "popularism" (I was told that I am abusing the word 'populism" so I will make up my own word).

Thus we have our problem.

As long as the Black community never looks toward the "ESTABLISHMENT POWER" that they have erected over the "Mission Accomplished Zones" to actually DELIVER for them in an organic fashion but instead to be used as their "vehicle for STRUGGLE" against the Right-Wing External Enemy - we are going to have these "forest fires" continuing to blaze within our community (education challenges, crime, squandered human resource development).

You cannot have the "Policy Makers", the executives and the "auditors" all working on the same team of conspiracy.
This is accomplished within the Black Community by the "confidence scheme" of generating "Congregational Unity" by standing up the EXTERNAL WHITE RIGHT WING for us to shadow box against:

  • The Police (even when the Police chief and mayor are Black)
  • The State Republicans
  • The Wall Street Bankers (even though you lobbied to have diversity salesmen peddling  the Municipal bonds that generated the debt) 
  • The Black Republicans who are in bed with the enemy

After having "The Blacks" assume this defensive position - its no wonder that so many of our people are compelled to not call out the "serial killings" that take place - for the desire to avoid HURTING THE TEAM. 

CERTAINLY it is NOT to develop the Black community. 

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