Friday, January 18, 2013

The Fall Of Ray Nagin - Does The Black Press Need To Muckrake To Protect The Black Rank & File On The Inside FROM "The Inside Players" Who They Now Market On Behalf Of?

AJC: Ex-New Orleans mayor charged with bribery, fraud

MY AGENDA - has NOTHING to do with Ray Nagin - former mayor of New Orleans.

I am looking at this latest transaction of a "player on the stage" and I plan to look into "The Congregation" and, more importantly, the "Black Press Gallery" with a few questions in mind.

  1. Why didn't (and has there ever been a.....) a Black Press agent who has vowed to protect the interests of the Black Community - keep watch on Nagin and any one else who received "Valuables From The Black Community" - with the promises of uplift - as the Press understood that - in as much as they LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - when these people are allowed to operate in their own selfish interests - "We" (meaning You all Black Progressives who latch upon them with veneration) "Get hurt" when they fall
  2. Is there going to be a "Pattern Matching Service" done?  No - not with the statement: "Hummm there are sever Black elected officials who have been indicted recently.  Are we checking them to stay above board - so they don't end up in Federal court?"   INSTEAD I expect to hear: "There are a lot of people who THE BLACK VOTERS have chosen now getting indicted.   Is the force that is more powerful than Eric Holder and Obama provoking the US Justice Department to strip Black people out of power"?    
    1. With all due respect - when you hear Derrick "Huff and Puff" Boazman on WAOK say it - it comes out as "They Would Rather See A Monkey With A Diamond Ring Than To See A Black Man With Power And Money"

I personally like Ray Nagin.
This, however, does not stop me from demanding that he practice his affairs as a public official in an above board manner.

The truth is, however, that there are Black people who take a few divergent positions on the matter:

  • WHY did you go out for "chump change"? You took a few hundred/thousand dollars - when 'THEY" are getting hundreds of thousands/millions/billions!!
  • WHY are THEY now so worried about politicians taking money when it is the case that when THEY were in power THEY did the same thing.  Now it is a crime?
US Attorney Dana Boente - Indicted Former Mayor Ray Nagin
This IS NOT A Claim Of Corruption Against "The Obama Administration" Or Eric Holder.
MY POINT IS - DESPITE Having FAVORABLE PEOPLE AT THE TOP - You Are STILL Going To Hear The Claim Of A RACIST PURGE Of Black Officials.   

New Orleans And "Change" After "Mission Accomplishment" - The OPPORTUNITY COSTS Even If You Are Satisfied And Have A Large Congregation To Affirm You
Having lived in a shelter, and in deplorable housing, Lashandra Robinson is now working hard to create assets in her life including having a job, renting a nice home and having a checking account.
I am not sure that some people will say "Ray Nagin STOLE FROM this constiutent"

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