Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Greater Tragedy In The Murder Of The Pediatrician In Philadelphia - The Ecosystem Of The City Is Incubating Too Few Replacements For Her Through Its "Human Resource Development Institutions"

The Death Penalty Is Reserved For Such A Person

THIS POST makes no assumptions as to who the killer is and what his motivations were.
With all due respect this is a "transaction" into the larger point that I am going to make.

The BEGINNING Of Her Career Of Assisting New Life Into This World 

The Street Pirate Works:
The ENDING Of A Life, This Life Was Bestowed With Special Skills That The Street Pirate Did Not Give A Damn About

With Melissa Ketunuti Violently Removed From The Payroll Of Children's Hospital - Are The Institutions Of Philadelphia Producing A Generation Of Replacement Practitioners That Will Allow The City To Maintain And Then Raise Its "Standard Of Living" Among "The Least Of These", Using Native Talent?

At this point I could take this post in a number of different directions.

  • I could do a screen print of my friend Filled-Negro's priorities
  • I could return back to what Mayor Michael Nutter exposed as the real "superior interests" for the people of West Philly are
I won't do this.

My simple question is this:  

"ARE YOU SATISFIED that the City Of Philadelphia - as a 'governed / managed' entity is sufficiently:
  • Protecting its human resources?
  • Developing its human resources?
  • Funding its "human resource development" institutions?
  • and thus Channeling them into "Professional Service Provider" positions that will work for the purposes of "servicing the people" allowing them to live up to the desired standard of living
  • ...... - in a self perpetuating LOCAL ECONOMY?
  • ...... - one that is a "Reference Model" worthy of replication elsewhere?

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