Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Consumerization of "Black Consciousness" - Quentin Tarantino Endorses Blu-Ray Release Of Movie "Battle Royale" - An Asian Flick From 2000

(Once again: I am NOT looking at the people on stage (Quentin Tarantino).  I am looking at the "Black people in the congregation" and am making note of how they respond to the "stage show")

Look at what a visit to "Target" has turned up.

"Battle Royale" is a term that was taken from "Slave fights" between two or more Black males - often blindfolded and made to fight for the entertainment of the "Slave masters".

As I was searching for pictures by typing in the term "Battle Royale" I kept getting back pictures of this particular flick by the same name.

Today as I went to Target and was browsing the DVD section - I came across the actual film.

What I did not expect was that "Django Unchained" director Quentin Tarantino would lend his name to the film as a reference.

I should also note that on NPR's "Fresh Air Weekend" the actor who played the "Dentist"/partner of "Django" was a guest.   This was the first interview in which I saw one of the "non-Black actors" talking about the film absent Foxx/Jackson/Washington by their side.

I did not realize that Christopher Waltz (Dr King Schultz) played in another Tarantino film: "Inglorious Bastards" 

DR KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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