Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Federal Budget Explained

This explanation of government spending approximates what I saw during the "Concord Coalition" from about 5 years ago.

I had no idea at the time that the media and party intermediaries would fraudulently reframe the issue as they do so expertly.

The system is not "broken", it is CORRUPT.

We are asked to cheer over a few hundreds of billions of dollars in claimed "savings" in the context of a 1,000 billion annual deficit.   This battle is more about ideological entrenchment than economics and finance.

More than the issue of taxes and spending cuts - is the ARCHITECTURAL problem with America.
The more we shift from the expectations that the LOCAL ECONOMIES are the heart of the American economic engine, over toward a nationalized model in which the "magical money" from the Federal Reserve papers over the gap between the spending and the revenues - this nation will engage in a battle over the steering wheel between the "Two Dung Producing Party Animals" whole the ship of state goes over the cliff.

AGAIN - I still have not found one person who can tell me the downside of a priority focus upon DEVELOPING PEOPLE through the LOCAL INSTITUTIONS, allowing the results to define "what works" and what is a failure.    Only entrenched special interests are opposed.

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