Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Inc Are Too Busy Focusing On Their Feb 26 Rally For "Justice For Trayvon" To Comment On The Final 2 Murder Convictions For The Killers Of Bobby Tillman


The longitudinal search for "justice and equality" that is so frequently voiced by progressive-minded Black people is often shown to be a perpetual external quest for satisfaction at the hands of an external enemy whom has the power to "disrespect Black people" because of their hatred.  All the while - when one attempts to calibrate this sentiment with how INTERNAL assaults that happen more frequently are handled - the face of "tribalism" and "opportunism" appears.

IF George Zimmerman has the consciousness of a "Racist Policeman" and thus was given such stripes by activists despite having no official government authority - we should also note that the killers of Bobby Tillman were not "superiorized" in such a manner.

The events surrounding the stomping death of college freshman Bobby Tillman produced:
  • Concerns about "Civil Rights Violations" as a school bus was requisitioned by the White sheriff to take all of the eye witnesses to the event to the police station for questioning - without their parent's consent or legal representation
  • The week following the murder - Rev Joseph Lowery lead a "Community Rally Against Bullying" - and turned it into an indictment of "The Prison Industrial Complex" as TOO MANY BLACK MALES ARE LOCKED UP
If you fail to look at this from a PSYCHOLOGICAL and SELF-AFFIRMATION perspective you will never understand the "back channel story".

George Zimmerman is of the "OTHER tribe".  There is no point at which the indictment of him as a "White Hispanic" is over-used as they promote him to "police officer" and then use his actions on the fateful night in February to:
  • Attack Police On Black Violence
  • Attack Racial Profiling
  • Attack The "Stand Your Ground Laws"
  • Attack Injustice In The "Criminal In-Justice System"
  • Get The Local Police Chief Fired
  • Enforce Tribal Loyalty Upon The Black City Manager

In the case of Bobby Tillman, however, the sight of 4 YOUNG BLACK MALES who randomly chose "the next target who walked past them" for a "beat down" - they are not permitted to be cast as "3 dimensional" characters - able to be vessels of ORGANIC HATRED - in equal measure to any of the Klan forces that patrolled this same area circa 1952.

When the "Civil Rights Pharisees" saw this potential indictment of the CONSCIOUSNESS that was incubated into young Black males on THEIR WATCH  - they were motivated to "Get Out In Front Of The Story" and make AN INDICTMENT OF THEIR OWN.   Rev Joseph Lowery understood - from years of practice that NO ON in the "Anti-Bullying Rally" held in Bobby Tillman's honor would get up and walk out of HIS CHURCH - as they came to understand that this was not the time for his "consciousness diversion", that such a scheme, which makes the people "mentally content" is also the key ingredient that foments the "Benign Neglect" that produced the mentality of the young Black males who stomped Bobby Tillman, breaking his rib - the sharp edge of which punctured his heart.  He bleed out on the ground right in front of them.

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