Monday, January 28, 2013

The NAACP "Always Looking For The Klansman" Trick Still Hold Sway With Black Progressive Fundamentalists

Politics 365: NAACP Chief Ben Jealous - The Republicans In Congress Must Help Obama To "Lift All Boats"

Take a guess what I am going to say.

ANSWER:  If you do not bring a TIME LINE and a GPS Device into a debate with a Progressive - so that YOU control your awareness of TIME and ELEVATION in "The Struggle" HE IS ALWAYS going to USE YOU as a pawn in his political game.  Knowing that you are going to go along without ever asking "Where Are The Valuables That I Gave To You For The Last 50 Years For My UPLIFT?"

Functionally the NAACP's position is no different than Minister Farrakhan's.
They both ask the Black community to levitate OUT OF THE BLACK  COMMUNITY which is in a "Mission Accomplished State" and instead look to Obama in the Federal Government to fight the Right Wing.

This is effectively "VOTING YOURSELF A JOB".

Notice also how "Politics 365" was a stenographer of Ben Jealous' words.  NOT ONE WORD of the architecture of LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, the favorable people in the state.   OR whatever the Black community (and the propaganda press) SOLD ITSELF in 2008, 2010 and 2012 - as it "Stood With Obama" to demand that some of the "$2,000,000,000,000" in magic money that the Federal Reserve has created over the last 4 years be allowed to flow into the canal that leads to the Black community to lift up some boats.

Tell me, Mr Jealous - can you identify any INFRASTRUCTURE that has been built up by your organization's efforts to tap some "well water" in the Black community.   Why is it that other people are able to come into the Black community - even the "food deserts" and eek out an existence with a small business that hires their own people?

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